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New patch V6.5.3

on 14 January 2018

New patch V6.5.3 brings some fixing on latest stable release

V6.5.2 is the new "Last stable release'"

on 31 December 2017

To finish the year in style, new patch on V6.5 has been deployed and becomes the new "last stable release".


Patch V6.5.1

on 17 December 2017

New patch V6.5.1 has just been deployed.

It fixes several minor issues in V6.5.

New version V6.5.0

on 07 December 2017

The new version V6.5 has just been deployed as release candidate.


New patch V6.4.4

on 05 November 2017

New patch V6.4.4 has been deployed to fix few minor issues.

It mainly concerns PostgreSql instances : do not migrate to V6.4.1 or V6.4.2 or V6.4.3 : directly move to V6.4.4

V6.4.3 is now the new Last Stable Release

on 28 October 2017

New patch V6.4.3 has just been deployed and becomes the new Last stable release.

New patch V6.4.2

on 15 October 2017

New patch V6.4.2 has just been deployed, fixing last identified issues.

V6.4 is not far from been tagged as stable.

Two patched on same time

on 23 September 2017

Patch V6.3.7 fixes last issue on Last Stable Release.

Patch V6.4.1 brings first fixes on V6.4 as Release Candidate.

New version V6.4.0

on 18 September 2017

Version V6.4.0 has been deployed in Release Candidate.


Patch V6.3.6

on 10 September 2017

Corrective patch V6.3.6 has just been deployed to fix few remaining minor issues.
This will help you waiting for the soon coming V6.4.0.

Patch V6.3.5

on 29 August 2017

Patch V6.3.5 has just been deployed.

If fixes an major issue introduced by V6.3.4

Patch V6.3.4

on 28 August 2017

New patch V6.3.4 has just been deployed.

It fixes some remaining issues on V6.3.