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Barcodes & RFID (scanning and printing)

26 Oct 2019 06:00 #1 by rkantos

I tried searching for barcode & rfid evolutions in Projeqtor on the forum and elsewhere, but didn't find anything. Therefore I would like to suggest new functionality regarding these features. I would like to increase effiency when tracking physical items. At first, I would like at least the more simple features, like supporting barcode scanner and rfid working as keyboards. Projeqtor could have predetermined ways to both create and import barcode data. For example a barcode could contain basic information such as product type and serial number. There could be a field which could take barcode data as input and then create an object of some type in projeqtor. I am especially interested in quick addition ("inventory mode") and auditing of items using a barcode / rfid scanner. For example, one could easily track thousands of items with a simple auditing and inventory modes, that support quick use with a barcode scanner.

Naturally, when a more complete support for barcodes is done, it would make sense to also add labeling / printing support, where one could print labels with barcodes for existing objects. These could then be applied at a feasible stage of a project. The labeling part could also be integrated in to the proposed project workflows as part of projeqtor. The last part of course requires the most developing time. Then there at least has to be a straightforward way to differentiate between physical and untangible items.

At the moment I can use Autohotkey scripts to do a lot, but of course those need to be updated frequently to work properly.

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30 Oct 2019 12:02 #2 by babynus
Request recorded as Ticket #4284.
This is low priority feature (compared to other requests) with heavy duty.
Possibly all is not possible (we have constraint as we are working in a browser, without plugins)

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