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[SOLVED] Direct link to clipboard

07 Fév 2020 09:40 #1 by jmmbb

what about adding possibility to insert direct link to an element to the clipboard ?
It will be usefull, for instance when you make mail or response and need to use ProjeQtOr's element reference.

example :
I receive an email about the progress of a meeting that exists in ProjeQtOr. I would like to answer it by indicating that it is more relevant to update the corresponding item in the tool and I would like to add a direct link to encourage him to do so.
Today there is no way to generate this link, except to create a mail from the element and then retrieve the link.
A button to generate the link and copy it to the clipboard from ProjeQtOr would be more efficient (or, at worst, to open a popup containing the direct link).

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07 Fév 2020 11:16 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Direct link to clipboard

This is already possible : just click on the id of the item toi get the link (or right click to "copy link")
This url can also be exported in CSV file...

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07 Fév 2020 11:17 #3 by jmmbb
Replied by jmmbb on topic Direct link to clipboard
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