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Problem with configuration managemet

22 Nov 2019 12:15 - 29 Nov 2019 09:33 #1 by javierrm
Hello, the truth is that I have quite a mess with the configuration management.

I would like to create a product (for example, a Software Requirements Specification for a given project) with the status of the requirements at that particular time. That is, when in development, I could check the status of the requirements at the time they were approved. If I relate the requirements as linked elements, I cannot see these requirements in their state of x months ago when they were approved, but I see the current status with the latest changes.

Is it possible to do it in any way that could consult requirements, risks, tickets, etc. on a specific base line or date?
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04 Déc 2019 11:24 #2 by babynus
No, Projeqtor does not have thos feature (we don't manage "versions" of requirements)
But you can check in the history of the requirement to get status at a given time.
It may be possible to draw a report to get the information.

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