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[SOLVED] unable to modify Allocations to projects

22 Mar 2021 11:34 - 22 Mar 2021 16:26 #1 by badgamme
My project is defined, recorded, marked as "do not include in planning calculation".
I add 4 ressources to project without troubles, but, after adding the fifth, impossible to add one more.
No icons at the top of the table to add ressources, no icons inside table to modify existing ones.
Where's my mistake ?

Saw an other information on project details (see second screen capture).. perhaps usefull ? No idea of its meaning.

Last information : can't edit any field now !

Please hellllp !
Last edit: 22 Mar 2021 16:26 by badgamme.

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23 Mar 2021 16:20 #2 by babynus
I guess the fith resource added is yourself : you added yourself as Team Member on the project, so removed rights to manage allocations.
You now need t find another Admin account to "remove" yourseld, or change you profile on the project.

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