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28 Juil 2020 08:39 - 28 Juil 2020 08:51 #1 by BrunoF782
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i have two questions :

1 / Is it possible on the planning view, to see the "validated planning" instead of the "real planning" ? Like for example :

i would like on the green lines to see the date 06/07-30/07

In fact i'd like to the see the validated planning which is available as soon as there is no imputation on the project. I know one way, with the possibility to save a reference, but i'd like to know if it's possible if there are imputations on the project and the manager didn't make a reference.

2/ I've tried to adapt some parameters like mentionned here , so now i don't have "read only" in /var/www/html/projeqtor/model/PlanningElement.php :


but it doesn't change anything. Do i have to restart some services ?

Thank you
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28 Juil 2020 09:13 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic View of a
1) No, only the "baseline" method is possible

2) You'll have to do this also on ActivityPlanningElement, ProjectPlanningElement that extend PlanningElement

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