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ProjeQtOr free project management software - News

New patch 9.0.2 which defines v9.0 as stable

on 08 January 2021

A new corrective patch V9.0.2 has just been deployed.

It fixes the last reported errors, and allows us to define the version as a stable version.

First patch on V9.0

on 28 December 2020

Just a few days after the release of V9.0.0, we publish a corrective patch to resolve the few issues reported on the forum.


New version V9.0 released with brand new interface

on 24 December 2020

We listened to your remarks and focused on major drawback of ProjeQtOr : the interface.
We redesigned the General User Interface to bring something more clear, with less icons, less buttons.
All icons won't be available at once, they will be displayed when needed.
Only most important feature are proposed at first glance, and you'll discover others steps by steps.


New patch on V8.6, waiting for V9.0

on 07 December 2020

A new corrective patch V8.6.6 has just been deployed.

It brings some minor fixes, and will possibly be the last patch before V9.0.


V9.0 in progress

on 22 November 2020

We are currently working on V9.0, which will not bring, it is rare enough to point out, any new functionality.
But then what will contain this major version ?


New patch V8.6.5

on 22 November 2020

New corrective patch V8.6.5 has just been deployed.

It fixes all identifies issues, that users reported on the forum.


New patch V8.6.4 including vulnerability fixes

on 05 November 2020

A new corrective patch V8.6.4 has just been deployed.

This patch includes fixes for security vulnerabilities.

We therefore strongly recommend to install it.


New Stable Release V8.6.3

on 30 October 2020

Version V8.6.3 has just been deployed as new Last Stable Release.

You can now securely migrate your instance to benefit of new features


New patch V8.6.2

on 08 October 2020

New corrective patch V8.6.2 has been deployed.

We are not far from a new Stable Release.


New patch 8.6.1

on 25 September 2020

New patch 8.6.1 has been deployed.

It fixed the anomalies identified on V8.6.

New version V8.6.0

on 20 September 2020

New version V8.6.0 has been deployed.
It includes many improvements. You'll find description of the changes in the change history.


New patch V8.5.5

on 05 September 2020

A new patch V8.5.5 has been deployed.

It fixes all last issues identifed on V8.5.