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[SOLVED] Remeoving "Attendees" from Periodic meeting doesn't work

24 Jui 2020 09:48 #1 by Coasterman
I've added Attendees manually, then i added a Team, which contained some members, which have been added manually already before.
The result was that they appeared twice (no double meetings generated, so that is ok).
I tried to delete the double entries but it reported an error.
I could change them to other resources (which then added them to the meetings) and tried to remove them but this ended in the same error.

Here is the error from the log (always the same error)

2020-06-24 11:16:09.648 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.5.0] ERROR *****
2020-06-24 11:16:09.648 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.5.0] on file '/var/www/projeqtor/model/Assignment.php' at line (416)
2020-06-24 11:16:09.649 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.5.0] cause = Undefined property: PeriodicMeeting::$PeriodicMeetingPlanningElement
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29 Jui 2020 12:47 #2 by babynus
You get the issue on a periodic meeting.
Changing meetings unitarily won't generate the issue.

Issue fixed
Fix is to add 1 line after line 415 in projeqtor/model/Assignment.php
    if ($peName=='PeriodicMeetingPlanningElement') $peName='MeetingPlanningElement';
    $planningMode = new PlanningMode($obj->$peName->idPlanningMode);

Fix will be deployed in next patch

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