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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Commentaires (feedbacks)

ProjeQtOr is an exceptionnal tools for managing project; thanks for your work.

First of all, thx for the very good work.

congratulation for the best project management tool ever made. Really.


thanks for the support, this is the best PM tool I've used in my life. Congratulation!!!

Nice to see a wonderful product.

First of all .. thank you for a awsome product ... i realy enjoy this software !

first of all, thank you your a great software.

Je suis un utilisateur convaincu depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant !
Le logiciel est très bien suivi, il reste concentré sur les besoins essentiels d'un chef de projet.
Il est très convivial, il est parfait !

It is simple and great, very flexible and open source - strong recommended. it meets professional requirements. Great support by developer team. Active community and forum.

 thanks for your great work on this project, it's awesome

 i would like to congratulate you for the great work, i really like to use it and i have spend few days to configure all my needs already

Thank you for this great tool.

The best opensource Project Management System I have ever used. Never Expected all these features for free.

Thanks for creating Projeqtor, i like it.

projeqtor is great software ;)

The software is still great in day by day use. Thank you for your work.

Great Software

This is exactly what our business has been looking for.
Have tested it and will deploy it across our network soon.
For a open source software this has no comparison.

Well done !

I'm looking for a project server which is "opensource", one I can work as the pmi "way", which integrate several lists as Requirements, Tests, Issues, Actions, Decisions.

Lire la suite...

Completely free, smart, well-thought, and easy requirements

Besides all the features already listed here, one thing to consider is HOW EASY it is to deploy your first ProjeQtor instance, as well as smooth upgrading to newer versions of the software.

Lire la suite...

Very good tool

Very good collaborative tool 
It manages more than planning, it manages the actions, risks, issues 
I recommend

New to Proteqtor and enjoying the learning - excellent functionalities and the documentation is perfectly detailed, Bravo! :)