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Menu Left not shown with V9.3.2

22 Oct 2021 13:25 #7 by Coasterman
Thank you, clearing cache helped

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02 Nov 2021 09:24 #8 by Coasterman
Unfortunately I was a little bit too fast by closing this topic. After the last time I realized that the problem disapered after clearing the cache. Later I found out that this method was only working in the Firefox but not for Chrome/Edge (which is in the meantime also listed as chrome in the audits).

I discovered that project selector also didn't work if it standard (reflecting WBS) is selected, as well as the left menu bar. (including the lower part, which shows parameters, shortcuts, etc).

The result was, after "cron" was started again the page could be loaded correctly..

I simulated the whole setting up again and could circle when it happens and how to solve (here is the fastest way to simulate)
  1. Cron was inactive when i started.
  2. Change default guest profile --> "Access to data (not project dependant) --> every setting to "Reader"
  3. Problem appears (clearing cache in Firefox helped sometime, but not with chrome or edge)
    • Menu left disapears
    • Project selector in "standard (reflecting WBS structure) doesn't work anymore
    • Bell Symbol on top next to "Cron" icon apears with 0 and no notification showed
  4. Parameter "getVersion" to NO
  5. Firefox able to load menau after clearing cach
  6. Start chron --> Problem solved also for Chrome

This happend already on V9.2.2 which was working without any problem until i did the first 4 steps also with  Parameter "getVersion" to YES

Before the rights of guest have been reduced to "Reader" the message shown is as expected, but everything worked.
2021-10-29 20:37:39.434 ***** ERROR ***** [V9.2.2] on file '/var/www/projeqtor/view/refreshLastNews.php' at line (62)
2021-10-29 20:37:39.434 ***** ERROR ***** [V9.2.2] cause = file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Temporary failure in name resolution

Maybe there are more things related to this and the screenshot can help you to improve the code (done in Edge)

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05 Nov 2021 17:43 #9 by babynus

I could not repoduce use case. All works fine for me.
We'll have a look to issue pointed in browser console.
Possibly it is already fixed by some menu issue we fixed on V9.3.3

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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09 Nov 2021 13:45 #10 by Coasterman

Ok, Iwill have a look as soon V9.3.3 is released

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