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New Plug-in MOBILE is available

on 02 March 2022

New plug-in MOBILE is available in our shop.
It bring new interface designed for mobile devices.
Have a look at this plugin in the shop

New stable release V9.4.2

on 04 February 2022

New stable version V9.4.3 has just been deployed.

This patch corrects the last identified issues and ProjeQtOr V9.4 becomes stable.

New stable release V9.4.2

on 19 January 2022

New stable version V9.4.2 has just been deployed.

This patch corrects the last identified issues and ProjeQtOr V9.4 becomes stable.

First patch on V9.4

on 05 January 2022

A new corrective patch V9.4.1 has just been deployed. To resolve the few issues reported on the forum.

New Version V9.4.0 as Release Candidate

on 20 December 2021

We just deployed V9.4.0 as release candidate.
This versions brings new features.


Patch V9.3.5

on 13 December 2021

The new V9.3.5 patch has just been deployed.

It fixes the last identified problems.

This version is the latest stable version.

Patch V9.3.4

on 26 November 2021

The corrective patch V9.3.4 quickly replaces the previous one.

It fixes an issue that blocks the deployment of new instances. This does not affect migrations from previous versions.

New patch V9.3.3

on 25 November 2021

Patch V9.3.3 has just been deployed.

It brings a large number of patches with 30 tickets processed and thus becomes the last stable version of v9.3.


Second patch on v9.3

on 21 October 2021

New patch V9.3.2 has just been released.

It corrects the last identified issues.

New stable release V9.3.1

on 07 October 2021

Patch V9.3.1 has just been deployed.
It brings fixes for all last identified issues, and becomes the new "Last Stable Release".

New Version V9.3.0 as Release Candidate

on 21 September 2021

We just deployed V9.3.0 as release candidate.

This version brings many ergonomics improvements and bug fixing.

New one feature from scrum methodology : Planning Poker Session.

  • Organize a voting session
  • Estimate work for each element
  • Vote and validate the work

check other new feature on change history

New patch V9.2.4

on 17 September 2021

New patch V9.2.4 has just been deployed, bringing fixes for thoose who don't want to wait for V9.3.0 of that will wait for V9.3 to be stable.

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