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Special thanks

Thank you to all the contributors who helped ProjeQtOr to reach the current level of maturity and stability.
The list of contributors below tries to identify all those who have actively contributed to the developments. 
However, this list was made ​​up after the fact, it is probably not exhaustive. 
If you contributed and your name does not appear, please send us a message through the contact form with your name, nickname, company and details of the contribution. 
Similarly, if you want to remove information about your contribution, please contact us.


Name Nickname Society Contribution Translation
Pascal Bernard Babynus ProjeQtOr Design
Most of developments
Tests and Integration of contributions
Active contribution in the forum
Gabriel GODARD amnedge Developments  
Kévin ANOLL krowry Developments  
Gautier PRADINES Gautier Developments  
Damian SANCHEZ Developments  
Florent ARNAUD Flou Developments  
Marylène LEROY Arkhanje Graphics  
Vincent VAUCHEY Protion Institut Ecologie Appliquée Moderator
Active contribution in the forum
Jean-Christophe Dedieu JCDe SII Active contribution in the forum  
Danil Hiridjee caccia Active contribution in the forum  
Estelle Russeil   Steria Scaling of PDF Export of Gantt planning   
Louis-Edouard VALLEE LEVA Clemessy SA Import files in format XLS and XLSX  
Evgueni Kolossov ekolossov Programming Research LTD Active contribution in the forum
Funding evolution : "Requirements and tests management"
Funding evolution : "Automatic Imports"
Funding evolution : "Multiple versions on tickets"
Funding evolution : Burndown graph
Jean Marie Bremont jmmbb Minitère de la Santé Active contribution in the forum
Funding evolution : "Adaptation to PostgreSql"
Funding evolution : "Planning validation"
Klaus Hübner climb4fun UGIS - UniCredit Group Active contribution in the forum
Bernard Garros  bernardg Galaxy Semiconductors Funding evolution : "Resource planning"  
Antonio Lopez  Xados Mutuelle Générale des Cheminots Donation  
Nicolas Dusch ndusch E-T-A Funding evolution : "Product designation"  
  Death User   Translation Spanish
Sergio Garcia Prado Kantabriko   Translation
  elviseras   Translation
Paulo Gago Câmara pcamara   Translation Portuguese
Francis Benito Odisi francis2301   Translation
Excel file to import MS-Project tasks to ProjeQtOr
Brazilian Portuguese
Jackson Araújo     Translation
Андрей Акишин anrysys   Translation Russian
Igor Lysakov   Translation
bp xiong  bpxiong   Translation Chinese
Hans Bos     Translation Dutch
Mohsen Adeli   Translation Farsi (Persian)
Yoshihiro Seki nikochan   Translation Japanese
Thomas 8omas   Translation Greek
Philippe Casasnovas   Techvar Donation  
Igor Ivanov Yevhenovych     Translation Ukrainian
   potzilov   Donation  
Richard Paré  richard.pare Centre d'expertise
en logiciel libre
du gouvernement
du Québec
New format for user manual using sphinx-doc
French Canadian  
Jean Leblond   Traduction
Miguel Ross  
Avris Schneider avris   Security analysis.
Security patch.
 Mladen Kadic     Translation Croatian
  Eugenio   Translation Italian
  gduran   Translation Dutch


  IGE-XAO Funding of several evolutions improving configuration management
(Product, Component, Product Version, Component Version)
Nicolas DUTSCH   E.T.A. Funding evolution : Management of Call for Tenders and Tenders  
Pascal VERGES  VERGES Novasys Funding evolution : Management of Organization, Planning baselines,
Steering charts (S-curve chart, 45° chart)
Daniel ANEAS   Biocorp Funding evolution : complement for project expenses  
Thomas LOYD   loydte3 Translation (improvement) English
 Julien PAPASIAN papjul   Management of JobLists  
  youch   Send emails so that they are read in a thread  
  antonio.grr   Several technical contributions (RequestHandler, ResultHandler).
Many fixes and reliability improvments.
Aldo R Paladini     Translation (improvement) Spanish
Fabrice ROMAND     Docker installation packaging  
Zsolt Burger Burgerzs   Planning with overuse  
Louis Heredero Baryhobal  HERDAC  Telegram Bot Plugin  
Temel Demir     Security reseach and vulnerability identification  
Ted Lidström     Translation Swedish
Christian Bernert lpm LPM Academy  Translation, Training, Support German

Frameworks, libraries and tools

  • Dojo is an Ajax Framework used in ProjeQtOr to propose a Web 2.0 GUI.
  • Gantt presentation is based on JS Gantt work.
  • Reports graphic facility is powered by pChart php library.
  • PDF convertion is powered by html2pdf php library.
  • Easy PHP, WAMP and ZEND Server Community Edition were used as development servers.
  • Crypto-js is used for JavaScript MD5 and SHA-2 (256) encryption.
  • Scripts from Movable Type LTD have been used for AES encryption (Javascript and PHP).
  • PHP Mailer is used to send emails through the net.
  • XLSXReader is used to import files from Excel XLSX format.
  • This web site is powerd by Joomla
  • The forum is powered by Kunena (Joomla plugin)
  • Sources are managed under the SVN repository provided by Sourceforge
  • Most images on this site were made by McLac200 who publishes his work on Pixabay

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