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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Evolutions


Many evolutions are planned on the development roadmap of ProjeQtOr

You can, if you wish, sponsor an evolution or get its delivery "as soon as possible".

Your company may also have specific needs or unidentified ones.
You can then order a specific evolution.

Terms and Conditions

Evolution description

  • The on demand evolution process starts with provision of a quote, establish from a need expression by the customer.
    The quotation is provided freely, without commitment from customer until validation
  • The need expression can be simple: email, reference to an existing ticket in the roadmap, ... 
  • The quotation will summarize the need and describe how it will be implemented in the application.
  • As description of the need expression can be quite rough, we commit only on the implementation of the evolution as described in the quotation. 
  • Work begins as soon as order is received, validating the quotation (order can just be the quotation signed for validation). 
  • There are two kinds of evolutions, based on their contribution to the community or not : "Private" and "Community" evolutions.

Private Evolution

  • Changes are not included in the Community Edition 
  • A specific development branch is used 
  • It is no longer possible to migrate to the community to benefit of community patches and evolutive versions 
  • Integration of community developments and patches can be ordered on request, as an evolution (merge to a community version)
  • The estimate provides, as long as possible, a development including parametered behavior or implementation as a plugin to remove this constraint and make the specific version compatible with future community versions.

Community Evolution

  • Changes are included in the Community Edition 
  • Ability to migrate to future community versions is preserved, to benefit of community patches and evolutive versions  
  • Due to addition of new feature to community, price is reduced (compared to "private" evolutions)

The choice between "private" or "community" evolution is proposed in the quotation, but the customer can explicitly request for a "private" development.
Developments of very specific features to fit customer needs can not be integrated as community evolution.

Execution :

Prices include execution of :

  • Needs expression analysis 
  • Proposed solution (described on quotation)
  • Development of the evolution 
  • Tests 
  • Delivery 
  • Warranty including fixing of anomalies related to the evolution within 2 months after delivery

Prices :

  • To obtain a quote or for more information, contact us