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Error message after update 7.3.5 to 7.4.3

11 Avr 2019 10:14 #1 by dnaton

After an update from 7.3.5 to 7.4.3, I've got a warning message on the login screen

It indicate a problem with the plugin ScreenCustomization (I'm on last version 5.3).

The log is i nattachement too

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File Name: Projeqtor-....4.3.txt
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Could you tell me if the error mentionned are important or not ? and how to solve it ?

For the moment, I don't see any effect on my test environnement but I would like to be sure before update my production environnement :-)

Thanks for help :-)

ProjeQtOr v7.4.3 - Apache v2.4.25 - MariaDB v10.1.21 - PHP v7.2.13
Plugins installed : ScreenCustomization 5.3 - PersonalizedTranslations 1.3 - TranslationFrench 1.4

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11 Avr 2019 16:04 #2 by babynus
The 3 errors logged are not major.
It seems you already migrated once, but reverted and you restored DB without droping all tables (so new tables in V7.4 were already there).

Issue on Project may have been fixed automatically.
(the last version of plugin fixes issues from oldest versions)
The worst that can happen is strange display on Project screen (fields at an unexpected place).
You can fix it manually by moving back fields, or manually on model/custom/Project.php, just check that list of fileds is is same order compared to model/PRojectMain.php (except for the fields you explicitemy moved)

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