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[SOLVED] misalignment in visualization

22 Juil 2020 16:13 - 22 Juil 2020 16:38 #1 by aCardullo
I just updated my Projeqtor to 8.5.2 (without any error reported).
I am an "adminitrator" user.
When I go into the "planning" pages (any of them: planning, projeqt portfolio... ) I find a misalignment between the gantt chart view and the list+progress data view: they have different heigh and therefore result completely misaligned.
Furthermore the progress data view is completely empty.
You can see an example into the attached screenshot.

This does not happens for other users.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for help.
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22 Juil 2020 16:38 #2 by aCardullo
I just found the solution by myself:
it was a problem with the cache data of Chrome.
I reloaded the page by pressing CTRL+F5, I reconnected and now it is ok.
Sorry for the first reporting.
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