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ProjeQtOr free project management software - New Version V9.2.0 as Release Candidate

New Version V9.2.0 as Release Candidate

21. 06. 18

We just deployed V9.2.0 as release candidate.
This versions brings many new features.

  • Do not start project before Validated Start Date
    • When this global parameter is activiated, Projects with validated start date will not be plannned before this date
  • Improvement of Todo lists
    • Better display
    • Possibility to enter large values (in textarea)
    • auto-set responsible of todo-item from responsible of item
    • possibility to add attachments (images or pdf)
  • Access rights management for document
    • define access rights per profile for each document directory
  • Translation requests
    • new feature to be able to request some translation for some text
    • feature allows to define translators with translation competencies

... and many more (57 evolutive tickets in this version)

You'll find the complete change log in the change histrory