ProjeQtOr free project management software - Commentaires (feedbacks)

Fantastic tool by the way, we're currently doing a massive migration from Mantis and internal systems to this.

First, congratulations on a new stable release [3.2.2], with several nice new features..!

at first i want to congratulate you, for your software. It is the best software I have seen for the functionalities offered

congratulation to V3.3.x improvements.
The most liked from my side are configuration of TODAY screen and eMail improvements.
Again a great step forward for the best project management tool
Projector eases my workday and team collaboration significantly.

Plus j'utilise cet outil et plus je le trouve complet en comparaison à d'autres que je teste également ! .
... merci pour ce super outil ! 

First of all, let me congratulate you and your team for some piece of work you've got here. Project'Or RIA has proven to be an excellent tool regarding project management issues.

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Un grand bravo !

Excellent travail !!!
Découvert par hasard en faisant des recherches sur les NAS,
et vraiment une excellent surprise !
Etonné que vu ses qualités son nom de soi pas plus connu 

 I just started using projectoria, and for what I saw, I think Im going to be a huge fan. 

Je découvre tout juste Projector RIA, et tout d'abord félicitation, le produit semble avoir une couverture fonctionnelle large !

Thank you for excellent Project management 

congratulations for this very nice product

First, Congratulations!!! for this great work! This is a great tool!

Great job for V3, there are plenty of interesting new activities for project management.. 

...i found the software very nice. 
The software a big work and experience is nice.
Thanks to the Project'OR RIA developper.

...bravo pour votre logiciel

Encore une fois votre produit est vraiment bien pensé et bien fait, et après plusieurs semaine de recherche je crois que nous avons trouvé la solution idéale pour la gestion de nos projets : bravo et merci.

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Congratulations! The new version 3.2.0 brings a lot of things very interresting

Thanks very much for your kind work.This is the BEST PM software I am looking for until now.

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Thanks for your soft. I find it on Framasoft 2 days ago and i use it since ... 2 days

First, congratulations for your work : your software is very good and very useful.