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Mardi 24 et Mercredi 25 novembre
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Jeudi 26 et Vendredi 27 novembre
9h-12h30 (2 demi-journées) en distanciel

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Manuel del Valle @

Completely free, smart, well-thought, and easy requirements

Besides all the features already listed here, one thing to consider is HOW EASY it is to deploy your first ProjeQtor instance, as well as smooth upgrading to newer versions of the software.

All it takes is a XAMP server (PosgreSQL is supported as well).

Great functionality, very well thought, and HIGHLY customizable through parameters, to suite (almost) everyone's needs.
GREAT support through forum, with lots of help and guidance, adapting to everyone's knowledge.
And perhaps best feature of all: the team actually LISTENS to the users while planning new features and upgrades. AND they also know about project management, so every new proposal is considered, analized, discussed with the community, and, if useful AND feasible, recorded in the roadmap for future releases.