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ProjeQtOr - Project Management Tool
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ProjeQtOr free project management software - One only Tool

One only Tool

Gather your project management in a single tool

Fact is that many Project Management softwares concentrate only on Planning. It is a much too restrictive point of view. Of course planning is an important activity of project management and a key to projects success, but it is not the only one.

Project managers have to foresee all what can happen during projects lifecycle, measure risks, build actions plan as well as managing costs, work and resources. It is also major to keep traces of every exchange, change and impact on projects. It is a basis of all Quality Management Systems.

ProjeQtOr proposes a unique tool gathering every feature needed for Project Management and avoids to have to set-up multiplicity of non-integrated tools. 
For instance, you won't have to set-up a bug-tracking tool : it is integrated. 
Moreover, it allows you to link your tickets to any other item managed in the tool (Activities, Test sessions, Meetings, ...).

ProjeQtOr replaces many other tools you have the habit (or not) to set-up for your projects management needs:

  • Planning : MS-Project ™, ProjectLibre ™, Open Workbench ™
  • Bug Tracking : Mantis BT ™, Jira ™
  • Risk Management Plan : MS-Excel ™
  • Every MS-Excel worksheet you have one day initialized, when launching project, and rarely updated during project lifecycle : resources list, questions and answers follow-up, meeting board, documents versioning list, ...

As of today, ProjeQtOr is one of the tools that bring the best coverage of Project Management perimeter