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[V9.5.5] Absence indicator in 'Ressource planning'

17 Nov 2023 14:46 - 17 Nov 2023 17:18 #1 by Chris33240
Hello all,
I have proposed ProjeQtOr to my hierarchy, this looks good for deploying. i'm very happy.

Sorry for my use of older version but i'm blocked for technical reason for now.

We agreed to say that we don't have no indicator to show absence directly on gant view by ressource unless we click right on activities.
I have no idea to fix that, perhaps with new spécific line on gant view or perhaps with colored points displayed above activities or else.

Perhaps there is already a features in ProjeQtOr for that ?

Thanks you very much for your help and congratulation to ProjeQtOr team, it's really a very good software.
Last edit: 17 Nov 2023 17:18 by Chris33240.

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18 Nov 2023 17:21 #2 by babynus

Ansence are not displayed in the planning, as these are not Projects.
Nut they are taken into accound for planning calculation.
It is not possible (and not desirable) to display absences for all resources on the Gantt view.

If you display detail of a bar line (right click on the bar) you'll see detail of planned work, will absences days in dark blue.
You can also see absences in Ansence screen of in reports (I like the colored monthly planning for this)

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