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Wrong planning calculation when recurring (weekly basis)

10 Oct 2023 09:52 #1 by seminote
Hi, we have such a problem and can't figure out what it stems from. 
1. When planning is "as soon as possible" and run the calculation : OK

2.If change planning to "recurring (on weekly basis)" - 4h each Friday - and run the calculation : KO, assigned time is not properly calculated - validated is 8h, but automatically is assigned 80h and planned end date is 02/2024. Why is this difference?
What we expect is these 8h to be allocated for 2 Fridays

3. We also don't know why this is changing....


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10 Oct 2023 11:08 - 10 Oct 2023 11:28 #2 by alainforma

Recurrent mode is a special mode planning each week, the same selected workload by day over a week, during the whole project. You can limit this beahavior by two milestones steering this activity beetween two dates.
it takes into consideration the valided workload to planified one day of workload over one opened day if it is the single information it gets. Otherwise it plans with workload given independltly of validated workload, that's happened using recurent mode. 
This being said, how did you manage to provide real workload when there is no longer anyone assigned to the activity?  Could i watch too the screen about your project please

Last edit: 10 Oct 2023 11:28 by alainforma.

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10 Oct 2023 12:21 #3 by seminote
someone is assigned to the activity however I hid our user data and our company data (name, project etc).

Which view exactly do you need? What tab and what data?

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