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Calculation for allocation of a single resource over several projects

25 Jan 2023 14:30 #1 by Coasterman

Here are some general questions about allocation of a resource in several projects and sub projects.

Following situation

There are some hat projects for groups of teams, which contain some high level projects and other hat projects for team specific projects.
The team specific projects itself contain other sub-projects etc.

The original plan to allocate people which need to see the hat projects of their team with 0% (so that they can see their team specific porjects) and then to allocate them to specific projects with 100% where they actively work on. Now this seams to make problem in case of the resource planing (the system complains "The capacity of the allocation rate of the resource does not allow to plan xx days left")

So the solution was to allocate the resource at the hat project too with 100%

Now there is a question. How is following situation calculated when we allocate the same resource as follows to teh projects ( FTE = 1)
  • hat project 70%
    • Project A 100%
    • Project B 50%
      • Sub project B.x 100%
      • Sub project B.y 50%
Will it reduce the possible time level by level, so that if you watch the resulting FTE  it will be as follows?
  • hat project 0.7
    • Project A 0.7
    • Project B 0.35
      • Sub-project B.x 0.35
      • Sub-project B.x 0.175

There are some jobs which requires different resources which have certain parts to do on this job.
We can manually plan them but this is very time consuming, because it needs many clicks if tasks goes over weeks.

There is the option that they must share the availability work together, which is basically the opposite what I am searching for. If fixed duration is chosen, then both are allocated if they are available which also doesn't suite the situation.

I am searching for an easy solution like work after each other.

There are some roles the resources have to fulfill which is covered by the workflow.
One is doing some job, when he is finished he moves the state to ready for verification, another one which has a different role with different rights in the workflow needs to check the result and can close the task if the requirements are fulfilled, or put it back to another state where the first one can see that correction/revision is required.

So for the general planning the state of the revision is irrelevant but it is required that they work one after another for a rough planning overview.

If there is no solution jet here is a suggestion for a possible evolution:

A new planning mode "one after another" which plans the task according to the asignment list. There for the order in the list could be helpfull and sorting functionality (move up/down) which then arranges the order of execution. If then the same resource is allocated twice it would go according to the configured order
Eg following assigned resources and days
  • A: 1d
  • B: 2d
  • A: 1d
  • C: 5d

Result in calendar (x --> weekend )

| A | B | B | A | C| x | x | C | C | C | - | - | x | x |

What is the best way to plan Resources which are allocated in different projects in parallel?
  • There are some which have high priority which the users can enter some tasks where they are occupied 100 % and are fix date
  • There are periodic meetings out of the general projects which have lower priority than these tasks
  • There are projects which run in parallel with equal priority
Allocate them 100% to the high priority and  according to the effective need to the other projects?


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26 Jan 2023 09:44 - 26 Jan 2023 09:45 #2 by Arkhanje
Hi !

The resource is planned according to its FTE and its calendar taking into account its availability.
Added to this is the allocation rate which will impact the calendar and the assignment rate on the activity affects the resource's FTE.
The rules and planning order are very well explained in the manual.

for your first example, it is on the parent project that the allocation rates will be defined.
the hat project has an allocation rate on your resource of 70% therefore all the activities in this project and all its sub-projects can never be planned for the resource more than 3.5 days per week. Ditto in project A and sub-project B even if they keep a rate of 100%.
On the other hand, you lower this rate to 50% in project B and sub-project B.y, in this case, the resource will be scheduled up to 2.5 days per week at most.

When it comes to planning "as you go", finish-start dependencies do this job perfectly. Activity 2 cannot be started until activity 1 is completed.

What is the best way to plan the resources that are allocated to different projects in parallel?

and finally for point 3, how to answer you?!!
We know absolutely nothing about it. It depends on too many factors that are unique to you and your business.... I just advise you to take a good look at the manual
Last edit: 26 Jan 2023 09:45 by Arkhanje.

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26 Jan 2023 11:36 - 26 Jan 2023 11:58 #3 by Coasterman

Thank you for the feedback

We had also a look into the finish-start dependenacy (which we also use for other tasks).
It is very handy when you have clearly defined tasks which ends.

But if there are tasks with workflows which have loops (similar to a scrum sprint), then the finish-start dependency would destroy the concept, because it would be require to have them as tasks for advanced planning, but the amount of loops (if it even happens) cannot be planned, and the Kanban could not be used anymore properly because would require to handle multiple task for one single job.

The workflows are therefore a very handy tool to handle more complex tasks without multiplying them, because the change of state can be restricted to certain profiles (thank you very much for that)

So, the system as it is, allows us to simplify many things, a rough planning for long term as well as flexible handling in daily use is possible and it would be perfect if such a new planning mode would be introduced.

The third point was more a general question to the community about how others handle such situation.

Last edit: 26 Jan 2023 11:58 by Coasterman.

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