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Resource not being assigned work correctly

04 Oct 2019 11:34 #1 by jhoareau

I have a resource (Jordan HOAREAU) which could not have any work planned and I don't get why...

Here are some screenshots of the situation :

Jordan HOAREAU profile and affectations

Planning per resource of Jordan HOAREAU

Example of project planning

Affection for this project

Example of an activity supposed to be assigned to Jordan HOAREAU after planning being generated

Any idea of what could lead to this situation?

Best regards,

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10 Oct 2019 14:57 #2 by alainforma
Before looking for an answer to your issue, have you thought to record your operation and then recalculate the planning. I think so.
Therefore, we can not check dates over one of your attachment, that is why we suggest that it could be explained by the start date period of your allocation on this project.
Please tell us.

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