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How to planning in "rolling wave" mode using functions (or profiles or pools)

16 Jan 2023 23:32 #1 by al_rodin
Hi all!
My 2023's question... .
Is there any chance to build up a first raw periodic plan on projects, with a visibility of, let's say, 1 month or 1 week, assigning/scheduling some work to an entity which is not a specific resource? Maybe a pool? Or a function?
I mean: we're experiencing that at least at a higher level, the functional office that manages the whole portfolio (the PMO) works better if we all PMs pre-plan the work of each project and each "function" basing upon the total available hours for the team for each specific function. It's a sort of "rolling wave planning". Moreover, the PMO also controls scheduling in terms of project priority , pushing/planning more or less hrs in a month on a specifing project rather that another one. For example: me and my Team 1, we have a capacity of, let's say: 700hrs backend ,180 hrs frontend next month. The capacity is real and it is calculated using the resources' seniority. So the PMO spreads these hrs through our two projects distributing them into 200 BE hrs and 120 FE hrs on Project A, and 400 BE hrs and 60 FE hrs on project B, leaving 100 BE hrs to help Team 2 for its Project C. A, As I said, this could be a sort of first raw plan that the PMO (which is a strong directive PMO) does. And the PMO does this for each team. Consequently, it is up to each PM to know the way that he/she can distribute the monthly assigned work to his/her resurces accordingly, depending on the different seniority of his/her resources and leaving space for other work assignments on a specific "function" for that month if requested. This is a good way to advance without resource conflicts, and according to the Governance priorities. In addition, this also allows to manage helpdesk in combinatuon with projects, reserving a specific number of hrs for assistance. I was thinking that using pools could be a good solution for that, but there's no pool planning in Projeqtor. So, do I have any solution here? Or is it a perso?
Thanks in advance!

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17 Jan 2023 09:02 #2 by Arkhanje
Hello !

Read the manual carefully. And try to plan a resource pool . You will see it works very well!

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17 Jan 2023 09:40 #3 by al_rodin
Damn! Sorry for the request. I'm happy as a child with a new toy! :-D Going to see immediately!
Thanks a lot

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