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API write issue (PUT / POST)

07 Jul 2021 12:23 #1 by caccia

We are trying to implement some actions using the REST API, in a Java application.
This works fine for GET actions, but fails for PUT or POST.

We seem to have a problem with the implementation of the AES-CTR encryption / decryption : the Java library expects an IV (Initialization Vector) parameter in the encryption function, but there doesn't seem to be such a parameter in the PHP-AES version. 

Do you know how we should set this IV parameter ? (tried setting it to NULL without success) 
Code used is attached below.


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03 Dec 2021 18:29 - 03 Dec 2021 18:35 #2 by kobetsu
And this is the problem I think many persons reported on the forum. Projeqtor uses PHP library for AES:CTR create by Chris Veness ( This library uses it's own implementation of AES CTR and generate VI (key) base on password passed to function. Problem is this VI (key) is generated in a little complicated way.

I tried to connect C# to Projeqtor API and point was (probably like you and many others) how to encrypt data in C# using AES CTR. To do this you need to know VI key.

Take a look for projeqtor source code - you can find like like this:
$data=AesCtr::decrypt($dataEncoded, $user->apiKey, Parameter::getGlobalParameter('aesKeyLength'));

As you can see data you send to projeqtor via api are decrypted using function AesCtr:decrypt (from library I mentioned above) and as secret user_api_key is used. There is nowere passed VI key which we are looking for. Again this VI key is generated from user_api_key.

What is inside AesCtr:decrypt:
public static function encrypt($plaintext, $password, $nBits)
$blockSize = 16; // block size fixed at 16 bytes / 128 bits (Nb=4) for AES
if (!($nBits == 128 || $nBits == 192 || $nBits == 256)) return ''; // standard allows 128/192/256 bit keys
// note PHP (5) gives us plaintext and password in UTF8 encoding!

// use AES itself to encrypt password to get cipher key (using plain password as source for
// key expansion) - gives us well encrypted key
$nBytes = $nBits / 8; // no bytes in key
$pwBytes = array();
for ($i = 0; $i < $nBytes; $i++) $pwBytes[$i] = ord(substr($password, $i, 1)) & 0xff;
$key = Aes::cipher($pwBytes, Aes::keyExpansion($pwBytes));
$key = array_merge($key, array_slice($key, 0, $nBytes - 16)); // expand key to 16/24/32 bytes long

So as you see generally user_api_key (used as secret) is expanded and itself again ecrypted by AES. A little complicated to implemenet outside projeqtor.

Unless my analysis is wrong, projeqtor should use something standard (standard for whole world not PHP only).
Last edit: 03 Dec 2021 18:35 by kobetsu.

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