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Generating a "Procès verbal de passation" from projeQtor

02 Oct 2019 03:47 #1 by fathibn
Since several months I have been assigned the task by my departement to explore ProjeQtor as project management solution for it and then for the entire company.
Since I am trying to manage all details of all my assigned projects inside projeqtor.
Now, I have been asked to generate what we call a "procès verbal de passation" as my boss will be leaving to another department.
As I am feeding projeqtor with all details about my projects, is there a view/report ... that could generate such a progress status of all projects all toghether or each project separately ?
Fathi Ben Nasr
Chief Information Security Officer at Tunisian railways.

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02 Oct 2019 09:15 #2 by babynus
All depends on what you need to extract.
You have some exports that exist.
You can also use Template Report plugin to generate files in standard format (read limitiations on plugin description)
You can design and develop (or have developped) own reports.
You can connect DB to BI tool to realize extracts.

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