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Welcome on ProjeQtOr web site.


ProjeQtOr (formely Project'Or RIA) is an open source Project Management Software gathering in a single tool every functionality needed to organize your projects.

It keeps it simple, easy to use on a day to day activity, while covering most of the project management functionalities :

  • multi-projects management,  colllaborative, multi-languages, ergonomic (web 2.0), easy to use; 
  • management of planned activities, tickets, milestones, actions, dependencies between activities / milestones / projects;
  • management of workload, real work allocation, planning (Gantt), project portfolio;
  • management of resources costs, expenses, order, billing;
  • management of risks, issues, opportunities;
  • management of meetings, periodic meetings, questions, decisions;
  • management of documents and versions of documents, with easy approbation process;
  • management of requirements, test cases and test sessions;
  • management of workflows;
  • automatic emailing, generation of alerts based on indicators;
  • fully parametrable to be adapted to any kind of project, while keeping it simple to set-up;


You can download it, use it, change it without any fee (just remain in the GPL context).

This site is yours. Go to the forum, propose evolution, submit issue, ask question or just leave you feedback.

Feedbacks from Forum (4 randomly selected)

"Plus j'utilise cet outil et plus je le trouve complet en comparaison à d'autres que je teste également ! .
... merci pour ce super outil !


" First of all, this is looking to be a great project management tool, keep up the great work. "


" Great and Well Thought-out useful tool!,


I would highly rate the tool for its capabilities and well thought out plan, the layout and features, flexibility and web-based which is what i was looking for.


Thanks for building such a tool, it is very useful. Thanks for making it open-source.

I wish ALL SUCCESS for this tool."


" Thanks to all who have worked on this and the users being used as test cases. I see some future for this package and though there are issues, it looks good and seems pretty useful. I am unsure if it will work for me and my business but that doesn't mean anything.

Thanks again for all your work!.

John "