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New patch V8.6.4 including vulnerability fixes

on 05 November 2020

A new corrective patch V8.6.4 has just been deployed.

This patch includes fixes for security vulnerabilities.

We therefore strongly recommend to install it.


New Stable Release V8.6.3

on 30 October 2020

Version V8.6.3 has just been deployed as new Last Stable Release.

You can now securely migrate your instance to benefit of new features


New patch V8.6.2

on 08 October 2020

New corrective patch V8.6.2 has been deployed.

We are not far from a new Stable Release.


New patch 8.6.1

on 25 September 2020

New patch 8.6.1 has been deployed.

It fixed the anomalies identified on V8.6.

New version V8.6.0

on 20 September 2020

New version V8.6.0 has been deployed.
It includes many improvements. You'll find description of the changes in the change history.


New patch V8.5.5

on 05 September 2020

A new patch V8.5.5 has been deployed.

It fixes all last issues identifed on V8.5.

New patch V8.5.4

on 11 August 2020

New corrective patch V8.5.4 has just been deployed.

It fixes several minor issues and two security leaks pointed out by a community member.


New patch V8.5.3 as stable release

on 23 July 2020

The patch V8.5.3 replaces it to fix an issue on project copy, and some other minor bugs.

New stable release V8.5.2

on 21 July 2020

New version V8.5.2 has been released.

It fixes last identifiedx issues on V8.5 (and few older ones) 
and it besomes the new Last Stable Release.

First patch on v8.5

on 24 June 2020

Patch V8.5.1 has just been deployed.

It corrects the last identified issues.

Version V8.5.0 deployed as "Released Candidate"

on 15 June 2020

ProjeQtOr V8.5.0 has just been released as a "release candidate".

This new version brings many improvements. you'll find the complete description on the Change History page.


New patch V8.4.6

on 03 June 2020

New patch V8.4.6 has just been deployed.

If fixes some minor issues

This version is the last stable version waiting the new version V8.5 in 2 weeks.

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