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Add fonction in Affectations

08 Avr 2024 15:14 - 08 Avr 2024 15:15 #1 by jmmbb

we use ProjeQtOr for multi-sites, multi-entities project.
So every members do not known all the others.

It's convenient to refer to affectation list to know all the team members.
But, we need to give every member is role to be complete.

For now, we use profile to get role readable from affectations, like this :

But we need a lot of differents profiles (in fact with same rights) to get this.

Is it possible to get profil and Function (like in assignments) on the project ?

So we can difference PROFILE (the RIGHTS you get on the ProjeQtOr's element) and ROLE (the works you do on the project).
It can be reuse when creating assignment as default value...

Expect to be clear.

Last edit: 08 Avr 2024 15:15 by jmmbb.

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16 Avr 2024 14:21 #2 by maxca
Replied by maxca on topic Add fonction in Affectations
I going to register your suggestion for consideration Ticket #8271  
Have a nice day,


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