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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Two versions deployed the same day : V9.0.6 and V9.1.0

Two versions deployed the same day : V9.0.6 and V9.1.0

21. 03. 15

We just deployed two versions :

=> V9.0.6, patch on stable release V9.0, including all last identified issues

=> V9.1.0, on release candidate including several improvements

  • Several GUI improvements to ease day-to-day activity
    • Resise and move columns in lists with Drag & Drop
    • Position cursor on field on error when blocking message is displayed
    • In multiple update, include update of all fields
  • Possibility to lock left work for some profiles
  • Stop for Activities and Projects
    • Hability to pause an activty or whole project
    • Behaves like "fix planning" but with clensing of existing planned work
    • Efficient to postpone a project or an activity
  • Management of ordered work
    • Possibility to define on command some items ordered from Work Unit Catalog. This builds some "stock" of units.
    • Then on Activity, we can define which ordered work, and how many items are used from the stock of ordered Work Units.
    • We can also bill Work Units, selecting on the invoice which items are billed
    • Finaly, on the Command, we have summary of Ordered / Done / Billed for each work unit.
  • Sub-tasks management as todo list
    • Possibility to list sub-tasks on activities, tickets and actions, without having to create new object such as activity
    • Sub-tasks defined in a "quick-to-enter" table, like Excel sheet : new line alway available, direct enter
    • For each line, enter priority, responsible and status, not in status list, just as macro status (in progress, done closed)
    • Main screen to see and manage todo-lists for all items having toto-list
  • An few other improvements you'll discover in the changelog

Of course, V9.1.0 includes fixes of V9.0.6.