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mail import : parameter for end of message

27 Mai 2019 18:18 #1 by jmmbb

when import response by mail, there is two kind of content :
- response from user (important)
- signature and other non valuable content (as disclaimers...)

From within a single organization, it is possible to identify these content (ie : with marker on signature), so response can be cutted from marker.

This does not work for all mailer but can be helpfull when marge amount of users are in the organization.

For instance, in my organization, all signature are prefixed with [Bandeau BBR Sdis78], so if there is a parameter in global parameters to set such a filter, every mail will be cutted after this prefix.
So imported mail will be smallers and reading easier.


Example of content imported (note that only important information is OK :( ...) :


[Bandeau BBR Sdis78]

Grade Prénom NOM


_Sdis 78 – 12-14 rue Roger Hennequin_

_78190 TRAPPES_

_ _

_Adresse postale :
__Service départemental d’incendie et de secours des Yvelines _

_56 avenue de Saint-Cloud – CS 80103 - 78007 Versailles cedex_

_ _

Port : 06.xx.xx.xx.xx

Bureau : 01.30.13.xx.xx

Fax : 01.30.13.xx.xx

Mail : Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. [ ] / [ ]


Ensemble, sauvons des vies.

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30 Mai 2019 00:22 #2 by babynus
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