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[SOLVED] Field result mandatory in an activity

20 Jul 2020 11:14 #1 by BrunoF782

i'm using the plugin for customisation of the fields. In the activity form, the result's field is not obligatory (results1.jpg) and hidden. When i'm trying to close an activity (results.jpg) it's impossible because this field is empty.

Does anyone having an idea ?

thanks for your help
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20 Jul 2020 11:51 #2 by babynus
You're facing a généric contraint that is defined on the Type screen.
On Activity Type screen (like all other type screen) you can check or uncheck the option : "result mantadory on done items".
This option is set to respect Quality Processes : you shoulkd always axplain what you have done one it is done.
Remember the 3 basic rules of quality management systems :
- write what you will do
- do what is written
- write what you did

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20 Jul 2020 12:03 #3 by BrunoF782
Great, i didn't think to check that screen.

Quality process is important but as soon as it's not a common pratice and / or a priority in a company, you should forget it.... ! This is why i like Projeqtor, most of the time you can adapt it to face reality, It's a very flexible tool for that.

Thanks again for your anwser.
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