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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Our services
To accompany you in the set-up, run mode and adaptation of ProjeQtOr to your needs, we offer a range of Professional Services .
 • hosting
 • support
 • on demand development
 • assistance
 • training
We can host your instance of ProjeQtOr on our own infrastructure. You then benefit from an operational, effective and maintained instance, without having to worry about technical constraints. You have your own database, backed-up, that you can retrieve whenever you want: you are not captive, your data belongs to you ...
The Forum brings you a free community support, without warranty of reactivity or response time.
To ensure a better level of support, we offer a professional support service, with commitment.
One of the strengths of ProjeQtOr is that you can adapt it to your own needs.
Many developments are planned on the improvement roadmap of ProjeQtOr.
However, your company may have specific needs. Or the proposed schedule brings an evolution too late for you.
Then you can order an evolution.
We can also assist you on-site or remotely, to help you on the installation, configuration, setup or use of projeqtor.
This can cover functional, organizational or technical needs.
We can train you to different levels of use of the tool: Project Manager, Team Member, Administrator.
Any specific training need can be studied.
Finally, ProjeQtOr offers additional plug-ins that completes even more this tool on non generic needs.
Consult the general conditions of these services in the "Services" menu and do not hesitate to contact us.