ProjeQtOr free project management software - News

V8.0 is now stable

on 13 May 2019

New patch V8.0.3 has just been released.

It corrects the last identified issues, all existing before V8.0.

This version becomes the last stable version.

Second patch on V8.0

on 30 April 2019

The patch V8.0.2 has just been deployed.

With this patch version V8.0 is close to being stable.

First patch on v8.0

on 19 April 2019

Patch V8.0.1 has just been deployed, fixing all issues identify on V8.0

V8.0.0 is now available as Release Candidate

on 17 April 2019

New V8.0.0 has been deployed as Release Candidate.

It brings three major changes, some expected for long.

  • Modules management ( It allows to enable or disable Modules as Time tracking, Financial, Risks, ... )
  • Regulated leaves management (HR Module)
  • Resources can have variable capacity

And other new features, changelog is available on change history.

New patch V7.4.4

on 13 April 2019

While waiting for the V8.0, which is just around the corner, the patch V7.4.4 has just been published which fixes the latest registered issues, including an unexpected performance degradation in activity creation introduced by the patch V7.4.3.

V7.4.3 becomes the last stable release

on 12 March 2019

New corrective V7.4.3 patch has been deployed and becomes the last stable release.



V7.4.2 becomes the last stable release

on 21 February 2019

Version V7.4.2 has just been deployed and becomes the last stable release

New patch V7.4.1

on 11 February 2019

New corrective V7.4.1 patch has been deployed.

Projeqtor V7.4.0 is avaible and new V7.3.5 corrective patch also

on 05 February 2019

Version V7.4.0 of ProjeQtOr has just been deployed in Release Candidate.
It brings many improvements that are described in the change history.
Waiting for V7.4.0 to be stable new corrective v7.3.5 has been deployed to fixes few issues.

New patch 7.3.4

on 28 January 2019

New corrective V7.3.4 patch has been deployed to make some minor fixing while waiting the imminent deployment of V7.4.0.

Version 7.3 is now stable.

on 03 January 2019

The patch V7.3.3 has been deployed. It becomes the new Last Stable Release for a good start for this new year.

New patch 7.3.2

on 21 December 2018

New corrective v7.3.2 patch has been deployed.

With this patch version V7.3 is close to being stable.