ProjeQtOr free project management software - Version V8.2 has been deployed

Version V8.2 has been deployed

19. 09. 23

Version V8.2 has been deployed as release candidate.

It bring several new features, especially at the user interface.

You'll find the complete description of the changes in the change history

Major evolutions in this versions are:

  • Management of Legal Notices to enable "GDPR" message with follow-up of agreement
  • Planning minimum threshold : define that a task should not be planned less than a given value each day (minimum threshold) 
  • Planning indivisibiity : Ability to define that a Task "should not be split"
  • Data cloning management : possibility to "clone" the environment, for tests, simulation, training, ...
  • Improvment of User Interface :
    => Change layout with list on top or list on left or switched mode (switch between list and detail)
    => Change layout for Activity stream, on right or on bottom of detail
    => Change detail layout with tabular view or colonar view
    => New buttons to hide/close top menu and left menu
    => New buttons to hide/close Activity Stream