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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Adapt the tool to your needs

Do not fear complexity !

From its completeness, ProjeQtOr can frighten you at first sight: the number of menu icons available after installing the application is impressive and you may dread complexity.

But consider this only as an asset, not as a brake: you can easily configure which menus will be displayed for each profile.

You get very easily an application adapted to the needs of each user type.

Habilitations management through profiles makes it possible to configure which menus are visible for each type of user.
You also control the visibility of data for each profile to preserve the confidentiality of managed data.
So ProjeQtOr natively integrates into a customer-supplier relationship, and allows you to give access to your customers so that they have visibility of the progress of their projects, can dynamically validate some steps, in one word they take active part to the projects. And you easily control what data you let them access.
But it is also an opportunity to start simply by activating only basic features. Then, as you explore the capabilities of the tool, you will gradually open access to new features and enjoy the completness of ProjeQtOr.