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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Change history

V9.4.1 [2022-01-05] 

Bug Fixing
   #5938  From planing view, click on assignement to see resource : back show resource on planning
   #5933  Planning : Improve re-opening of detail view
   #5931  Notification / Habilitations : should be in not project dependant
   #5927  Some default values incorrect for Acces to data (not project dependant)
   #5925  CTRL+S not working any more on old GUI
   #5924  Change password for new user blocked
   #5821  When resource is manager of organisation, its organisation is erased at each save.
   #5920  Planning view : display item when detail area is closed loads objectDetail twice
   #5911  Leave Project visible on project selector in organization, on project table
   #5905  Approvment for Decision : move section out of configuration tab, put it below validation section
   #5904  Message for Approving notification : translation weird in french
   #5899  GotoElement to object with no right : track to hack
   #5882  Block attachments (with D&D) for items not saved yet (without id)
   #5869  Emails with emojis not imported (from IMAP)
   #5932  Translation module disabled : section for menus still appear in habilitation

V9.4.0 [2021-12-17] 

Major evolutions
Global export for Documents
  - export all documents for a project
  - export all documents for an item
  - export all documents for a directory
Mail follow-up
  - Keep trace of physical mails sent or received
  - Incoming mails management
  - Outgoing mails management
  -  Implement CSRF token to avoid Cross Site Scripting
Ergonomics and interface
  #5021 Limit projects in Project Selector to a given level
  #5242  On Organization, on projects list, add option "show closed"
  #5382 On meeting, on assignment table, click on timesheet button : go to week containing the meeting
  #5480 Activity Stream : increase size of icons on full screen display
  #5659 Planning views : limit display to a given number of lines (instead of selecting a projet)
  #5755 When Archive mode is active, Projects lists on report parameters should show closed
  #5756 When Archive mode is "off", do not show criteria "closed" on screen Project
  #5776 On diary, set header in yellow for current day
  #5779 On multiple update, change place of Delete button (to avoid click errors)
  #5805 New GUI option : detail covers list
  #5807 Improve management of colors in Manually planned interventions
  #5855 On client Screen, sort lists of financial items by Date
  #5875 Center icons on Timesheets
  #5787 Document : on approvers list pop-up, show "rejection" cause (and date) when rejected
  #5788 Document version : explicit with some text that it is possible to drag&drop file on button
  #5750 Extract documents : extract, zip and return documents from item, project or directory
  #5886 Copy command into invoice : set invoice date from command validated end date
  #5749 Mails management : Incoming mails / Outgoing mails
Control & Automation
  #5683 Alerts on real work input : take into account start and end date for the resource
  #5753 Recipient and contact on Invoice are mandatory when done : this should be parameterable
  #5852 Give the possibility to the Admin to disconnected users at a given time
Acces rights
  #5831 Load plugin available only for Admin, even if screen is opened to profile
   #5652 add dates on report " synthesis orders / clients invoicing "
Technical / Security / Performance
  #4834 Implement CSRF token
Bug fixing 
  #5854 Mandatory checklist not controlled when status is moved from Timesheet
  #5876 Activity stream : in some cases stream is hidden even if feature is enabled
  #5889 SQL error in logs for Absence (User accessing not a Resource ?)


V9.3.5 [2021-12-13] 

Bug Fixing
  #5887 Remember me always active since V9.0
  #5874 Impossible to export Timesheet to PDF : html2pdf error
  #5867 Copy text from Google Sheets / Display history : unexpected borders
  #5866 Deliverables multiple update error
  #5860 Javascript Error on Admin functionalities
  #5859 leave calendar : after returning to the screen a second time arrows for change month disappears
  #5853 Error message with an external link on a Project
  #5896 List field in readonly can be changed through small buttons "add" or "search"

V9.3.4 [2021-11-26] 

Bug Fixing
  #5846 First deployment issue on V9.3.3
  #5847 Error calculating some project since V9.3.3

V9.3.3 [2021-11-25] 

Bug Fixing
  #5754 Access rights issue on report Synthese for Commands / Invoices"
  #5785  Gantt view not correct when in full screen mode
  #5789  "Show left work" not available any more on old Gui on Resource Planning
  #5790  Finicial ==> incomes ==> client invoicing terme ==> treatement saving error
  #5791  No update on realEisDate of version of product
  #5793  Report Version Detail : export to PDF returns incorrect forma
  #5794  Deliverable Kpi menu does not work
  #5795  Maximize Notes not available on Read-Only Items
  #5796  Closing date copied to target element
  #5798  Error onload on demo (connect as Manager)
  #5800  On lists, for "Requestor", show full name (when exists) instead of User name
  #5806  Terms : when indicator exists, save is impossible
  #5808  Report - Work detail / Monthly : \ global sum is not correct
  #5809  Added note on product version and save : type removed
  #5810  On FireFox, intermediate login screen do not have transparency (for gears)
  #5811  Menu Left not shown with V9.3.2
  #5812  Export for Test Case displays "Business feature" even if this feature is disabled
  #5813  Add Linked elements doesnet show "all projects" if several are selected
  #5814 Leaves type email confirmation
  #5815  Capacity variation not taken into account for automatic planning calculation
  #5819  Multiple update / search : selection not taken into account
  #5823  Test Case Id in list when adding test case to test session
  #5828  Today screen : list of documents to approve empty if period "or not set" is not checked
  #5829  Layout option : should not be displayed on ComboBox (selection from list)
  #5833 revenu is not shown on the activity or project on "valided cost"
  #5835 List of projects on Multiple Update has no indentation
  #5837 Not able to assign team if restriction on resource role is applied
  #5842 Report : Colored Resource Planning not showing planned work if absence exists
  #5843 Update work unit : new assignment does not correctly take into account assigned work
  #5844 When ticket changes project, work is still on old project


V9.3.2 [2021-10-21] 

Bug Fixing
  #5784 On gantt view, user who has no write to update activity can "extend" duration with arrow
  #5782 Access to data (not project dependant) Translation cannot be set to "Reader"
  #5775 Double click on Resizer for list header sets the mess
  #5773 kanban item(action) can not be dragged and dropped
  #5772 Planning : lines not aligned, even with zoom at 100% on Firefox
  #5768 Leave period : unexpected change of type
  #5751 Report"Command/Bill synthesis for client" does not include additional amount on command
  #5748 When switching from type with different checklists, saving does not refresh the checklist
  #5746 Cron Definition : if time in entered as invalid  value (out of list)
  #5757 Filters : after adding one criteria, list for AND/OR overwrites field name
  #5704 leaves calendar : resource dropdown disepear after add leave


V9.3.1 [2021-10-07] 

Bug Fixing
  #5657 Planning : line not aligned when zooming in (90%)
  #5703 When copying an item, when selecting the project, you should not see the project leave period
  #5705 Error when saving multiple on Notification
  #5706 Kanban : control on required fields on Planning Element or on Worl Element not blocking
  #5707 Report Version Detail : export to PDF returns incorrect format
  #5708 Error in logs for Pgsql
  #5709 Global Parameter "Create new element in pop-up" : incorrect list
  #5710 News button : when highlighted, click outside does not close it
  #5711 background div transparent, on div changeScreenlayout in buttonExtraDiv
  #5713 on resource screen, renane "profile' to "default profile"
  #5715 modify label "auto set parent activity status"
  #5719 Report "Yearly Planning Project/Resource" seems to return only values between 0 and 1
  #5720 Error js in task list for detail
  #5722 Error when use ${Origin} in email template
  #5724 Change on checklist does not "block" the change of item
  #5725 Changes on Technical progress not displayed on History
  #5730 Direct update of assigned (in table) fails is user cannot update left work
  #5732 In report parameters, define list for project as "contains" instead of "starts with"
  #5735 Strange repeated lines
  #5736 Not able to add Work Unit line using Work Unit with null work
  #5737 It should not be possible to add Work Unit line if some change is in progress
  #5738 Timesheed validation : list shows resources that are no longer on the project
  #5739 Project Leader (user manager) cannot create document through directory selector
  #5741 Replace all project lists as seach for "contains" instead of "starts with"


V9.3.0 [2021-09-17] 

Major evolutions
Planning Poker
   - definition of planning poker sessions, with user stories (tickets or activities or requirements)
  - assign voters to planning poker sessions
  - planning poker estimate for voters : select card value (poker complexity)
  - consolidate and validate estimate from votes
Move some global parameters to modules
  - cleans the global parameters for activation of features that are now modules or sub-modules : todo lists, technical progress, checklists, sub-tasks, budget feature on organization, target milestone
Ergonomics and interface
   #5128 Supported resource direct acces to timesheet
   #5209 Sub tasks management : give possibility to copy a sub-tasks into a ticket or actvity or else
   #5272 Restore Full Screen and Print on Readonly CKEditor fields
   #5384 Improve indentation for project lists
   #5502 Button ? (about) : higligh (add a mark) when new news exist
   #5505 Add "reset" filter button in "Planning" view
   #5517 Highlight notification button
   #5520 For some modules, when disabled, some top menu still appear unexpectedly
   #5542 Column sorting on tables : generalize and improve
   #5585 Meetings/ PokerSession : when adding pools, control of allocated date of pools to allocate (or not) resources
   #5623 TodoList -> highlight attachments
   #5600 Removing all the submodules of a module must not desactivate the main module except for Financial
   #5612 Modules : adapt size of greyed area on description of module
   #5186 Planning Poker
   #5629 Add Poker Estimate to Today lists
   #5576 Allocation to project : give possibility to replace allocation of a pool
Activities / Milestones
   #5585 Meetings : when adding pools control of allocated date of pools to allocate (or not)
   #3370 Kanban : take into account mandatory field (such as resolution)
   #4733 Add new fields for sorting Kanban tiles (priority, validated end date)
Configuration management
   #5611 Update status of version with multiple update : checkbox and date not updated
Acces rights
   #5612 Modules : adapt size of greyed area on description of module
   #5648 Field "recipient" missing on financial incomes
   #5003 On reports, if archive mode is activated, list of resources should include closed resources
   #5121 Add notifications when input mailbox is closed, and try to re-open later
   #5159 Extend Legal Notice Messages to retreive message feature
Human Resource
   #4758   HR module - several faults
    #5637  HR : forbid to book absence before start date of resource and after end date of resource
   #1928 Delete or uninstall plugin
   #3103 Secure LDAP connection
   #5551 Split projeqtorDialog.js and projeqtor.js
   #5655 Disable Scayt
   #4908 for list fields, add attribute "do not auto fill" when required is checked
   #5550 Move some global parameters to sub-modules
   #5693 Insert product version may be long when many product versions exist
Bug fixing 
   #4065 Reccuring work does not seem to be taken into account for pools
   #5611 Update status of version with multiple update : checkbox and date not updated
   #5680 On first install, when param Check Version is not set, new not displayed
   #5686 Gantt bar detail : 0.2 not displayed when 0.8 exists on Admin project for same day
   #5687 Activity in recurring mode: impossible to update the assignment
   #5689 "Save changes" message coming up too late
   #5690 Leaves Period invisible for the Leaves period Manager
   #5691 Possible error on month formating when report is sent by mail
   #5692 Update status with multiple update : checkbox and date not updated (for Product)
   #5694 Kanban : option "hide backlog" not working for kanban by version
   #5695 Hide parameter "show only notes on activity stream" when module stream is disabled
   #5696  When module organization is disabled, on user parameters Name and Profile are hidden


V9.2.4 [2021-09-17] 

Bug Fixing
  #5682 When copy project with Meeting that has assignment, idProject on assignment is incorrect
  #5700 KPI error and error in log with PostgreSql
  #5691 Possible error on month formating when report is send by mail
  #5698 Notes layout issue
  #5694 Kanban : option "hide backlog" not working for kanban by version
  #5687 Activity in recurring mode: impossible to update the assignment
  #5693 Insert product version : performance issue
  #5697 can not edit Link, image and table on note


V9.2.3 [2021-09-10] 

Bug Fixing
  #5631 Error logged about refreshLastNews.php
  #5634 Old theme css bug in task view
  #5636 Kanban screen shows blank screen after using "Go back to last item"
  #5637 Error generating document with templateReport
  #5638 Leave Period Dashboard : count issue
  #5641 Remove BOM from csv imported file
  #5642 Timesheet : new lines not saved
  #5643 Issue with the user's Role
  #5645 Timesheet : some activities appear without project on top
  #5646 List of projects on reports empty for supervisor
  #5647 New Button does not work when acces to Object and no object selected
  #5653 On time and material projet, the limit is not any longer calculated
  #5654 Export to PDF : when data does not fit on one page, error generated
  #5656 Login Screen : incorrect transparency for layers on FireFox
  #5661 Hierarchic budget : open level that is closed at display fails
  #5665 Unexpected password change on inputMailbox
  #5667 Error while creating ticket by specific user after upgrade to V9.2.2
  #5673 Error when restricting version of product per profile
  #5674 Plan as "Must not start before validated date" may be wrong if task has E-E predecessor
  #5676 Multiple update: Change status to "Done" does not control required checklist lines
  #5678 On Work Unit Ordered, replace "Done" with "Used"
  #5681 Export PDF on project wrong tag for td

V9.2.2 [2021-07-28] 

Bug Fixing
  #5632 Cannot create Notification Definition on some cases
  #5630 On ticket view, dispatch work pop up should not be validated if resource is not selected
  #5628 Some Tickets imported from email cannot be updated
  #5627 Security Leak in PHPMailer library
  #5625 Issue when copying Project with meeting / test sesion
  #5621 Sum of invoices on Project does not include idle (closed) invoices
  #5620 Cannot delete Status under PostgreSql
  #5619 First login for migration from before V9.2.0 : LDAP connection impossible for admin
  #5618 After changing password, access is blocked (already in use)
  #5613 Error when defining Notification
  #5466 Resources not visible after expand on Planning view
  #4648 Export MS-Project : improve for better import

V9.2.1 [2021-07-01] 

Bug Fixing
  #5523 Reports on left menu : access rights not taken into account
  #5548 Replace ressource on "reccuring" activity : planning is not correct
  #5582 Indentation buttons out of box after resize of detail area
  #5589 Errors in log file for some API calls
  #5592 Javascript error on Mail Template when user selected simple text editor
  #5593 Incorrect dispatch of "idle" for Pool allocation to "resource" allocation on "implicit mode"
  #5594 Copy a text from Google sheets gives unexpected borders on tables
  #5596 Replace ressource on "manual planning" activity : planning is not correct
  #5598 Replacement of recurring : do not add assignment if already exists
  #5599 Replace allocation : end date for replacement not used => hide it
  #5608 Copy item does not take into account required fields set by customization

V9.2.0 [2021-06-18] 

Major evolutions
Do not start project before Validated Start Date
   # when this global parameter is activated, Projects with validated start date will not be plannned before this date
Improvement of Todo lists
   # Better display
   #  Input large values (in text area)
   #  auto-set responsible of todo-item from responsible of item
Access rights management for document
   # define access rights per profile for each document directory
Translation request
   # new feature to be able to request some translation for some text
   #  feature aloows to define translators with translation competencies
Ergonomics and interface
   #5117 Improve Today : Add Activity Stream
   #5310 Give option to define layout (vertical / horizontal) per screen
   #5492 Adapt Today Auto-refresh feature to new GUI
   #5549 Menu : Add Client Contract Gantt on Incomes Menu
   #5553 Ability to increase size of table of notes
   #5556 Add menu Employee in HR menu
Todo lists
   #5402 Todo lists : extend text field to 4000 char and TextArea type
   #5403 Todo lists : manage attachements (to add screeshot)
   #5430 Todo lists screen : do not show items with only closed todo (is closed is not checked)
   #5431 Todo lists screen : show version as listbox, with possibility to change value of the item
   #5432 Todo list screen : show color of status on item
   #5444 Todo lists : on creation, if object has responsible (idResource) and is set, auto set responsible
   #5522 On screen "todo list", type selector shows tiems that may not be visible by user
   #5123 Show deliverables and incomings in Global Planning Screen
   #5419 Do not start project before Validated Start Date
   #5487 On ressource planning, show periodic meetings under periodic line, and on same line when contracted
   #5439  Set WBS of Leave Project to zero
   #5529  Meetings : possibility to add pool of resources
   #5451 On table allocation to project, hide Rate column for Contacts and Users
Activities / Milestones
   #5351 Activity on "real time" : ensure consistency for assigned and total
   #5344 Enable multi-work-unit input for same activity
   #5377 Hide not necessary fields on Activities of Administrative projects
   #5443 Give possibility to "Close" a work-unit : will not be selectable any more
Planned interventions
   #5465 Add a checkbox to hide the "done" elements on planned interventions
   #5348 Manage "pause" status for Tickets and calculate pause periods duration
   #4909 Kanban : new option = hide backlog column
   #5352 Filter resources per projet on Timesheet validation screen
   #5504 Alerts on real work input : control input globally for the period (not day by day)
   #5554 Timesheet : give a way to collapse all levels
   #5418  Display deliveries in the Diary view
Configuration management
   #5417 Add « Show closed » at Structure & Composition of Product and Component
   #5530 In product version, To have the possibility to sort by name in the part "Composition"
Access rights 
   #5140 When deleting allocation for current user, refresh rights
   #5345 Definition of access rights to repository per profiles for documents
   #5346  Improve access rights management for Documents
   #5353 Improve assets management rights : add responsible and manage rights per responsible
   #5416 Improve access rights on Documents
   #5501 Document : hide buttons "Lock" and "send mail" when access right is readonly
   #5507 New specific access right to enable work input on ticket whatever the right to view work
   #5462 Financial : add message when expense generation fails
   #5355 New reports for quality indicators for respect of "handle" delay and "treatment" delay
   #5357 New report for "yearly planning per ressource/projet" with monthly synthesis for whole year
   #5561 Reports Real Work and Work by Activity : filter on Type of activity
   #5500 Data Maintenance (Administration) : automate cleaning
   #5531 Mail on event : add possibility to send email on user creation
   #5532 Mail on event : add new event "priority change"
   #5552 Possibility to display Message for Team members or Organization members
   #2127  Encrypt LDAP and IMAP password in DB
   #5420 Send email when Try to hack is detected
   #5503  News : refresh in JS rather than in PHP
   #5508  LDAP connection using URi
   #5557 When leave request is submitted, change tittle
   #5575 Goto Project from Today : Improve mgt of setSelectedProject to avoid "flash" and sometimes wrong selection
   #2142 Generic Performance improvement
   #3781 Improve performance for query on indicatorvalue
   #5048 Improve saveImputation.php performance
   #5183 Performance Optimization to avoid Deadlocks
   #5499  Improve performance to save absence
Bug fixing 
   #5438 Update Link that is not default one : list is not refreshed
   #5519 Error js when function "refresh list" is executed -> selected.split is not a function
   #5521 When module configuration is disabled,section "Configuration Management" is visible on access right
   #5525   can not create activity under administrative project
   #5526 Planned intervention : tables are not aligned
   #5528  Mail on event per project : duplicates
   #5533  In ticket simple, when paramater todo list is not active ,  todo list is visible in component section
   #5537 checklist: add ligne dialogue -> checkbox show / hide strangely
   #5539  Some reports visible on left menu, not listed on Report Screen
   #5562  Drap & Drop column to reorder : drop out of column header gives persistent move on old GUI
   #5563 Revenue : If user has no visibility on Work or Cost, work units table should not be visible
   #5573  It seems possible to delete status used by an item (provider bill for instance)
   #5577 Todo lists : if text contains a #, text is truncated
   #5581 Store Todo list on Simple Ticket should not be possible


V9.1.5 [2021-05-31] 

Bug Fixing
  #5538 Critical Vulnerability Report
  #5527 Blocking control on checklist : message cannot be closed
  #5513 Command : Add link to contact, impossible to add contact not linked to client
  #5511 Spurious state and/or Responsible change for deliverables

V9.1.4 [2021-05-19] 

Bug Fixing
  #5477 Hierarchic budget print : colomns are not aligned with headers and report is truncated
  #5490 Revenue of parent Activity not set back to zero when sub-activities are set to zero
  #5484 Periodic meeting with 5 items, change to 10, 5 new one don't have time
  #5483 Silent SQL error logged : Out of range value for column 'assignedWork'
  #5481 On resource planning, mettings from Periodic meeting incorrectly indented
  #5478 When creating activity on Kanban, with fix planning mode, missing end date leads to non explicit msg
  #5495 Icons not visible on Resource Planning
  #5476 Difference between timesheet and timesheet validation
  #5473 On advanced filter, for list criteria, use magifyer and select several items : selection not correct


V9.1.3 [2021-04-23] 

Bug Fixing
  #5435 Export Document, with version : data of version not exported
  #5441 Work Command On Activity : if command is closed, value is reset
  #5445 On Activity, if Work command is removed or changed, old work command still has done
  #5447 Left frame visible (empty) on login screen when only one message with end date passed
  #5452 Work Command : Name changes when updating work command
  #5453 Export ticket to PDF : error
  #5455 User with profile Project Leader (acces mode = Manager) cannot add Work Command
  #5459 List of kanban types incomplete when modifying kanban
  #5460 Performance lags on large database
  #5461 When activity is cancelled, its assigned work should not be taken into account int project consolida
  #5463 Dependency Start-Start not taken into account if no assigned work
  #5466 Resources not visible after expand on Planning view
  #5467 Security issue : possilibly to bypass control rights through API
  #5470 From client Invoice, cannot add link to Command if link to another item already exist


V9.1.2 [2021-04-07] 

Bug Fixing
  #5127 Resource FTP is not respected and overstepped
  #5425 V9.1 : on old Gui, Activity on planning view has display errors
  #5406 Incorrect planning for milestone with start-start dependency on activity including sub-activities
  #5119 Leave System : contract without leave gives access to all leave types
  #5407 List of resources selectable in Resource Planning screen is empty for admin
  #5423 Cannot close Periodic meeting
  #5409 On Project, link to product / product version : idle not taken into accound to list items
  #5411 Notifications : help buttons not visible on Old GUI
  #5415 Emails sent to resources "closed"
  #5422 Incorrect management of module Organisation
  #5410 Multiple Update : list of products incomplete
  #5398 Main screen for todo-lists : incorrect consideration of the project selector
  #5428 Impossible to change status of "todo" item after refresh


V9.1.1 [2021-03-17] 

Bug Fixing
  #5391 Access rights not controlled on Sub-tasks screen
  #5393 When deleting Payment to provider, Provider Term still marked as Paid
  #5387 New multiple update / add note
  #5388 Global planning error in 9.1.0
  #5389 If target product version is mandatory, focus is not on good tab
  #5392 Project Leader sees all projects on Project selector on V9.1.0
  #5396 message on email is hidden under Outlook


V9.1.0 [2021-03-15] 

Major evolutions
Several GUI improvements to ease day-to-day activity
   # Rezise and move columns in lists with Drag & Drop
   #  Position cursor on field on error when blocking message is displayed
   # In multiple update, include update of all fields
Possibility to lock left work for some profiles
Stop for Activities and Projects
   #  hability to pause an activty or whole project
   #   behaves like "fix planning" but with clensing of existing planned work
   #   efficient to postpone a project or an activity
Management of ordered work
   # Possibility to define on command some items ordered from Work Unit Catalog. This builds some "stock" of units.
   # Then on Activity, we can define which ordered work, and how many items are used from the stock of ordered Wokk Units.
   #  We can also bill Work Units, selecting on the invoice which items are billed
   #  Finaly, on the Command, we have summary of Ordered / Done / Billed for each work unit.
Sub-tasks management as todo list
   # Possibility to list sub-tasks on activities, ticketsa and actions, without having to create new object such as activity
   #  Sub-tasks defined in a "quick-to-enter" table, like Excel sheet : new line alway available, direct enter
   #  For each line, enter priority, responsible and status, not in stuts list, just as macro statu (in progress, done closed)
   # Main screen to see and manage todo-lists for all items having toto-list
Ergonomics and interface
   #4871   In multiple update, include update of all fields
   #5139   Sub-tasks management as todo list
   #5180   Reorganize Tab "Activity" in Global Parameters
   #5244   Accelerate Animation on Menu
   #5245   On lists, allow move of columns with Drag and Drop (D&D)
   #5246   On lists, allow to resize columns with Drag and Drop (D&D)
   #5252   Edit Link
   #5253   Edit Attachment
   #5260   On tabular layout, highligh field when error message is displayed for required field
   #5339   Add "Planned intervention" as possible start page
   #5340   Change brightness of background on New GUI
Access rights 
   #5251   Lock Left work for some profiles
   #5306   Manage reports per module : disabling module will also remove acces to reports
   #5116   Activity with "fix planning" should be displayed as locked on Gantt
   #5174   Stop for Activities and Projects
   #5175   Fixed perimeter with possibility to reduce (not to extend)
   #5274   New parameter on planning screen : hide templates
Planned intervention
   #5092   Planned intervention : on top table, show greyed use even if no ETP entered
   #5214   Planned intervention : display work whatever target ETP value
   #5226   Planned intervention : display status of Activity
   #4765   Refuse to add sub-budget to approved budget.
   #5142   Management of ordered work
   #5271   Set Budget as linkable so that you can link an object to a budget, or two budgets
   #5343   Inheritance of Work Unit Catalog
   #5284   Copy Requirement with structure
   #5347   Improve Approval Management for documents
   #5032   Reports filtered on Organization or Team : include display of Pool
   #5335   New report for attachments
   #5354   New reports : work between 2 dates and work detail between 2 dates


V9.0.6 [2021-03-15] 

Bug Fixing
  #5383 Workaround so that setting border color on table on notes will show borders
  #5385 Issue deleting test case without any previous action on test case
  #5316 Unfiltered product list on ticket after saving
  #5298 Change resource on recuring tasks gives unexpected resource
  #5376 report Work for a resource per type of activity generation as PDF error
  #5250 List of Provider Terms (in selection Pop-up from Provider bill) not restricted to selected project
  #5249 List of Project Expenses on Provider Bill
  #5368 Move the parameter "Show only note on Activity stream"
  #5331 Line break in email templates
  #5370 Dynamic filter on note : no field proposed
  #5366 Cannot definitively change assignement to single resource for Pool assignment with unique resource
  #5337 Open new tab when on Timesheet : new screen opened on Work class
  #5360 Delete payments : invoice still marked as paid
  #5350 Project consolidation validation : Project leader should be able to validate even without unlocking
  #5336 Connection with SSO : selected lang may not be applied
  #5342 Error in install of Projeqtor 9.0.5 with blank DB
  #5338 When some modules are disabled, global parameters tabs are incorrect


V9.0.5 [2021-03-02] 

Bug Fixing
  #5071 Manual Planned intervention : sometimes input on timesheet cannot be removed
  #5191 Links not inclued on mails on event
  #5261 Pools not visible on Team screen
  #5262 On assignment creation, change Role to "empty" then to "not empty" : cannot save
  #5263 On assignment of a Pool, cost is not display
  #5267 external links view on left menu not correctly display explain message
  #5268 Add new ticket from new gui button fails on Kanban
  #5273 Programming report "Work plan per week", input of week is mandatory
  #5277 Error on login when user has no report available
  #5279 Reports - problem with baseline parameter
  #5281 Link, image and table on note
  #5287 Replacement of allocation does not change assignments on sub-projects
  #5289 Timesheet not saves when switching work from one day to the other
  #5296 Can't resize images on notes
  #5300 Impossible to change status of version for copied document
  #5303 Allocation of Team to project also allocated closed resources
  #5304 Icon to mark a test case are not visible on old GUI
  #5305 Adding favorite menu sometimes fail
  #5307 Import project (plugin menu) not available for users having access only to this plugin menu
  #5312 Changing planning mode to "Manual planning" may lead to negative left work
  #5315 Document repositories not visible if not selected on connect
  #5317 Activity Stream : answer to note incorrectly displayed
  #5318 Copy test sessions : test case runs are not on same order
  #5319 Version detail report : error on requirement
  #5321 9.0.4: How is "Mail Sender" determined in Object Activity Log?
  #5322 Copy with "Also copy attachments" : missing hyperlinks
  #5324 Export list of Projets to CSV adds a 'hyperlink'
  #5325 Mail template : unfiltered type on manual sending
  #5334 Refresh issue on Notification definition for field "select item" when we change "notifiable item"


V9.0.4 [2021-02-03] 

Bug Fixing
  #5254 Error during upgrade from 9.0.2 to 9.0.3
  #5255 Error on V9.0.3 when removing dependency
  #5156 Error when entering Real work on ticket through Dispatch button


V9.0.3 [2021-02-02] 

Bug Fixing
  #5241 icone on filter : selected status not very visible
  #5214 Planned intervention : display work whatever target FTE value
  #5113 When user has not visibility of Work, he should not see Work Unit parameters
  #5227 On real work on ticket that is on planning activity, for resource not assigned before, cost is wrong
  #5224 Email sending by project : some fail
  #5169 New user does not retreive default menus in favorites
  #5124 Display of the left not similar on different screens
  #5220 Getting SQLSTATE 25P02 Error on PostgreSql when activating History Archiving
  #5218 9.0.2 : On planning, cannot move tasks on old gui
  #5215 Access to Planned Intervention removes active filters
  #5181 User parameters to remove
  #5225 error adding team members
  #5223 Email send for Question : answer not in the email body
  #5122 Improve management of KPI history
  #5211 Issue on 9.0.2 on old gui
  #5208 Performance issue just displaying Ticket with many Products / Versions
  #5200 Hierarchic vue of Organization or Asset: names not visible after closing level
  #5153 [PROPOSAL] Change design of audit feature
  #5203 Global planning : non plannable items should not have moving arrows
  #5206 Silent error logged about sendMail
  #5178 Kanban not working for activity
  #5188 Error when adding 2021 country specific hollidays
  #5187 Error when exporting User screen to PDF
  #5190 Unable to switch a risk from "assigned" to "in progress"
  #5185 Error when copying item
  #5177 Some reports generate error on Today page, forcing disconnection


V9.0.2 [2021-01-08]

Bug Fixing
  #5167 Mail from ticket on mail to Other : multiselection fails
  #5166 Mail from ticket on mail to Other : after selecting several times, disconnection
  #5165 Mail from ticket on mail to Other : selecting a user without real name displays its id
  #5164 error when creating "Question"
  #5160 Badge on Links incorrect for Financial Elements
  #5157 Date format selected by user not preserved
  #5152 Incorrect message after Multiple Delete
  #5151 Depending on resolution, some filter criterias are hidden (although single)
  #5149 Error in HR module
  #5148 Blocking errors is server cannot access the internet.
  #5146 [PHP8] Unsupported operand types: string * float
  #5145 Provider command : enter expense generates several expenses
  #5144 Copy with subprojects does not copy sub-projects
  #5138 Error logging when Remember Me feature is disabled
  #5137 On postgreSql : error on login if Notification module is enabled
  #5136 Improve performance on Parameter
  #5135 Reconnect using Remember Me feature : user gets default language instead of his own
  #5115 Gantt bar detail : if resource has Absence and Planned work, pmanned not displayed
On Kanban view, display Urgency on large tiles


V9.0.1 [2020-12-28]

Bug Fixing
  #5134 Profil photo lost and error msg when uploading a new one
  #4927 Scroll bar it's not correctly display with firefox in repport.
  #5120 Scheduled Report issue on "monthly planning projects/resources"
  #5129 Silents errors logged
  #5132 Empty menus are visible
  #5133 Errors logged when connecting as Guest
  #5130 Request password change (expired password) forever loop
  #5131 Guest cannot connect on Demo

V9.0.0 [2020-12-23]

Major evolutions
    We listened to your remarks and focused on major drawback of ProjeQtOr : the interface.
We redesigned the General User Interface to bring something more clear, with less icons, less buttons.
All icons won't be available at once, they will be displayed when needed.
Only most important feature are proposed at first glance, and you'll discover others steps by steps.
Main Ergonomics and interface changes
  New interface, that can be activated or not (you can keep old interface if you like)
   • New interface is more modern, lighter, with some fluent animations.
   • New left menu, more accurate, with a search option to quickly find what you want
   • Some buttons (for instance on list fields) appear when you need them, they are not always displayed.
   • Instead of selecting a theme to change the color, you directly select 2 colors, a main one that will change colors for icons, main backgroud and texts, and a secondary one that will be used for highlights such as selected item. You can therefore adapt interface to your company branding colors.
   • New icons set, with outline style, that changes color depending on selected colors
   • On list and detail, only most important buttons are shown. Other buttons (print, export, copy,...) can be reached with specific "extra" button (with three vertical dots)
   • Better layout for emails sent
New top menu
  New interface porposes a completely redesigned top menu
  Only Favorite menus appear, and recently used menus can be shown
  You have 5 bars of Favorite menus, that you can access with mouse wheel or specific spinner button or right-click 
   You can rearrange menus on the bars with drap & drop, to move menus between bars and reorder into a bar
  Menus can be shown as "simple text", "simple icon" or "icon and text"
  Top menu proposes a "add new item" button, to directly create most common items
  "Add new item" button can be configured to create new item in a pop-up or going to corresponding screen. Pop-up mode is very efficient to create new ticket from planning view, staying on the Gantt view.
New Left Menu
  •  New interface proposes a completely redesigned left menu 
  •  Menu items on left menu are organized corresponding to global use, instead of module-based organization 
  •  Easily find what you need with the search feature that finds the menu or report you need 
  •  A menu item can appear on several branches of the organization of menus 
  •  The display of organization is not any more a tree view but drawer-like view : you open a drawer to see what it contains
  •  A breadscrum allow to return to any level of menu organization 
  •  On the left menu reports corresponding to the section subjet are directly accessible 
  •  Left menu can show icons if desired (use right click to show/hide icons)
New left menu bottom part
  •  On new interface, left menu gives access to several information sections, some existing, some new
  •  Parameters section (new) : this displays parameter items (list of values) corresponding to current screen
  •  Links (existing) : direct links, defined a "link" attachments on projets
  •  Documents (existing) : a directory-like view for documents access
  •  Message console (existing) : a short summary reminder of actions you did
  •  Notifications (existing - if module is activated) : notifications to display, organized on a tree like structure depending on origin of notification
Redesign of User Menu (top-right)
   Slightly redesigned menu for more clear display
New Menu "?"  
  Gives some shortcuts to user manual, keybord shortcuts, about projeqtor

  Gives some shortcuts to external resources : forum, plugin shop, report a bug
  Displays the news from ProjeQtOr website.  
Redesign of filters  
  On new interface, direct filters (on id, name, type,...) are not shown by default any more

  When you click on filter button, you acces the direct filter criteria and can select which one you want to have always displayed on top of the list
  Filter button also gives acces to Advanced filters and stored filters
Project Selector  
  Slightly redesigned project selector, to show buttons (parameters, selection, search) only on mouse over selector area
  Display on top bar when "Archive mode" is activated 
  Redesigned menu for plugins : even not installed plugins are visible
  Not installed plugins show a screen with description of the plugins (page is similair to the plugin shop) 
  Notification is managed when new version of installed plugin is available 
Login Screen
  Redesigned login screen, with better display for messages
  Soft redesign for Kanban to fit new interface
Modules Management 
  Redesign of Modules management screen, with better visibility of active / inactive items and filter for context
  Redesign of upper selection part : buttons on the right, only show period selection criteria 
  New button to access additional parameters for display options
 Planning views (Gantt charts)
  Redesign of upper selection part : buttons on the right, only show frequently used buttons (new, filter, recalculate)
  New button to access additional parameters for display options
  New easy way to extend Fixed duration activities with drag and drop on end date 
  New easy way to change Regular between dates activities with drag and drop on start or end dates
  New easy way to move "Do not start before start date" activities with drag and drop on start date
  New easy way to move "Do not end after end date" activities : with drag and drop on end date
Activity Stream and Dashboards
  Improvement of display of parameters
  New installs will be set in New Interface by default
  Migration process will propose to Admin to discover new interface
  Each existing user before migration will be proposed to test the new interface

V8.6.6 [2020-12-07]

 •  Bug fixing
  #5110 Duplicate files upload with D&D
  #5108 Product version copy failure when name includes '
  #5106 Disconnection when you click on synthesis on ticket dashboard with guest profile on Track
  #5104 API : some characters seem not conpatible with Json format
  #5072 Notification: 'notifiable item' change not affecting 'select item' field

V8.6.5 [2020-11-21]

 •  Bug fixing
  #5063 After creation of ticket, link to item accessible on ID in the title does not contain trhe id
  #5065 SQL Error when updating assignment
  #5080 Impossible to delete organization : ghost resource block the delete
  #5081 Consolidation Validation : some project impossible to "unlock"
  #5083 Activity revenue reset to zero when assignment is added or updated
  #5084 Consolidated revenue on parent activity incorrect
  #5085 Export for Revenue, WorkUnit, Complexity and Quantity fails
  #5086 Import of ticket fails in V8.6.4
  #5087 SQL Error with planning save
  #5088 Monthly consolidation : Administrative projects must not be blocked
  #5089 Kanban : a user with no access to activities can see activities through Kanban
  #5090 Error on absence screen : division by zero

V8.6.4 [2020-11-05]

 •  Bug fixing
  #5060 Edition of Assignment on Meeting is locked
  #5061 Vulnerabilities
  #5059 even if management of coordinator is disabled, it appears as recipient on sending email
  #5058 Error displaying hours when format is AM/PM
  #5057 Demo website member report not displaying
  #5056 Report sending by mail stops the Cron if no data to display

V8.6.3 [2020-10-30]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4989 Alerts sent for done actions, some closed
  #5002 Screen customization issue for sub-activities
  #5018 Work unit calog visible on Acces rights definition
  #5029 On kanban, filter on Ticket Type restriction is not applied
  #5033 Dynamic filter on "Name contains" does not allow to enter value
  #5035 Project Variable Revenue : closed activites not taken into account
  #5036 Consolidation Screen and Report : sum for real work incorrect on 3 level Projects
  #5040 For project with Revenue Management, adding Invoice updates project but not its parent
  #5041 Mandatory name not taken into account
  #5042 On financial situation, on pop-up, list of resources is not sometimes restricted without reason
  #5047 Cannot use Multiple-Update on "Mail on events" screen
  #5049 When receiving tickets from emails with attachment, attached file are never sent on emails
  #5050 When new field is added with syntax yyyy__idXxxx, list for this column shows the id, not the text

V8.6.2 [2020-10-08]

 •  Bug fixing
  #5017 List of projects in project selector incorrect (all projects) for Project Manager
  #5016 CSV export of work of timesheet fails
  #5015 For catalog with complexity without work, list of complexity on activity is empty
  #5014 On Work Unit catalog, it should be possible to enter decimals on work for complexity
  #5008 Input mailbox to create tickets
  #5007 Budget : available transfered amount not displayed
  #5006 Allocations without a resource name
  #5005 Issue in planning view when "closing" the tree view of a project
  #5001 When mail sending is grouped, emails from template do not use template title
  #5000 Error when want to close activity->archive allocation history does not work after reopening
  #4995 Cannot export to PDF Report "Gant Planning"
  #4994 Send email to apporvers not working
  #4951 report detailed monthly report, PB with closed
  #4950 PHP Warning on Ticket Report

V8.6.1 [2020-09-25]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4990 Activity Stream : Do not show emails sending for closed items
  #4986 Report planned intervention : error when generate report
  #4970 When link exists with "non planable item" predecessor table not showing correct dates
  #4969 Baselines not working on V8.6.0
  #4961 When closing activity, history for assignment visible on Activity Stream
  #4960 Erroneous width for work unit and complexity (in Revenue section)
  #4957 Bad formating of dates for Template Report
  #4955 Moving Periodic Meeting and changing its hierarchic level level raises error
  #4949 Two leave periods on the same day, validated : only 0,5 day visible on Timesheet
  #4948 Rounding issue on last day for Regular in Quater day
  #4947 Error on planning Calculation on V8.6 (not systematic)
  #4945 Erreur sur Activity Stream (sur la consultation d'une activité, après mise à jour)
  #4944 Report Work Detail Yearly : issue (one activity name missing)
  #4943 Activity with CA Section, without CA field
  #4942 Access right on Mail on Event : list for non admin is empty
  #4940 report: the global project selector is always taken into account on some reports
  #4935 Work unit catalog : give opportunity to copy a catalog
  #4917 Hide section "technical progress" when it is empty
  #4889 It should not be possible to enter real work when Manual Planned exists

V8.6.0 [2020-09-18]

•  Majors evolutions
  #4816  #4817 New module for Revenue management on project, including Work Unit Catalogs to define revenue on activities
  #4819  Monthly consolidation of project data
  #4838  Improvement of access rights management for non-project dependent items
•  Ergonomics and interface
  #1057  Today Screen : adjust number of projects to display as user  setting
  #4578  Default project in user parameters : add option to preserve selection in Project selector
  #4808  Change format dateTime for : ("today","yesterday","last than one hour")
  #4811  Diary : add hour of meeting on meeting card
  #4821  Change wording of button for the duration on Absenses
  #4914  Enter rich text in activity stream with markdown
•  Project 
  #4816  Revenue management on project
  #4818  Improve management of project validated work : from command or from activities
•  Activities
  #4817  Management of Work Units catalogs
•  Follow-up
  #4819  Monthly consolidation of project data
•  Activity stream
  #4728  Show main change informations in Activity Stream
  #4859  Activity Stream for object should not be displayed on Multiple Update mode
  #4901  Tracking emitted mails in activity stream
•  Planned interventions
  #4763  On Planned interventions, display Absence in another color to have difference with other real work
  #4777  On calendar view, give a way to "goto" the activity
  #4837  Display things if project is selected
  #4916  When resource has capacity=0, nothing is stored, without message
•  Planning
  #1269  On project portfolio, show milestones on Project line
  #3925  Planning show bar in red when it is late
  #4823  In planning view, show mettings on the line of the periodic meeting
•  Reports 
  #4820  Add some improvements on reports for Project Consolidation purpose (export to Excel)
  #4828  Reports "Work Plan" : Add option "include administrative projects
•  Diary 
  #4308  Show assignments through the pool and add pool icon when assignment is through the pool
  #4907  Show real a different way from planned (real with light grey background)
•  Financial 
  #4755  Give possibility to print "budget hierarchical view"
  #4817  Management of Work Units catalogs
  #4882  When generating Quotation or else, automaticaly define Client on New Contact
•  Steering
  #4683  Give possibility to assign Contact as meeting attendees
•  Configuration
  #3122  History : include history for Composition / Structure and other links
•  Human Resource 
  #4609  In HR Calendar view, when adding Absence all types are listed, not only those from employee contract
  #4757  Leave system : When leave period is rejected, impossibme to add new leave in the dates
•  Assets management
   #4681  Add Parent Location to Location
•  Controls and automation    
   #1330  Check list Enforcement Rather than optional
   #4317  Invert Notes order in mail models
   #4458  On Expense, give opportunity to send email to "financial responsible"
   #4569  In email template, add possibility to insert "list of assigned resources"
   #4718  CRON : Have grey button when request is executing
   #4832  Add new parameter on Timesheet alert to not send if input is over capacity
   #4990  Email Template : add new code ${NOTESTD} to list notes in default format
•  Access Rights
  #4838  Improvment of access rights management for non-project dependent items
•  Administration 
  #8453  Change LogLevel from administration menu
•  Technical 
  #4813  Compatibility with MySql V8.0.20
  #4855  API : add a Content-Type: application/json header in the API
•  Bug fixing
  #4770  HR module - Wrong Date Format
  #4805  When Generating bill line from Activity price, work entered on Pool assignement not included
  #4822  Sub-Menu not showing bottom is some cases
  #4824  When a ticket is created, if we copy his link we haven't id
  #4858  Planned intervention : unselect row stay selected after refresh
  #4863  Version Product/Component: compatibility->it's possible to add himself
  #4913  User Parameter : first page does not seem to be saved

V8.5.5 [2020-09-05]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4843 Planning : cannot add new item in some cases
  #4844 When feature "group emails" is activated, parameter "do not receive own mails" is not taken working
  #4850 Live Meeting : cannot add action / decision / question through quick add field
  #4851 Bad behavior of the cursor with the point of the numeric keypad
  #4852 Customization of screen Decision leads to White screen
  #4854 API : filter on ComponentVersion does not seem to work
  #4855 API : add a Content-Type: application/json header in the API
  #4857 Import of budget with hierarchy : only first level of first item is correct
  #4865 Button go to:we do not check if there is a modification in progress
  #4891 Error on Template report on V8.5.4 : name of resource replaced with id
  #4899 Closed Activities Shown in Ticket for Selection

V8.5.4 [2020-08-11]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4815 On demo, connected as Manager, extra unexpected menu
  #4826 False positive unconsistency : Activity idle=0, PlanningElement idle=0, Assignment idle=1
  #4829 Impossible to add notes on Kanban board if tiles are "large"
  #4831 Default "copy to" not active
  #4833 Security leak : user could acces a document or attached file he is not allowed to see.
  #4836 Security : possibility to obtain list of items without corresponding access rights

V8.5.3 [2020-07-23]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4759 Assignment table : shift of colomns, not facing headers
  #4810 Error when copying project
  #4807 Error logged and idProject = *
  #4806 On Planned intervention calendar,cannot reset FTE to null
  #4804 After copy, automatic planning caculatrion not triggered
  #4803 Scayt spell checker not activated
  #4802 Silent error when deleting allocation of pool to project (with implicit allocation of resources)
  #4801 Silent error when defining/applying filter on Kanban

V8.5.2 [2020-07-20]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4800 Add dependency to successor as Manual Planning : planned start date gets wrong
  #4799 Incorrect planning for activity assigned to several pools with "unique resource" option
  #4797 sortOrder of project not correctly updated
  #4795 Copy Actvity into Test Session : Blocking message (idPlanningMode required)
  #4794 Notification not poped-up
  #4791 When bill is deleted, work refering the idBill is not updated
  #4789 Activity type restriction not correctly applied
  #4783 After selecting a project in Today screen, list of projects in selector show all projects
  #4782 Silent Error logged when  accessing Diary
  #4781 Silent error logged
  #4780 Ssilent error logged
  #4779 wrong calculation from charge transfert from pool to dedicated resource
  #4771 Mail Subject encoding
  #4766 Employee icon visibile even if all environment forms are disabled
  #4764 Default project not defining project selected for planning calculation
  #4762 Undefined variable: regulTh
  #4756 Error deleting assignment from periodic meeting
  #4752 Error on planned internvetions for report on Today Page
  #4751 Error on Asset
  #4750 Error on ticket with alerts when time not entered
  #4730 Delete of implicit allocation to project fails if assignment exists
  #4726 Advanced Filter on Kanban not working
  #4633 Number of links in badge is incorrect : not counting ducument versions and test sessions

V8.5.1 [2020-06-24]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4748 Global planning is empty
  #4747 Assignment table incorrect if activity is closed
  #4745 silent error in cron if Imap is not enable
  #4743 Visibility of all projects
  #4742 Report for Planned intervention on today without project : apply project selector
  #4738 In Planned interventions screen, sort Resources alphabetically in the table
  #4735 Planned intervention : planned work for today set to zero, re-proposed as real after refresh
  #4734 Reports : color planning not showing Administrative projects even if option is selected
  #4729 Error on ImputationLine : Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated
  #4727 Cannot create / update bill line
  #4725 Error logged (silent error) on Track about Planned Work Manual
  #4724 Access rights when reducing rights
  #4723 Copy Activity with Units of Work Mgt, update "to deliver" => to do not updated
  #4722 Delete project with blocking message : project selector become incorrect
  #4719 Forbid Planned Interventions on Administrative Projects (see description)
  #4717 Report "monthly planning project/resource" with HR project can't send report
  #4712 Improve or remove message that forbids new password as defaut password

V8.5.0 [2020-06-16]

•  Majors evolutions
   #2199 Receive Tickets from Emails
   #4628 Progress in units of work
   #4690 Manual Planning mode for interventions : manually enter planning for each half-day
•  Planning
   #1778 Ability to change Gantt bar colors
   #3880 Resource : add start date and end date, and take it into account in availability
   #4095 Add possibility to add "Periodic Meeting" from Planning view
   #4137 Add project indicators (quality, trend, situation, global progress) on Project Portfolio
   #4280  New specific access right to "validate planning"
   #4614  Format of resources on Gantt chart (name or initials) as user parameter
   #4669  On Gantt bar detail, show Absences (off days, work on Administrative project)
   #4690 Manual Planning mode for interventions : manually enter planning for each half-day
   #4704 Possibility to plan with overuse of resources
•  Human Resource
   #4387 Small display improvements of the HR module
•  Ergonomics and interface
   #1281 Add possibility to 'collapse' project list in Today screen
   #1778 Ability to change Gantt bar colors
   #3287 Change lang : refresh screen leads to User Parameter (instead of current screen)
   #3894 Kanban : icon comments, show if some comments exist
   #3949 Provide hierarchic view of Organization
   #4255 Give a way to show image of notes in full size (clic to show in pop-up) and resize to fit width of display area.
   #4380 Improve display and management of contacts in Providers screen Clients screen
   #4495  Resource that is no longuer allocated to a project may still be assigned to an activity
   #4573  Improve behavior of magnifying glass
   #4632 Improve list of team members
   #4635  Allocation (to project) and assignment (to activity) of members of whole team or whole organization
   #4702  On activity stream, hide not project dependant items when project is selected in project selector
•  Controls and automation
   #2199 Receive Tickets from Emails
   #4051 Multiple update : add possibility to change workflow on types
   #4537  Show if cron is running
   #4675  On note creation from answer to email, email should be sent corresponding to event definition
•  Administration
   #4623 Reverse order of log files is "Show logs files list"
•  Financial
   #4562 Add list of Quotations / Orders / Bills on Client Screen
   #4587 Contract Gantt : improve management of columns
   #4693 Add status of item in list of items (incomes and expenses) in Project Situation screen
•  Reports  
   #4357 Report availability synthesis : version send by email not conform to displayed one
   #4424 Reports with "archive mode" activated : now closed projets appear (not only for admin)
•  Technical 
   #4649 Management of unique attribute
• Tickets
   #4484  Add work fields on List of tickets on activity (planning activity of the tickets)
   #3881  Reduce list of activities in "Parent activity" listbox
   #2505  Moving activity under new project, the assigned resource should be allocated to new project to allow the move
   #4495  Resource that is no longer allocated to a project may still be assigned to an activity
   #4628  Progress in units of work
Requirements and tests
   #3498  Propose to copy requirements on project copy
   #930  Decision approval
   #2932  Live meeting : possibility to hide time counters
   #3411  Live Metting : directly create linked item entering name in table
   #4657  Document approving : give possibility to reject
Assets management
   #4547  List assets in user form and in model form, list models in brand form
   #4581  Assets management : add warantie duration / end date, deprecation periods and purchase value
   #4588  In form Localization, add address section (with standard fields)
   #4600  Add icons to assets, depending on type
Environmental parameters
   #0533  Add mass UserPassword reset
   #4473  Define Team and Organization for Pool and control visibility depending on resource visibility specific right
Access Rights
   #1863  Possibility to delete projects with real work
   #4644  Spécific access right : change priority must be applied only to project
    Homogenize english terms to avoid to have two terms meaning the same
Replace "Customer" with "Client"
Replace "Bill" with "Invoice"
Replace "Supplier" with "Provider"
•  Bug fixing
   #4357 Report availability synthesis : version send by email not conform to displayed one
   #4499 Absence manager: Impossible to add holidays to yourself
   #4654 Resource planning : if user has right to see others planning, list is incorrect except for admin
   #4665 After save in dispatch work dialog in ticket, ticket ask to save but there is nothing to save
   #4691  When using GotoElement feature (click on an item in linked elements list), target item is not select
   #4697  Copy Test Session on project with wrong name
   #4705  History button KO to get back to Kanban

V8.4.6 [2020-06-03]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4685 Sorting on columns for amounts is wrong for amounts > 1000000
  #4680 Workflow diagram not displayed on Asset screen
  #4679 Decimal values always displayed with non signficant zeros
  #4678 On workflow, on status list, uncheck don't take  into accounts if status is used
  #4665 Link to specific document version not working

V8.4.5 [2020-05-26]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4645 Consistency check : control PlanningElements corresponding to no item
  #4653 "switch bar" still visible when entering "full screen" mode on text editor (FF only)
  #4664 Error when defining a filter
  #4671 Customisation per type issue : fields not visible
  #4676 Financial Situation History : only admin profile can add history

V8.4.4 [2020-05-06]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4605 Screen Customization : cannot hide "project code"
  #4611 Cannot export Meeting to PDF
  #4612 Error on sending Emails
  #4615 Issue on document version for "manual" versions (for analysis)
  #4618 Hierarchical budget : incorrect column alignment
  #4625 Export to PDF of item fails if user selects to print history
  #4631 Link Document version : list of versions not correctly sorted
  #4634 Hierarchical view of budget not adapted to "switched" display mode
  #4636 Add consistency ckeck on budget : sum for expenses must be equal to amounts
  #4638 Priority not selectable to view in Project Portfolio
  #4639 Leave period starting and ending in the afternoon
  #4640 Target milestone visible in filters and csv export even if parameter not active
  #4641 Team screen : cannot send email + pdf export fails

V8.4.3 [2020-04-10]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4552 Report "Actual Status" visiblity that should not occured
   #4582 Meeting : hide button "start meeting" on meeting creation (before first save)
   #4583 Financial items follow-up : change of project not taken into account
   #4584 Navigation after Contract Gantt
   #4585 Contract Gantt : resources initials are incorrect
   #4586 Contract (provider and client) : get phone number from contact
   #4589 Budget form : list sub-budgets in WBS order.
   #4593 Kanban, add column for status : exclude closed status
   #4594 Update budget from Budget Hierarchical view : list is not updated
   #4599 Assets management : improve management of brand on asset
   #4604 Reports "planned work for resource" : show administrative tasks from leave system
   #4607 Send mail invites using mail methods (and not phpMailer) ; email is not an invite
   #4608 Error with disconnect on save of activity on Resource Planning
   #4610 Can not change properties of images on notes


V8.4.2 [2020-03-31]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4388 Field with default "nobr" that is hidden through custo should not have nobr any more
   #4529 Rounding on planification per day is greater than assignment rate on activity
   #4536 Total assignment on pools could be more than 100
   #4541 Kanban : description shows html tags
   #4542 Kanban : open ticket, change status with fields at buttons level : several Javascipt errors
   #4545 Template Reports & mails on events : list of fields not matching selected item type
   #4548 Sometimes, update of expense fall in Timeout
   #4551 Report "Resources seniority" : some issues
   #4554 Sent email from detail : preserve previous inputs (was working this way on V8.3)
   #4556 Error Adding resource pool in organisation
   #4557 Pool of resources - closed pools
   #4561 Kanban : change in project selector does not refresh Kanaban screen
   #4567 When new user is created from LDAP connection, allocation to project (as defined) is not done
   #4568 When first page is defined as "Kanban", user reaches today instead of Kanban at login
   #4571 Pool of resources : Add resources, with capacity 1, with only end date => Capacity of pool incorrect
   #4572 PooL of resources : can not change resource allocation
   #4574 Only display projects in progress in the project selector : not working for filtering lists
   #4576 Kanban : width of tiles wot correctly fitting columns, and content may be too small
   #4577 Kanban : edit detail of ticket => can not change status through quick select zone (in button area)
   #4579 Kanban : after move of ticket, work on item is wrong
   #4579 Meeting : can not send invite

V8.4.1 [2020-03-19]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4548 Sometimes, update of expense fall in Timeout
   #4543 Assets Management : in structure list, give possibility to "go to" the corresponding item
   #4541 Kanban : description shows html tags
   #4538 Hierarchical budget : issue column alignment on theme language

V8.4.0 [2020-03-16]

•  Majors evolutions
   #4397  Contracts management
   #4404  Assets management
   #4442  Attachments on emails
•  New module
   #4404  Assets management :
New Assets screen
New Brands screen
New Models screen
Definition and display of the structure of assets (each asset can be part of another asset)
•  Planning
   #4390  Add activities directly from Ressource Planning
   #4391  Add filtering on Ressource Planning
   #4393  Hide not selected projects in list when calculating projects
   #4516  Add filter on Organization on Resource Planning
•  Human Resource
   #4518  Add fields Team & Organization on Employee Contract
•  Ergonomics and interface
   #4392  Only display projects in progress in the project selector
   #4394  Direct access to timesheet from assignment



 Copy item (except project) give opportunity to change project
   #4520  Display sub-activities on activity form
   #4521  Direct drop of attached file on object detail area
   #4522  Direct access to linked element "in a new tab" with [CTRL]+click
   #4526  In planning view, show status (if selected) with color of status
   #4531  Improve display of colors (status) in lists and tables
•  Controls and automation
   #4442  Add attachments to emails
   #4443  Parameter field to add attachements to mails on mail templates
•  Configuration
   #4389  Add activities directly from Version Planning
•  Financial
   #4397  Contract Managemnt
New Supplier Contract screen
Gantt of Supplier Contracts
   #4398  Add financial items on screen Today
   #4399  Budget : Indent the lists of parent budgets
   #4400  Budget : propagate macro statuses (under construction, validated, closed, cancelled) to sub-budgets
   #4401  Improve display of Budget Items (ident lists, only display active items)
   #4402  Refresh list of parent budgets : when "show closed" is checked, show closed parents
   #4403  Specific acces right to allow to "create expense from item"
   #4405  Hierarchical view of budgets
   #4474  Client Contract management (similar to Supplier Contract)
   #4475  Follow-up for Financial items
   #4476  Dispatch linked expense on linked items
   #4477  Automatically mark expense as paid when bills linked are paid
•  Reports  
   #4517  Report for Subscribtion 
   #4519  Real Work Report : work for resources by activity type
•  Technical 
   #4527  Performance Improvment displaying Tickets and activities with many products / components / versions
•  Bug fixing
   #4409  Resource planning : "activities without work" not taken into account when opening screen
   #4528  A project with some real work should not be set to "under construction"
   #4533  List of emails sent may be empty without filter, but not empty with filters
   #4534  Copied document still refers to latest version of copy, even if no version copied

V8.3.6 [2020-03-03]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4524 Deployment issue on V8.3.5 with PostgreSql DB
   #4525 Timesheet validation : not submitted / not validated filter not working as expected

V8.3.5 [2020-03-02]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4506 Ticket with work on a "locked" week : impossible to add work through "dispatch work"
   #4507 Incoming, impact work not correctly rounded
   #4511 Export of Expense list with Budget item : budget item is in black on black
   #4512 Error when printing Project Expense to PDF

V8.3.4 [2020-02-19]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4502  Add change request to the tables  linkable, copyable and notifiable
   #4496  When product is mandatory on ticket, list of version not restricted to default product
   #4492  Project selector : "Several projects selected" displayed when one only is selected
   #4491  Adding new resource on Pool : it does not appear on "unique resource" table
   #4490  Some updates impossible (when organization budget feature is active)
   #4488  Email from templates : title of email contains some strange html tags
   #4482  Error when running planning, if there is left work on past meeting
   #4479  Tasks with "not splitted work" selected and with already real work should get highest priority

V8.3.3 [2020-02-11]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4332 Acces rights : some invisible screens may have impact to list of project on project selector
  #4408 Cronned email sending won't sent email if user has Not Receive his Emails set to Yes
  #4429 Closed project by force option, some elements are not closed automatically
  #4431 When planning Pool with "unique resource" option, selection of another resource leads to error
  #4436 History button (previous item) : if previous screen is Version Planning, error
  #4447 Assignment of pool as unique resource : display is in ETP, should be in %
  #4448 When project is selected by click on name, checkbox is not checked
  #4468 When filter pop-up is displayed, nothing selected, but clic on OK, filter icon in ON
  #4471 When resource is remove from a pool, it may still be selected as "unique resouce"
  #4472 Project Selector : issues for single selected Project
  #4480 When adding trigger of Billing Term, last entered dependency type is preserved
  #4481 Can not import work on ticket

V8.3.2 [2019-12-24]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4368 The calendar of the resource that is support is not taken into account
   #4396 Install V8.3.1 : if kanban is already installed, scirpt to create kanban should not be executed
   #4406 Report "colored monthly resource planning" : off days for specific calandars not greyed out
   #4407 Incorrect allocation of modules for menus "change requests" and "component version planning"
   #4410 Can not close ticket from view "Ticket Simple"
   #4414 Running of Cron is not correctly checked
   #4415 Function returnError in api/index.php returns invalid JSON
   #4416 Error when login as Team Member
   #4420 When filter with OR between criterias is set to default, default display uses AND between criteria
   #4426 Error on component : display products using this version
   #4428 Activity on closed project should not be re-opened by adding an attachement or a note
   #4432 Exclusive resource : calculation seems wrong if one resource has some surbooking
   #4433 Links between tasks in project planning no more editable
   #4435 Versions planning: checkbox hide versions without displayed activity,
   #4438 Multiple Update from Simple Ticket to move to status closed : idle not set to 1
   #4439 Error on expense when double expense on command and tender
   #4440 Automatic generation of expense from tender : error when name is too long
   #4444 Agregated resource : improve display of selected item for unique resource on pool
   #4445 Add 2 provider terms (with lines) to a provider bill : lines of bill are correct, not amount of bill
   #4449 When expense is moved from one project to its parent, parent total gets wrong
   #4453 Dynamic filter list : show closed resources
   #4454 Print preview on version planning  does not work. error on browser console
   #4459 Component versions planning must not display the parent elements of the selected components
   #4464 Project selector issue on IE (function flat not take into account on ie)
   #4465 Error when creating ticket(simple) under postgres and on specific project

V8.3.1 [2019-12-24]

 •  Bug fixing
   #4093  When status changes from Timesheet, date must be date of timesheet, not current date
   #4179  Mandatory fields with value Zero are accepted
   #4292  Remove of approver on document does not appear on history
   #4346  Budget : table Detail Expenses show project expenses but not Individual Expenses
   #4350  Copy Product Version with 1 language : langiuage is dupplicated on copy
   #4353  Incorrect display of absence dashbord when 2 half days defined same day
   #4360  After save of new budget year on organization, field Description is not a rich editor anymore
   #4364  Date formatting in mail template not taked into account
   #4369  Error division by zero on report burdown chart
   #4370  When emails are grouped, error occurs when sending email
   #4371  Regulated absence : incorrect display on reports and timesheet
   #4372  Error on report availabilitySynthesis
   #4373  Error on GlobalPlanning
   #4374  ChangeRequest not in Access to data (project dependant)
   #4377  Absence problem of session when change resource
   #4379  Absence problem of print preview
   #4382  On pool assignment, with unique resource, cannot save pop-up :some fields are incorrect.
   #4383  When week 2019-01 is locked, last days of 2019 cannot be updated through absence screen
   #4384  Timesheet validation : filters not correctly taken into account at first display

V8.3.0 [2019-12-13]

•  Majors evolutions
  #4317 Integration of Kanban plugin in community version
  #4318 Integration of Live Meeting plugin in community version
Give hability to record minutes live and controle speaking time of each attendants
Give hability to define Kanban boards for Tickets, Activities, Actions or Requirements
  #2687 Change Requests management
  #4229 Aggregated resources : plan a pool to select one only resource
•  Habilitations and security
  #3849 When pool is allocated to a project, concider that all members of the pool are also allocated
  #4029 Specific acces right : can manage all notes (and not only own notes)
•  Planning
  #4228 Freeze a task
  #4230 Exclusive resources : define that 2 resources cannot be planned on same time frame
  #4230 Support resources : define that support will automatically be planned like supported (with possible different rate)
  #4231  Automatic input of work : before complete automatic planning, possibility to enter planned work before the planning date as real work
  #4243  Give opportunity not to export assignments on export to MS-Project XML format
  #4252  Take into account the calendar on recurring mode
  #4304  Set that some projects (depending on type) can not have activities (only sub-projects or m ilestones)
  #4341  Restrict resource functions on assignment
•  Ergonomics and interface
  #4213 View users in allocation on the project screen
  #4232 Better display of result message : always on top, at the same place, withe better readability
  #4244 Reorganize User Parameters with tabs (like global parameters)
  #4272 Allow multiple selection on Receivers list when sending email
  #4359 Improve redimension of filter fields on list of items
•  Controls and automation
  #3798 Do not receive email for own action (defined as user parameter)
  #4038  Email import (reponse to email) : give possibility to cut signature
  #4180  Add message on emails to explain how to reply to the message 
  #4267  When note has reply, changing its type should fit type of answers
  #4293  Add title (tooltip) on Joblist creation pop-up
•  Timesheet
  #4329 Timesheet : when week is validated, cells with value are not highlighted any more
•  Configuration
  #4299  Version Planning : add filters on activity
  #4300  Version Planning : possibility to display resources
  #4301  Version Planning : hide versions without activities
  #4302  Version Planning : only show active versions
  #4303  Version Planning : access from component
  #4337  Possibility to edit structure of products without sub-products
•  Financial 
  #4340 Give possibility to enter more than 2 digits on Project Expense Detail
•  Tools 
  #4268 Improve display of duration on Audit table
  #4269 Improve reliability of MS-Project export
•  Technical 
  #1485 Possibility to clean the history data : history is archived, and can be retreived if needed
  #4286 Remove restriction on Simulation creation (db not used) for postgresql
  #4315 Escape Emojis in Text Editor
  #4251 Work : add date and time of input, and who did it
•  Bug fixing
  #4257 Resource from a pool enters real work on ticket linked to activity assigned to the pool
  #4289 End date not taken into account on Imputation Validation
  #4314 Indicator raises warning even if alert level is not defined
  #4327 Possible to enter , from numpad . on locked field
  #4330 Timesheet validation : save of validation fails on PostgreSql
  #4344 Project : validated cost lorcked when validated work is set from activity
  #4345  When deleting a payment to provider, paid amount of provider bill is not updated
  #4348  Error in planning calculation on file '/var/www/projeqtor/model/PlannedWork.php' at line (1040) cause = Undefined index: Project#7
  #4351  Name of send report can not take account special char
  #4354  On Combo detail of item, buttons History and Activity stream should not be visible
  #4319 Template Reports : list bill lines in expected order (not reverse)
  #4356 The 'test case run' section is truncated
  #4365 Email import (response email):  does not work with Roundcube

V8.2.4 [2019-11-13]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4249 Error on Cron for notifications
  #4260 Issue with several reports
  #4278 Error logged when updating Assignement with some not rounded value.
  #4279 When specific right to update validated data is "NO" it should not be possible to validate planning
  #4281 The 'keyboard shortcuts link opens to wrong page on release 8.2.3
  #4282 Standard Calendar print issue
  #4285 Calcul for number of day is wrong between 2 years with a non worked day inside.
  #4288 JS error in console on V8.2.3 on User screen.
  #4290 Indentation character not taken into account.
  #4294 Email on item : Multi-selection on list of other recipient fails.
  #4296 Decimal point replacement by comma (french numeric format) : comma is placed at the end of the field.
  #4297 Workflow - select status pop-up : Some status cannot be unchecked even if not used in the workflow
  #4298 Assignment table : when data for left or assigned is a letter => ERRROR (and disconnected)
  #4305 When format for numbers has . decimal and , for thounthand (1,044.00) assignment value is incorrect
  #4307 Pool of Resources : list of resource too low in the screen (after surbooking)
  #4310 On firefox, link to item from mail fails if instance is not local
  #4312 Project guest can delete task dependencies by clicking on the row on the gant
  #4311 Planning calculation for project =>  we see the administrative projects

V8.2.3 [2019-10-24]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4234 incorrect display for detail view with check list 
  #4237 Issue with MS-Project Export
  #4238 Issue with Absence display screen
  #4239 Incorrect planning date for "done" milestone
  #4241 Email Template : button to add field on template not visible on V8.2.2
  #4245 Email Template ; code ${nameXxxx__idREesource} returns id of resource instead of name
  #4248 Error logged about Global View
  #4249 Error on Cron for notifications
  #4250 Activities planned as "recurring" : allocation dates (start/end) not taken into account
  #4253 Eamil templates : string ${NOTE} should only export public notes
  #4254 Closed contact displayed on Contact list for new tickets
  #4256 Closed Expense not taken into account on budget
  #4265 If user is allocated to a project with profile Administrator, ghost menu Modules Management appears
  #4366 Display problem in column mode when the task list is activated

V8.2.2 [2019-09-26]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4220 With tab layout, history always display even if parameter in "on request"
  #4224 Cannot save baselines on V8.2.2
  #4226 Incorrect access right defined for "Legal Notice"

V8.2.1 [2019-09-23]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4194 If first page = Tickets, change layout does not work unless screen change
  #4195 Selected Tab is not preserved
  #4196 Caption of Classe and Number (on detail) is not on left any more
  #4197 On detail ,if size is small, remove creation info instead of status
  #4198 On detail resize, do not refresh if form Change In Progress
  #4199 Buttons Refresh and Cancel must be defined side by size (as they are exclusive)
  #4200 On tabular view "Detail" is not correctly translated (except in english)
  #4201 Attachment button should have an icon instead of a text (to reduce its size)
  #4202 After selection of columns, buttons of list are not correctly displayed
  #4203 Improve display of buttons / title / creation info / status depending on witdh of area
  #4204 When section(s) is(are) hidden, tab may be empty
  #4205 Activity stream should have minimum width / height to be visible even if not displayed yet
  #4206 When activity stream is hidden, slider of stream should not be visible
  #4207 At startup, icon for stream is always "show activity stream", even if it is already visible
  #4208 Some sections are not displayed : when several sections are in the same tab, only first is displayed
  #4209 In tabular view, checklists and tasks lists definitions have no list of lines
  #4210 In tabular mode, History, Checklists and TasksLists are not displayed when expected
  #4214 When version is closed, version-project relationship may be re-opened
  #4216 Error when creatinf Tender on PostgreSql
  #4218 On Budget, on list of expenses, link to item does not work except for admin user

V8.2.0 [2019-09-13]

•  Major evolutions
  #3541 Management of Legal Notices to enable "GDPR" message with follow-up of agreement
  #4098 Planning minimum threshold : define that a task should not be planned less than a given value each day (minimum threshold) 
  #4099 Planning indivisibiity : Ability to define that a Task "should not be split"
  #4100 Data cloning management : possibility to "clone" the environment, for tests, simulation, training, ...
  #4103 Improvement of User Interface :
=> Change layout with list on top or list on left or switched mode (switch between list and detail)
=> Change layout for Activity stream, on right or on bottom of detail
=> Change detail layout with tabular view or colonar view
=> New buttons to hide/close top menu and left menu
=> New buttons to hide/close Activity Stream
•  Habilitations and security
  #4088 Password policy : add constraints for new password
  #4150 SSO : add a way to directly access to internal login screen (bypass SSO using link /view/main.php?nosso)
  #4156 Avoid api/.htaccess to get overwritten during Projeqtor upgrade
  #4161 Give possibility to send user information even if password is changed
•  Planning
  #4098 Planning : define that a task should not be planned less than a given value each day (minimum threshold) 
  #4099 Planning : Ability to define that a Task "should not be split"
•  Ergonomics and interface
  #0602 Affectation quick filter on name
  #3879 Change "comes from LDAP" in multi-update mode
  #39891 Global parameter : max size for uploaded files => add unit to ease input
  #4034 Adapt translations for "followers" and "subscribers" (it is not clear they are the same)
  #4101 Multi-update : ease selection with CTRL and SHIFT keys
  #4183 Move menus for Regulated Absence : parameters into parameters section and Employee below Resource
•  Timesheet
  #4191 Timesheet : enter real as planned => do not fill from planned from Pool
  #4191 Individually close assignment to hide line on timesheets
•  Financial
  #4152 Financial : improve display of payments
  #4153 Improve management of Provider Terms and Provider Payments
  #4178 Add management of project to payments
•  Tools
  #3541 Management of Legal Notices to enable "GDPR" message with follow-up of agreement
•  Technical
  #3630 Consistency check on filters with list slection, selected to "0"
  #4118 Consistency check : add control of work linked to no project (idPrpject = 0 or null)
  #4121 CRON : detect if 2 CRONS run simultaneously
  #4157 Make access via API restart Projeqtor's cron process
=> projeqtor/api/Cron/check : get running status (returns "running" or "stopped")
=> projeqtor/api/Cron/stop: stop cron (returns "stopping" or "stopped" if not running)
=> projeqtor/api/Cron/start: stop cron (does not return value - cron never ends so does not answer request)
•  Bug fixing
  #3942 Improvement for custom fields idXxxx_idResource, should be managed as resources
  #4016 When adding link to version (or new version), reconnection required to get the list on ticket
  #4089 When read last notification, auto close notification list (which is empty)
  #4094 Dependency with Periodic Meeting not drawed
  #4160 Project closed displayed on planning with "show idle" not checked
  #4184 When entering Target Milestone on Activity, link is not created

V8.1.8 [2019-09-26]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4219 Error when running planning on postgres on V8.2.0
  #4223 Cannot reopen closed project
  #4225 Cannot enter organization at resource creation

V8.1.7 [2019-09-23]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4221 Timesheets not always correctly saved

V8.1.6 [2019-09-09]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4159 Customization : when block is hidden, it appears when changing type.
  #4169 Planning validation : with option "if empty" do not define start date if end date is set
  #4174 Sum on budget includes cancelled expenses
  #4175 On Call for Tender, display amounts for tenders with decimals
  #4176 With manual planning, expected progress is not always correct
  #4177 Project Expense : on list of detail, link to item works only for admin
  #4182 When customizing field to become readonly depending on status, selecting status does not lock if
  #4185 Error saving planning baseline
  #4187 Error when moving Test Session to Status Closed
  #4188 Planning Activity is locked when real work is set on ticket but change is possible throught Multiple
  #4189 Update a Team Note, button moves to Public note
  #4190 Display of history truncated on the right (if content is too large)

V8.1.5 [2019-08-14]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4154 Cannot connect as new user on V8.1.4 : error on password change

V8.1.4 [2019-08-12]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4139 Some users don't see date (only time) in Activity Stream
  #4142 Scheduled Report : error in AutoSendReport.php
  #4143 starting screen "none" displays "today"
  #4144 Workflow : checkbox "select all" does not tick all other checkboxes
  #4151 Sub project and activities share the WBS code
  - Update of user manual : user manual is now up to date

V8.1.3 [2019-07-26]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4141  Project selector : "several projects selected" although only one is selected
  #4138  LDAP user created although it is unsuccessfull login
  #4163  Error when exporting planning to MS-Project format from Global Planning
  #4135  Spinning icon not stopping after insert new item
  #4131  Default page issue
  #4130  Error when displaying Project Portfolio

V8.1.2 [2019-07-17]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4126  Impossible to install new instance : Class SSO not found
  #4128  Icon active filter does not appear after selecting filter in dialog

V8.1.1 [2019-07-12]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4122 On demo instance, cannot disconnect
  #4116 Some unconsistencies cannot be fixed with "Consistency check" feature
  #4115 From Expense, goto Budget item : screen is "Budget Item", but should be "Budget"
  #4113 Wrong consolidation of expense data on budget, due ti access rights
  #4109 After Saving an Object (e.g. Ticket), The Object ID is no Link / Cannot be Clickable
  #4108 Ticket due date not updated from milestone
  #4106 Planning with errors if planned date is null
  #4105 If a field is hidden (through customization) for one status, it does not appear in column selection
  #4104 Export work into CSV on Timeshhet : closed resource don't appear
  #4103 Right click on Gantt bar sometimes leads to error
  #4097 Time validation sheet does not take into account calendars
  #4096 Undefined variable proj
  #4092 Reccuring planning does not take into account real work
  #4090 Error logged for creation of Email on event without Element defined
  #3770 Anormal superposition on financial menu when mouse over

V8.1.0 [2019-06-26]

•  Habilitations and security
  #3980  SSO connection through SAML 2
  #4087  Password policy : set new password to random value
•  Planning
  #4008  Surbooking (or underbooking) Management for ressources : possibility to plan resources over (or less than) their capacity for given periods
•  Ergonomics and interface
  #2948  Possibility to set Document version as Origin
  #3868  In select list of tickets or activity, show id of item
  #3988  Object list : boutton reset parameters (direct filters, status, applied filter, ...)
  #4032  Multi-selection in project selector
  #4056  Possibility to filter lists on filter criteria
  #4057  Sort stored filters
  #4086  Reply to private note should only be private
•  Timesheets
  #3987  Timesheet : add button Today to get back to current week
•  Configuration  Management
  #3985  In dynamic filters, Target product version should contain all versions
  #4066  Improve presentation of "Structure - List of product version"
  #4067  Improve presentation of "Composition"
  #4068  Provide for one component version the list of Product version using it
•  Environmental parameters
  #4009  Hide closed allocations to projects on resource screen
  #4069  Add new attributes on Resource : start date, end date, is student, is subcontractor
•  Controls and Automation
  #4074  When delete project, also delete Indicators, Emails and Delays for tickets on this project
•  Tools
  #4030  Add start and end diffusion dates on Messages
•  Reports
  #4070  Add report item for resource entry and closed resource
•  Technical
  #4013 Improve Performance on Budget Organization
•  Bug fixing
  #4035 Report Synthesis availability : Capacity of resource does not seem to be taken into account
  #4049 Closed elements not included on repport Consumed Loads/monthly charges
  #4053 Possible dupplicate in workflowstatus
  #4054 If resource updates real work during planning calculation, we may have issue
  #4073 Cannot update Contact when using MySql >= V8.0.1
  #4082 Hyperlink in CSV file does not work : page struck

V8.0.7 [2019-07-25]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4132 Validated Work and Validated Cost value in projet lost after update

V8.0.6 [2019-06-24]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4085 Error updating Milestone on V8.0.5

V8.0.5 [2019-06-21]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4081 Issue disabling HR module
  #4063 Button to see list of resource on email sending does not fit right to see this button
  #4062 Cannot save baseline from Global Planning
  #4059 Cannot customize "Meeting - Progress"
  #4055 Unable to add link into notes
  #4047 Multiple update of resource : check 'isEmploye', team is reset to null
  #4043 Bad display on opportunity report
  #4042 Creation of leave in Human Resources - Leaves Calendar : error on Double Click
  #4040 Field "reset password" should be hide for is own user
  #4039 Copy Activity into Milestone : costs are also copied, but milestone should not have a cost
  #4036 Periodic meeting, assign whole team : error
  #4007 Predecessors activities drop down shows all activities for all projects

V8.0.4 [2019-05-26]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4033 Error logged
  #4031 Notes as discussion doesn't work
  #4027 Template reports : amounts incorrectly displayed in Word template
  #4025 On IE action save does not work
  #4024 Delete meeting assigment do not delete assigned work
  #4020 Error: button "assign whole project team" should not handle closed items
  #4018 Administrative projects should not show "need replan"
  #4015 Link to products shall be not displayed if module is disabled
  #4012 When adding new project, retreive organization from Parent
  #4011 Linked Elements for Project Expense show reference to Expense instead of linked item
  #4010 When adding filter (not stored), icon has not the "on" flag

V8.0.3 [2019-05-13]

 •  Bug fixing
  #4005 In Test Session, Prerequisites of test case should be at first place, not at last
  #4004 Modules : hide linked activities on Delivery if planning module is hidden
  #4003 Amount of client bill can't be negative
  #4000 When exporting project to MS-Project format, delays on dependencies are lost.
  #3999 Performance issue while deleting projects that leads to delete failure
  #3998 Control for hierarchic loop on dependencies seems to loop
  #3996 On V7.4.4, Activity stream parameters for Author and Type are empty
  #3995 Closing Activity includinng Test Sessions, Test sessions are not automatially closed
  #3994 Filters for >=  today + x days is compared with Time
  #3992 Issue trying to define email sending
  #3919 PDF export of gantt : sometimes headers is truncated (dates)

V8.0.2 [2019-04-30]

 •  Bug fixing
  #3983 Save dates on planning saves End date but not Start (after disconnection)
  #3982 Custom menus not available on V8.0
  #3981 Copy Component : if option if locked on B), behavior is like A)
  #3979 Rounding issue work hours, Client orders
  #3975 When delete user, problem of return message
  #3974 Save Resource as "is manager of leaves" and revert : error
  #3970 Issue exporting to MS-Project
  #3938 Export PDF of Gantt Chart : initilas of resources not exported

V8.0.1 [2019-04-19]

 •  Bug fixing
  #3968 usort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given
  #3967 Cannot access private property Sql::$dbType
  #3966 Global planning can't create an item and resource planning can't change resource
  #3965 Export PDF of Gantt chart : no date bar with windows device zoom or browser zoom
  #3963 In timesheet screen, color of sum of day is not good for unit in hours

V8.0.0 [2019-04-15]

  •  Major changes
  #2876 Modules management
  #3812 After configuration (and migration from version before V8.0) new Module Management screen is proposed.
It allows to enable or disables Modules (Time tracking, Financial, Risks, ...) , that include coherent group of features.
This screen can after be accessed through dedicated menu in the habilitation section.
  #3957 Regulated leaves management (HR Module)
This system come in addition to standards Absence management.
You can define Employees, Contract types, Contract for Employees and standard Leave rights for each contract type.
So Employee can book Leave periods depending on rights.
The system also includes some validation process of the Leave period requests.
  #3908 Resources can have variable capacity along the time
This allows to book and enter extra time (for extra work periods) or less than standard capacity (for some "rest" periods)
 •   Ergonomics and interface
  #3808 Change caption on unit mail sending : on meetings, sent to "attendees" instead of "assigned resources"
  #3870  Enlarge Project selector in planning pop-up
  #2620 Set list of requestor (contact) inherited from parent project
  #3901 Highlight icon of current screen
 •   Planning  
  #3353  In gantt view give possibility to auto-set start date with start date of project
 •   Timesheets 
  #3026  New "Timesheets validation" screen, for timesheet managers
 •   Financial  
  #3906  Project expense detail : list Tenders, Orders, Bills, Terms and Payments
  #3907  Budget : list detail of project expenses linked to the budget
  #3948  Calculate available transfered budget only for Root budget (not all budgets)
 •   Configuration Management 
  #3905  Possibility to fix copy behavior when copying component versions
 •   Environmental parameters  
  #3958  Standard calendars definition : Specify weekly based off days for the whole calendar
  #3959  Standard calendars definition : Définition of banks of Off days that can be easily added every year
 •   Controls & Automation 
  #3953 Email templates : add ${HISTORYFULL} for all changes, as ${HISTORY} only displays last change
 •   Reports  
  #3960  Possibility to plan sending of reports as emails (for instance, send report every day, or every monday, or every 1st of month)
 •   Habilitations
  #3897 Possibility to define a restriction on the types by profile that will hide the excluded type elements in the list box and that will no longer limit only the list of types in the selection list (drop-down list).
 •   Technical 
  #3947  Possibility to add buttons on detail or list through plugins

V7.4.4 [2019-04-13]

     •   Bug fixing
  #3956 Timesheet : incorrect indentation of lines
Email Template : $[LINK} does not display all links
  #3944 Diary : error on the dates with the view by week
  #3940 Report "work plan per resource and per month" : rounding issues
  #3929 API is not transaction consistent
  #3928 dynamic filter on pop up - missing the sign +
  #3926 Silent error logged when using potfolioPlanning
  #3921 Creation of activity is long since V7.4.3
  #3910 Enter non numeric value on "delay" for dependency : disconnected


V7.4.3 [2019-03-12]

     •   Bug fixing
  #3892 When copy Component version, di not copy "is used by" section
  #3891 On absence screen, project leader can add data for others even if not PL of admin project
  #3889 Consistency check : false positive for duplicate work
  #3882 Erroneous WBS after migration to V7.4.2
  #3876 Template Report : arrows are missing on Standard templates
  #3867 Direct acces on Ticket screen : cannot create item
  #3866 Export Work (on Timesheet) : hyperlink is exported, without meaning for work
  #3865 Timesheet export empty
  #3863 Capacity of resource stored wxith default value zero on creation
  #3862 Files not imported in correct order.
  #3860 Automatic planning not executed on one project
  #3769 Automated planning calculation launched twice (planned once)


V7.4.2 [2019-02-21]

     •   Bug fixing
  #3848 if resource has capacity different from 1, absence should propose data of correct duration
  #3852 Provider bill : incorrect sum from lines when lines entered exVAT and bill with VAT
  #3853 On V7.4.1, real and left work on ticket have moved on rigth part of colum
  #3855 Activity with no left work automatically closed
  #3856 When cron is abnormally stopped (stop of PHP), it does not restart automatiucally
  #3858 Fileds hidden for a profile are available on column selector


V7.4.1 [2019-02-11]

     •   Bug fixing
  #3846 Copy activity with assignment : assigned work on Activity is null
  #3844 Diary screen display problem
  #3843 Abscence unit hour problem
  #3842 Can not answer note created by other user
  #3840 Log in V7.4.0 when running planning calculation
  #3839 Baselines created on V7.4.0 are empty
  #3838 When cronImputation lines are deleted from cronexecution, new generation is wrong
  #3837 Pdf on details activity does not work
  #3836 Pdf on detail projet / gap displayed beetween fields and data
  #3512 Multiple updates : persistent selection after update


V7.4.0 [2019-02-04]

      •   Ergonomics and interface
  #3825 If notes are hidden for a given class (for all or for a given profile), also hidden Activity Stream
  #3762  Display notes as discussions (add "reply to" on note)
  #3731 Possibility to list "Tasks I am accountable for" on Today screen
  #3730 New user parameter to set default value for "show idle" checkbox
  #3729  Display list of followed items on contact form
  #3720 Improve display of status filter, to fit screen witch
  #3687 Reorganize the interface and layout of data in the "progress" section
  #3337 Select template in manual send mail
  #2936 When sending unitary emails, for "other" email address, store entry to be able to re-propose this email address
  #1848 Quick search : do not take into account accents
      •   Planning  
  #3821 Non extendable project, new tag on project to fix its content
  #3761 Activities fixed duration without assigned work : enter progress manually
  #3732 Add id in possible columns to display in planning view
  #2903 In planning view, insert an item "at a given place"
      •   Timesheets
  #3384 Lock realwork imputed that has been billed (for Time & Material projects)
  #2963 Send alert on real work submit
  #1166 Record off days (on administrative projects) in a calendar view
      •  Activities
  #3646 Delete assignment of resource : get work back to the pool
  #3595 New specific access to lock priority for profile depending on specific right, not depending on "can change validated data"
      •   Financial
  #3828  On project, sum of expense must be done with tax if input of expense is with tax
  #3823 Filter on parent budget
  #2540 In the terms's detail the planned date has a value but in the list this value is empty
      •  Configuration Management
  #3727 Possibility to have different list of original product version depending on status, by profile
  #3722  In component version, set initial date (if empty) when planned is set
  #3721  Report for Flat Structure of Version : improve display
     •   Documents
  #2941 Parameter : new option to forbid download of locked document
  #2940 Document : locker of document should be able to upload version without unlocking
  #2939 Upload version of locked document : show information to confirm
     •    Multiple updates 
  #3820 Possibility to change target milestones with multiple updates
  #3802 Possibility to idle the selected list from a selected item
     •    Controls and automations  
  #3726 Add filter by Profile on Workflow
  #3592 Add helpers on email Templates to help identify possible fields
  #2690 Give a way to define weekly off days in calendars
     •    Today 
  #3827 Today screen : add nb of requirements and nb of Deliveries on projects table
  #3826 Today screen : set visibility depending on user access rights
     •    Reports  
  #3707 Auto extend reports list and reports parameters when slider is moved
  #3179 Color for graph reports : take into account color of parameter
  #1578 Reports for Requirements
     •    Technical 
  #3625 Upgrade external libraries (PHPMailer 6.0.6 for PHP7.3 compatibility)
     •    Bug fixing
  #3822 Not planned work message not displayed  ( purple color ) even if task has not started
  #3728 Guest profile with no acces to activities sees items on today screen
  #3661 List of projects in project selector : some projects with no access may be visible
  #3660 Resource planning empty for Project Leader with default profil not Project Leader


V7.3.5 [2019-02-05]

     •   Bug fixing
  #3831 Error calculating planning (in some cases) "Creating default object from empty value"
  #3832 Issue with API/search
  #3835 Incorrect WBS after moving projects


V7.3.4 [2019-01-28]

  • Bug fixing
  #3815 Update expense from provider bill not accurate.
  #3813 Financial : when input is With VAT, Call for tender show exVAT amonts
  #3806 Error on PHP Mailer
  #3799 On extended list, select all projects is not active
  #3796 Silent error logged when accessing project
  #3791 TextArea on same line as previous (on next) => reduce size to display on same line
  #3786 Automatic planning calculation : reset list of projects (access rights) before calculation
  #3784 When fix planning is hidden, corresponding caption on right is still diaplayed
  #3783 Agenda : move between weeks < or > give incorrect week (same when select 2019-01)
  #3779 copying an element / date of last change is kept on the new one on detail bar.
  #3776 paramDbPrefix ; should be stored in lowecase
  #3773 In global planning, progresse may show 300% for actions
  #3772 On notifications created manually (not automaticalle generated) link to item should not be displayed
  #3771 Error in log file while updating references
  #3764 Agenda : issue displaying week for 31/12/2018 and 01/01/2017
  #3763 Sum of work incorrect for yearly report

V7.3.3 [2019-01-03]

  • Bug fixing
  #3758 Budget not always updated when set on Project Expense
  #3757 On Project Expense, Sum of offfers is null even if Expense is linked to Offers
  #3756 Create Terms from Provider Order, with % : first is OK, second cannot enter %
  #3754 Automatic planning calculation may try and replan closed projects
  #3753 Provider order and Provider Bill are not linkable
  #3752 Tender with detail : add expense, the expense has no detail
  #3751 Budget : on sub-budget list, if global input is with VAT, and amount exVat is empty, amount empty
  #3750 Budget : when approved, under construction should be unchecked automatically
  #3749 Budget : modification n°1 and n°2 can possibly be negative
  #3744 Copy meeting with assignment : task bar is pale, as if with no assignment
  #3664 List of complex allocations displays an unexplained "hole"
  #3306 Email from meeting : not opened on Outlook / Gmail as meeting
  #3606 Improve Export to MS-Project format to fit version 2016

V7.3.2 [2018-12-21]

  • Bug fixing
  #3746 Error logged when running planning (silent with MySql, may abort planning with postgres)
  #3743 Consistency check : identifies issues due to truncation that are not real issues
  #3742 Holes in WBS Numbering
  #3733 Timesheet : some work entered by A for B may be given to A
  #3724 Users using "remember me" feature are reconnected even if application is closed
  #3723 When saving activity on planning view, status selector and creation info disappear
  #3717 Copy data when generating Expense
  #3716 On print and PDF Export, align amounts on the right
  #3714 Project leader with readonly access to calendars can create new calendar
  #3713 If I try to save a product version, it fails with a big red error.
  #3706 Right click on project that need replan : error
  #3705 Copy project as PL : extra erroneous assignmment on some tasks
  #3704 Sort list of projects on priority (click on header) => print list is empty
  #3703 Error on global planning : Incorrect collation for column (latin1)
  #3676 Resource Planning displaying Pool data, right click on bar for pool => resource incorrect

V7.3.1 [2018-12-03]

  • Bug fixing
  #3698 When changing cost for resource "in the past", cost not updated for validated work
  #3694 On timesheet, if Week is changed, when coming back, 1st day of week is incorrect
  #3693 Restore of last selected filters : not to be applied when list is displayed in combo
  #3691 SQL errors on consistency check
  #3690 Error logged sometimes when exporting work
  #3688 incorrect sql when db is in latin1
  #3686 Copy project with copy of allocations does not copy for sub projects
  #3684 On sub-budget lists, amounts displayed is always without tax
  #3683 On budget, add transfered that sets actual to zero : initial of top KO
  #3682 On Project : fields for costs and expenses don't have same max size


V7.3.0 [2018-11-20]

      •   Ergonomics and interface
  #3562 On milestone on predecessors list indicate which is "pushing" the milestone
  #3649  Keep parameters selected on each screen
  #3663 List requirements on today screen
  #3678 Possibility to export Hyperlink = direct link url to corresponding item
      •   Planning  
  #2715 Print PDF Planning : give possibility to export in A3 format
  #3575 Print PDF planning : improve quality of images
  #3576 PDF Planning export format : add page numbers
  #3636 Remove feature to save planned to requested dates : not used and sets feature complex
      •   Configuration managment
  #3677 Version Planning : possibility to list activities links to product or component version
      •  Reports
  #3648  Apply current or new filters on ticket/ticket reports
      •   Administration 
  #3611  Add consistency check : planned item without planning element
  #3617  Consistency check : add check on work on tickets
  #3618  Consistency check : add check on work on activities (and other planning elements)
  #3619  Consistency check : search for assignments refering non exisiting planning element
      •  Technical
  #2872  Performance improvements in copy
  #3543  Performance improvement when moving tasks
  #3651  Upgrade external libraries (dojo 1.14.2, Html2Pdf 5.2.2, CKEditor 4.10.1, phpMailer 6.0.5, html2canvas 1.0.0, pdfMake 0.1.39)
  #3652  Extend fileSize for attachement to BIGINT
     •   Bug fixing
  #3412  Strange WBS ordering
  #3639  Strange display on Provider Order amounts when currency is "before" en symbol is empty
  #3662  Change password button on login screen does not work after invalid connection
  #3672  On Resource planning, if Pool is listed : click leads to empty screen


V7.2.7 [2018-10-31]

  • Bug fixing
  #3645 On reports, week spinner increments from 2018-50 to 2019-01 : 2018 has 52 weeks.
  #3643 If margin cost is negative, cannot update project.
  #3642 Possible vulnerability to shtml file injection.


V7.2.6 [2018-10-26]

  • Bug fixing
  #3637 Some resources without access to timesheet screen receive alerts on real work allocation.
  #3635 Rectification of data on the display of the 1st week 2019 on the planning view
  #3634 Error during installation of V7.2 on MySql 5.6
  #3632 Error logged about work.rate
  #3629 Display of diary for december 2018 fails (blank page)
  #3628 Global planning not displayed if DB is PostgreSql
  #3626 Wrong consolidation of Budget amounts


V7.2.5 [2018-10-12]

  • Bug fixing
  #3624 Error when computing planning : Call to undefined method
  #3623 Blocking error in Cron::setRestart() for new deployed instance
  #3620 ttachment of image with ratio height/width < 1/32 leads to error


V7.2.4 [2018-10-10]

  • Bug fixing
  #3616 Icons not visible for "client quotation type" and "client payment type"
  #3610 Timesheet : line appear with id of activity, name as "not assigned work"
  #3608 Impossible to change resource on not started assisgnment
  #3604 display the number of Test Cases on its own header
  #3602 if several resources enter real work on Pool assignment on same week, second erases first
  #3601 CRON stopped when executing Differential planning calculation


V7.2.3 [2018-09-25]

  • Bug fixing
  #3593 Chech consistency reveals false positive on duplicate work
  #3589 On Project, changing Type show tooltip text beside checkboxes (under construction)
  #3587 Filter on Diary not correctly working
  #3584 Impossible to delete resource cost
  #3583 work calculation in client orders
  #3581 Create new db with prefix containing upper Case (for instance "Test_") leads to connection error
  #3580 Sort on Manager (on project screen, click on column header) gives incorrect order
  #3579 It is possible to delete user that is Sponsor of a project
  #3573 Cannot connect after migration to V7.2.2
  #3568 Filter on Selected Project does not work on document
  #3567 Filter on "Resource assigned" does not work for operator "is empty" and "is not empty"
  #3563 CRON Errors to analyse
  #3559 Notification definition icon is visible in ribbon bar even if notification system is off.
  #3558 PDF export with zoom fails (on Firefox)
  #3557 Sorting activities on Project does not work : order is not correct
  #3312 PDF Export of planning : if colomn name is partly hidden, blank zone displayed


V7.2.2 [2018-09-06]

  • Bug fixing
  #3551 Unable to save project with negaztive margin
  #3552 weekly data of recurrent mode on an activity are not copyed when copying a project
  #3553 Cron stopped with error on generateImputationAlert.php


V7.2.1 [2018-09-04]

  • Bug fixing
V7.2.0 cannot be deployed with plugin Install Auto
  #3550 Deployment of brand new instance fails with 7.2.0 (in the end)


V7.2.0 [2018-09-03]

      •   Ergonomics and interface
   #3387  New "Global List" screen that lists all the main project objects in the same list
   #1851  The "Global List" view allows you to search among all the types of elements available in a single query
   #3484  New context menu : Configuration management (products, components, versions)
   #3394  New button (next to the project selector setup button) to select current project in the project selector
   #3517  With Firefox, take the mouse wheel into consideration on the left side of the Gantt
   #3526  On assignment tables, display the resource (or project) id rather than the assignment id
   #3528  New project search button on the project selector
   #3123  If a logout occurs (idle timeout or other) display a message
   #1498  Filter activities on assigned resources
   #3336  Viewing meetings in agenda, even if they are not planned
   #3443  On the activity stream screen, display the name of the item in addition to its id
   #3449  On Resources, display "comes from Ldap" if the resource is a user, with the possibility of modification according to the rights of the logged-in user
   #3520  On attached files (type html link or file) display the comment instead of the name if it is filled in (the name then passes in comment)
   #3444  On diary, restrict list of resources corresponding to access rights defined on specific access (limit to organization or to team)
      •   Planning
   #3388  Global planning : show any item on Gantt chart
   #3480  Target milestone management for activities (like on tickets and requirements)
   #3527  On resource planning, ability to display assigned activities with zero work
   #3532  On "floating" elements (floating milestone, fixed duration activity) without predecessor, set the planned start date to the validated start date
   #3479  On resource planning, group periodic meetings under their parent
   #3404  On gantt chart, truncate names if too long
      •   Timesheet
   #3487  Adding a button to refresh the display
   #3425  Display of dates:  for a meeting always show the date of the meeting
   #2485  Enhancement of data entered (yellow background)
      •   Activities
   #3447  Add target milestone on activities (like for tickets)
      •   Steering
   #2947  When adding (as link) a deliverable on a delivery, provide the ability to retrieve the linked items of the deliverable
      •   Financials
   #3537  Budget Management
     => Definition of budgets
     => Definition of sub-budgets
     => An expense can be linked to a basic budget (budget item)
   #3635  Extension of the Expenses part to put it at the same level as the Recipes
   #2344    => Management of supplier offers (quote)
     => Management of orders to suppliers
     => Management of supplier bills
     => Management of terms of payment to suppliers
     => Management of payments to suppliers
     => Link between expenditure and other financial objects of expenditure
      •   Multiple updates
   #3446  Ability to edit profile and assignment rate on multiple updates
      •   Controls and Automatisms
   #3542  On the real work allocation alerts, manage different trigger settings per recipient and add the organization manager as a recipient
   #2506  On the real work allocation alerts, do not send alerts for resource who don't have access rights to Timesheet screen
      •   Tools
   #3519  Do not import the value of "real work" on tickets, even if it is specified in the import file
      •   Reports
   #3524  For reports on the actual work, when the team parameter is selected, do not show projects without work over the period
      •   Technical
   #3474  Consistency check on the WBS sequence (search for duplicates, sequence holes, incorrect order)
     This feature available on the administration screen also automatically corrects detected issues
   #2917  Change of directory to store attachments from emails


V7.1.5 [2018-08-23]

  • Bug fixing
  #3538 Project / Activity progress : the cation "real " is erased on dates when work and cost are hidden
  #3522 Export for special foreign key like idXxx__idYyy cannot export name (always id)
  #3521 Error when copying project with meetings if it contains periodic meetings
  #3514 Alerts on Timesheet not sent on V7.1.4


V7.1.4 [2018-07-24]

  • Bug fixing
  #3508 When removing work on ticket with 2 resources having real work, save fails
  #3507 After selecting project, product list is not correct
  #3506 Filter on planning : filtering on product does not work
  #3505 Filter on planning : after accessing a project, open filter shows project filter
  #3503 When screen "contact" is customized, isResource and isUser are locked
  #3502 When field is visible only for 1 status, it is not visible on export pop-up
  #3497 Team Member who is Project Member on a project cannot copy activities


V7.1.3 [2018-07-15]

  • Bug fixing
  #3490 In resource planning, list of resources should include pools
  #3489 Timeout when saving Ticket
  #3488 On specific data, change work on timesheet, save : no change done
  #3486 Product Version Structure : "link already exists" but it's false
  #3478 Description and Results are truncated in emails
  #3473 Planning mode "work together" with Pool assigned : error
  #3472 Multiple clients management : removing main, keeps field empty
  #3471 On reports parameter, version list not updated from product
  #3470 Impossible to replace allocation to project from resource to Pool
  #3468 Predefined notes for Activity Price are not proposed
  #3462 SQL Error in logs (jsonList)
  #3458 Delete existing stored filter from planning view : Error (track to hack detected)
  #3456 Report "colored monthly planning" : select top does not display data of sub project
  #3455 Parent project with only sub-project still "needs replan" after sub is replaned
  #3453 Move several tasks on gantt : original order reverted
  #3452 Hide section on item (with screen custo) : print is OK but PDF export No
  #3440 Unable to save some user parameters
  #3439 When creating dependency with project "under construction", error when displaying item
  #3438 issue when change rate of allocation for a ressource to a pool
  #3437 Blocking message due to no value on Global Parameter "project to allocate" for LDAP
  #3412 Strange WBS ordering



V7.1.2 [2018-06-14]

  • Bug fixing
  #3432 add icon  on  top menu  "email per project"  on controls and automation
  #3431 error message during planing calculation on single fixed planning
  #3428 Ticket dispatch work value  is empty
  #3427 Return from full sceen edition fails
  #3426 Lock during planning calculation
  #3425 Report "detailed work per resource - Yearly" on today screen : missing month
  #3423 Assignement : add work, save, remove work, save : assginment deleted
  #3422 Project leader cannot copy project at root of projects
  #3421 Notification System seems inactive even if activated
  #3418 display problem with small screen with Real work allocation screen
  #3417 Document with status copied never has its status updated
  #3413 Navigation bettween activities in planning view fails...


V7.1.1 [2018-06-04]

  • Bug fixing
  #3416 Error when adding resource to pool of resource (on linux only)
  #3414 Responsible should not be automatically assigned to administrative  projects


V7.1.0 [2018-06-04]

      •   Ergonomics & interface
  #3381 New button to refresh the lists
  #2254 Possibility to copy attached files when copying a project
  #3396 Global parameters: add tab to group configuration management parameters
  #3251 Increase size of cost fields to displays amounts up to 999,999,999.99
       •   Planning
  #3339 Managements of pool of resource
A pool is a resource that contains several resources and can therefore be allocated to projects and assigned to activities.
The pool has a capacity deducted from the resources that are assigned to it.
It is planned taking into account the individual assignment of each resource.
Conversely, each resource is assigned taking into account its participation in resource pools.
A resource assigned to a pool can automatically enter real work on activities assigned to the pool.
This evolution also resolves:
# 1696 - Association of a multi-team resource
# 2124 - Manage multiple teams for the same resource
  #3345 Filter on the planning: possibility to filter the activities to be displayed on the Gantt Planning view
The "parents" of the selected activities are also displayed to maintain the WBS structure.
  #3358 Display of details on Gantt bars for "Resource planning" view
     •   Steering
  #3375 Add dates on incomings, deliverables and deliveries to follow dates : initial, planned, real, validation
     •   Requirements & tests
  #2891 Add new Requirements dashboard, similar to existing Ticket Dashboard
     •   Configuration management (Products et Versions)
  #3397 Possibility to define component types and component versions that will only be used for definition of structure (not for Version Planning or Tickets)
     •   Controls et Automation
  #3340 Do not show "Unread Notifications" for objects for which no notification is defined
  #3380 On workflows, view the list of types that use this workflow
  #3386 Define a project to be assigned by default to new users coming from LDAP
     •   Miscellaneous
  #3343 Management of multiple customers.
If, for example, by customizing (thanks to the plugin) the Ticket screen, the idClient field is added, it is automatically possible to manage multiple customers on the ticket.
  #3378 Define the default copy class.
We usually copy a quotation to an order, an order to an invoice and a risk to a problem.
  #3360 Prohibit entering allocations and assignments more than 100%
  #2845 Upgrading user documentation
  #3357 Screen "Real Work Allocation" renamed to "Timesheet"
     •   Reports
  #3344 New report "Customer impacted by tickets" for a given product or a given product version
  #3395 New report "Requirements with open questions"
     •   Technical
   #3321 Display external libraries (and their version) on the pop-up "About"
     •   Bug fixing
  #3342 Auto-scroll of Today page : when stopping, display of top bar is wrong
  #3323 After function creation, refresh function list in Resource cost pop-up
  #3348 duplicate for #3323
  #3409 Copy Metting : even if "copy result" is checked, minutes are not copied
  #3333 Error on CRON on generationImputationAlert
  #3399 Edit assignment : comment is not retreived...


V7.0.9 [2018-05-21]

  • Bug fixing
  #3390 When sepChar='none', save project : list of project to plan has prefix 'no'
  #3389 CRON stopped : "mysql has gone away"
  #3385 404 error on User Manual
  #3382 It seems possible to delete an acces mode that is used on access to data
  #3377 ERROR : usort() expects parameter 2 to be a valid callback, no array or string
  #3376 Create dependency between project leads to error


V7.0.8 [2018-05-09]

  • Bug fixing
  #3374 Planning : gantt barrs don't extend to end of last day


V7.0.7 [2018-05-06]

  • Bug fixing
  #3373 issue if note stream contains html characters
  #3365 Error on delay calculation : an extra day seems to be added
  #3364 Update of real work on Ticket fails : only first save works fine
  #3363 Split activity assignment : left on origin not correct when work unit is "hour"
  #3327 Silent error logged


V7.0.6 [2018-04-30]

  • Bug fixing
  #3359 Task on project start not shown on critical path
  #3356 Size of combo detail list : too big when zoom applied (on browser or screen resolution)
  #3349 Endless query when linking a requirement to a test case
  #3347 Error on Ticket Report


V7.0.5 [2018-04-22]

  • Bug fixing
  #3326 Silent error when resource list restrictic to Organization
  #3325 On Product version, + arrow is visible when field is locked
  #3324 When note or attachment is private, do not show history to everyone
  #3322 When deleting test case run in test session, test case in still "planned"


V7.0.4 [2018-04-16]

  • Bug fixing
  #3317 Export checklist to PDF : name column is empty
  #3316 Report Error_Current Status
  #3315 Error on planning calculate
  #3314 Critical patch seems incorrect in some case
  #3313 Richt click on link on right part : right part on pop-up is hidden
  #3311 Project to updte when real work entered differently
  #3310 Access rights on documents too restrictive
  #3308 Admin screen : error on linux with mail grouping active
  #3307 Save email message as note : line breaks are lost


V7.0.3 [2018-04-08]

  • Bug fixing
  #3305 Allocation to parent project removes right to sub project
  #3304 Error in jsonNotification.php : table notificationDefition does not exist
  #3303 Send mail with PHPMail function fails on some cases
  #3301 Send email with phpMailer library on localhost fails
  #3299 Blank space on replies to tickets/activities.
  #3298 Export to PDF of Opportunity fails in french
  #3297 Error creating new Organization


V7.0.2 [2018-04-02]

  • Bug fixing
  #3295 Cannot save Version Compatibility with comment
  #3294 Error creating Periodic Meeting
  #3293 When Allocation to project is closed, planning should not be able to book time
  #3292 Indicator per projet and email per project : always show items without project
  #3291 Planning : recurring tasks not ken into account for "work in common" tasks
  #3289 Coloured monthly resource planning should show all projects
  #3288 List of baselines : project visibility not applied and refresh KO
  #3286 on low resolution screen, project selector parameter locked
  #3285 Fatal error: Can't use function return value with update V7.0.0.1 and V7.0.0.0
  #3282 Terms, add Trigger : Error and should not see dependency type
  #3272 After set "all projects" on combo detail selection, list is also "all project"


V7.0.1 [2018-03-23]

  • Bug fixing
Cannot access attached files on V7.0.0
Error when calculating planning
Issue to display Gantt for project with depen,dencies on other projet
Impossible to install Plugin
  #3278 Error deploying V7.0.0 on PostgreSql


V7.0.0 [2018-03-19]

  • Ergonomics and interface
Remove of the bottom bar
Redesign of the top of the screen
  • Navigation items on the left
  • Ability to hide the top bar of icons
  • Integration of elements previously positioned in the lower bar
Add of a new user menu
  • Integration of main user features: disconnection, change of language, change of theme, access to online help, etc
Improvement of the fluidity of access to the left menu as icons
Taking into account the chosen icon size the left menu icons
On real work allocation, "Show planned work" becomes checked by default
Right alignment for costs and work figures in lists, and systematic display of 2 decimals for costs
When selecting an element through an extended list (for example adding a linked element and clicking on the magnifying glass) possibility to remove the restriction of the selection on the current project
Access of the hyper-link element in rich text editors (by right-clicking or [CTRL]+click)
  • Planning
  #0076 New type of dependencies:
  • Start-Start: the successor can not begin before the beginning of the predecessor
  • End-End: The successor should not end after the end of the predecessor, which leads to planning "as late as possible"
    Note that the successor "should" not end after the end of predecessor, but in some cases this will not be respected:
    • if the resource is already 100% used until the end of the successor
    • if the successor has another predecessor of type "End-Start" or "Start-Start" and the remaining time is not enough to complete the task
    • if the delay from the planning start date does not allow to complete the task
  #2901 New planning mode: recurring (on a weekly basis)
This new mode allows reserving availability on recurring tasks on a weekly basis, for example 1/2 day every Monday, 1h every day, ...
Activities in this mode dynamically assign the work based on the start and end bounds:
  • start defined with a dependence End-Start or Start-Start
  • end defined with an end-end dependency
If no dependency determines the beginning, the activity is scheduled from the beginning of the project.
If no dependency determines the end, the activity is planned until the end of the project.
This is the first planning mode in ProjeQtOr that defines activities whose assigned work is not fixed, but adapts to the duration of the project.
The PlanningMode "as late as possible" has been renamed "before validated end date", and real "as late as possible" may now be set using End-End dependency.
  #0433 Calculation and display of the critical path
Automatic planning calculation
  • Differential calculation = calculation of projects that require a recalculation
  • Complete calculation = calculation of all projects
The calculations are programmed according to a frequency of CRON type (every minute, every hour, at a given hour every day, at a given time on a given week day, ...)
Better consideration of dependencies with negative delay
Better consideration of the priority of constraints for activities that must end on a given date (this constraint is less strong than the dependency with a predecessor)
For tasks "as soon as possible", if no assignment is created but the validated work is defined, take the validated work as the default duration (instead of 1 days)
  • Activities and milestones
Milestone Management on Requirements, Tickets, Product Versions, Incomings, Deliverables and Deliveries.
This feature is activated through a global parameter.
It updates the target (planned) date of the element from the planned date of the milestone.
It optionally allows you to link the element and the milestone (to get the list of linked elements from the milestone view)
It optionally allows you to automatically retrieve the milestone from the milestone of the Project Version. 
  • Configuration Management (Products and Versions)
Lifecycle Management on Products, Product Versions, Components, Component Versions
Adding status on Products, Product Versions, Components, Component Versions
The type is made mandatory on Products, Product Versions, Components, Component Versions
Adding workflow, mandatory, on Product Types, Product Version Types, Component Types, Component Version Types
  • Controls and Automation
   #3161 Notification system
This new system allows you to generate notifications manually or according to some very "powerful" rules (defined as "where" clauses).
We now have 2 systems for generating alerts or reminders:
  • Indicators, which highlight an element relative to the value of a predetermined target field (some dates, the comparison of work or cost) and can generate reminders or alerts before the target date or when a work or cost exceeds a reference by a certain percentage.
  • Notifications, which generate reminders against a very flexible rule (a "where" clause) and may generate recurring reminders as long as the rule is valid
    This system is a little "technical" (the way to write the rule, although assisted requires to understand what a where clause is) but very powerful (we can define the rule on any field of the element or its project).
    In the same way, the selection of the recipient, relatively technical, allows to choose any field of the element or its project that contains a reference to a resource, a contact or a user.
  #3190 Managing email templates
Definition of email templates to automatically format messages to sent
Selection of the email template to use for automatically sending email on an event
  #3195 Temporisation for sending emails: possibility to send emails not immediately, but to delay them to send only one message when several changes generating an email are made in a short time (configurable)
  • Document Management
  #2646 Improve Document Directory Management at Project Level
Ensure that if Directory is linked to a Projet, only Documents of this projects (or its sub-project) can exist in the directory
  #557 Add right access management at Directory Level
Ensure that user only sees directories linked to projects where he can see documents
  • Technical
   #3256 Migrating / Updating External Libraries
  • CKEditor V4.8
  • pdfMake 0.1.36
  • html2pdf 5.1.0
  • phpMailer 6.0.3
  #3265 Reliability / Completion of Lists:
  • checklistable: object for which we can define a checklist
  • copyable: object that can be copied to another
  • importable: object that can be imported
  • linkable => object that can be linked to another
  • mailable => object from which we can send a unit email
  • originable: object that can be the origin of a ticket
  • referencable: object for which we can calculate a reference
  • textable: object for which predefined notes can be defined
  # Compatibility PHP 7.2
(beware for xAMP packs on Windows Open SSL DLLs are not always compatible with PHP 7.2)
    Attention, ProjeQtOr now requires PHP 5.4 minimum.
PHP 5.6 minimum is strongly advised.
We recommand PHP 7.0 that brings great performance improvment.



V6.5.7 [2018-03-12]

  •  Bug fixing
  #3257 Real Start date set from status not reset when work is entered
  #3259 Admin cannot delete some allocation to project for resources
  #3261 LDAP user entered with different cases created new users
  #3262 Ldap users connecting with different cases create several users
  #3263 Migration blocked for postgreSql


V6.5.6 [2018-02-18]

  •  Bug fixing
  #3241 Meeting not completely planned
  #3240 On Ticket Simple, list of statuses on button bar includes all statuses
  #3239 Error on PDF edit of test session
  #3239 Disconnection not pointed out when saving on full screen editor
  #3235 WBS Seem incorrect : moved a non closed item under a closed item


V6.5.5 [2018-02-06]

  •  Bug fixing
  #3233 Display gantt with end date set, dependency to last task strangely displayed
  #3232 Error moving status on project (using PostgreSql database)
  #3231 Issue on WBS
  #3230 icon "refresh" on Activity Stream not visible for "Standard" (non flat) themes


V6.5.4 [2018-01-26]

    •  Bug fixing
  #3218 API : get Work => incorrect access control
  #3214 Report "planning" => "Gant planning" : incorrect alignment of headers
  #3209 When creating new ticket, product list is not restricted to products linked to project
  #3203 On planning view, list of baselines, some characters incorrectly displayed
  #3200 On report parameters, if week is changed in 2018, year is automatically increased
  #3196 Customization : field required and hidden is required (instead of hidden)


V6.5.3 [2018-01-14]

     •  Bug fixing
  #3192 Screen Custo : when hiding Section for given status, section still visible
  #3191 Activity Stream : access rights not correcly controlled
  #3185 Activity stream : user not admin select notes on products sees all
  #3183 Error when moving sub-project out of parent project
  #3181 No Project restriction in ticket


V6.5.2 [2017-12-29]

     •  Bug fixing
  #3178 Error on dispatch work when changing resource
  #3166 Issue on reports for tickets
  #3165 Error when export to PDF report "project dashboard"
  #3164 Menu : issue for supervisor default profile
  #3162 Dispatch button not displaued any more
  #3160 Export Activity to PDF : Error
  #3159 Assign whole team for meeting : error
  #3158 On product, link to project does not give direct access to project
  #3148 Deleting organization object (problem)


V6.5.1 [2017-12-17]

      •   Bug fixing
  #3149 Restriction on team (visibilitry per profile) seems not applied
  #3148 Deleting organization object (problem)
  #3143 Error sending email to approvers
  #3141 When WorkElement is readonly (throught customization) display on ticket is wrong
  #3140 Acces rights / Access to data : delay tickets per projet and indicator per project not in list
  #3139 Acces to repots : some sections are not visible
  #3133 Report Performance indicator : include sub-project of selected project
  #3132 Report Performance indicator : error
  #3131 Acces rights to Reports : list without section headers
  #3117 When WorkElement is hidden on ticket, double save new ticket => Error
  #3104 Issue : class name must be a valid string or object at SqlList.php line 88
  #3101 Activity with start date > End date


V6.5.0 [2017-12-08]

      •   Activities
   # 2684 Update the cost assigned to the activity on adding a cost of the resource if there was no cost before
   # 2927 When replacing assignment, also replace assignments without assigned work
   # 3052 Ability to disable the automatic assignment of the manager
   # 3073 Do not show summary of tickets for activities that are not planning activities
      •   Tickets
   # 2850 Notion of regression added
   # 2865 Initial due date of the ticket set as read only if it is calculated from the setting of "delays for tickets"
   # 3056 Ability to update resolution in multiple update mode
   # Ability to display tickets at customer and contact level
   # Ability to display tickets at product and component versions level
      •   Planning
   # 1408 Ability to move multiple tasks at one time from one location to another
   # 2974 Ability to copy meetings and test sessions when copying a project
      •   Real Work Allocation
   # 2864 New button to automatically enter the work as it is planned
      •   Documents
   # 2717 Ability to view the approval history for a version
   # 2946 Possibility to select an approver who is not part of the project
      •   Steering
   # 2949 Retrieving the agenda of a meeting from the description of its type
   # 2975 Ability to add checklists to deliveries
   # Life cycle management on deliveries (status managed by a workflow)
   # Ability to manage the product version on deliveries and thus to list deliveries on a product version
      •   Requirements and tests
   # 2730 When a failed test is specified in a session, the proposed ticket list is not restricted to the project tickets for the session any more
      •   Controls and Automation
   # 1547 Setting delays for tickets per project
   # 2982 Ability to send emails to the project team including members assigned to parent projects
   # 3064 Definition of indicators per project
   # 3066 Definition of sending emails per project
   # 3067 New screens to define delays, indicators and emails per project
      •   Ergonomics
   # 2517 Ability to limit the list of projects to the selected project (and its subprojects)
   # 2935 Selecting "other" recipients of an email from resources or by name
   # 2959 Emails sent automatically (via the CRON process) are sent in the default language (and not in the language of the user who launched the CRON)
   # 3000 On users and resources, limit the list of profiles to those accessible to the current user (the control was already correctly implemented during the backup)
   # 3019 Entering body text of emails in a rich editor
   # 3038 Save the type of list chosen for the project selector
   # 3052 On the list of linked items, display the manager icon for each linked item
   # 3063 When a user "subscribes" to the project, he will receive notifications "to subscribers" for all elements of the project
      •   Reports
   # 2647 New report "summary of charges per ticket"
   # 2671 Risk Management Plan: Possibility to display closed elements
   # 2693 New report "global project / resource planning per month"
   # 2970 Reliability of reports compatibility with PHP 7.1
   # 2977 New Performance Indicator Report
      •   Miscellaneous
   # 2962 When a migration is in progress, prevent any new connection (even from an admin) until the migration is complete
   # 3097 Ability to filter activity flow by team
      •   Technical
   # 2970 ProjeQtOr is now PHP 7.1 compatible
   # 3077 New parameter of mails sending to send a HELO with the IP of the server (can solve problems of sending mails on servers without defined domain)
      •   Bug fixing
   # 2968 For some reports, when the month or year is empty, an error is generated
   # 3079 Missing icon (with a "standard" theme) on automatically updating the composition of a component version
   # 3080 Double click error in an empty language list
   # 3086 Icon of the wrong color for payments on the detail of invoices
   # 3099 Alignment of labels on the Activity Flow Screen
   # Fixed major design issue on Languages ​​and Contexts on Produts (mix between links with products and versions)


V6.4.4 [2017-11-05]

  • Bug fixing: #3069, #3071, #3074
  3069 Error when filtering on WBS
  3071 Error migrating to 6.4.1 with postgreSql Database
  3074 PHP 7.1 error in Bill

 V6.4.3 [2017-10-28]

  • Bug fixing: : #2965, #2969, #2995, #3040, #3041, #3042, #3044, #3045, #3046, #3047
  2965 Figures on Ticket Dashboard seem incorrect when using "recently updated"
  2969 Today view automatic refresh : problem resize
  2995 Realwork allocation : improve performance for saving
  3040 Context : 3 items are in two line
  3041 Import 'Call for tender' and 'Tenders' using the Tools/Import data menu.  Category : Propose evolu
  3042 Multiline message box in planning
  3044 The buttons disappear at the time of connection in views such as ticket
  3045 Problem refresh list
  3046 When project selected is a project closed , can create element on project closed
  3047 ***** ERROR ***** [V6.3.7] on file '/produits/www/projeqtor/tool/dynamicListDependency.php' at line


V6.4.2 [2017-10-15]

  • Bug fixing: #2888, #2967, #2987, #3003, #3008, #3009, #3013, #3018, #3020, #3024, #3025, #3034, #3035


V6.4.1 [2017-09-23]

  • Bug fixing: #2972, #2973, #2983, #2985, #2986


 V6.4.0 [2017-09-18]

  • Configuration management
    • Possibility to define compatibility between product versions (functionality can be activated through a global parameter)
  • Real work allocation / Assignments to activities / Allocations to projects
    • Ability to export the real work in CSV format, for week, month, year, for a resource or all (depending on the rights)
    • Sort the list of allocations to project by name
    • Allocation of the entire project team to a periodic meeting (as existing for a simple meeting)
    • Ability to assign to a meeting a resource or a contact or a user not member of the project team
  • Ergonomics
    • New menu on the left displayong icons that appears when you hide the menu tree
    • Improved display of the workflow when you move the mouse over the color thumb of the current status
    • Tabular reorganization of the global parameters screen
    • Save options for copying items (options are saved by object type)
  • Filters
    • Dynamic filters (the value of the critera is entered when the filter is activated)
    • New operator "starts with"
    • Possibility to select the logical operator 'OR' between the criteria of a filter
  • Reports :
    • Colored Monthly Planning by Resources: allow to display the administrative projects even if you select a given project
  • Sending event emails
    • Possibility to send emails when adding or updating allocations to projects
    • Possibility to send emails when adding or deleting links
    • Improvements on the selection of events by proposing only those relevant for the selected object type
  • Miscellaneous
    • Questions appear in the lists on the Today screen
    • Display of tickets on the Customer screen and on the Contacts screen (feature can be activated through a global parameter)
    • Ability to Import Deliveries
    • Possibility to take into account the designation of the product in the nomenclature of documents with the new codes :
      • {PROD} product designation
      • {PROJ / PROD} the project code if specified, otherwise the product designation
      • {PROD / PROJ} designation of the product if specified, otherwise the project code
  • Technical
    • First steps to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.1 (some inconsistencies may persist)
    • Saving into the history is always on the same second for all the fields, even if the operation lasts several seconds
    • Addition of a test section for sending of mails on the global parameters screen
    • Adding non-html alternative text to emails sent to reinforce the trust attributed by antispam filters such as SpamAssassin
  • Bug fixing: #2960


V6.3.7 [2017-09-23]

  • Bug fixing: #2985


V6.3.6 [2017-09-10]

  • Bug fixing: #2925, #2928, #2943, #2950, #2954


V6.3.5 [2017-08-29]

  • Bug fixing: #2921


V6.3.4 [2017-08-28]

  • Bug fixing: #2911, #2913, #2914, #2916


V6.3.3 [2017-08-11]

  • Bug fixing: #2862, #2894, #2896, #2904, #2905


V6.3.2 [2017-07-21]

  • Bug fixing: #2877, #2878, #2880, #2882, #2884, #2885, #2886


V6.3.1 [2017-07-16]

  • Bug fixing: #2866, #2868, #2869, #2870, #2871, #2873, #2874, #2875


V6.3.0 [2017-07-12]

  • Delivery Management
    • New delivery management screen
    • Added list of deliverables integrated in delivery
    • Automatic dispatch of delivery status to deliverables
  • Assignments
    • Direct entry (modification) of the assigned work in the assignment list (on the activity)
    • Direct entry of the left work in the list of assignments (on the activity)
    • Automatic setup of the assigned work from the existing validated work (using by default the not yet assigned value)
    • New option (icon) to share the assigned work with another resource from an existing assignment
  • Activity Stream
    • Display of notes on right part of screen
    • Possibility to quickly add note, in chat like mode
    • New screen to display notes for some items (with filters)
  •  Planning
    • When calculating the Planning, it is possible to select several distinct projects
  • Consolidation of status changes (parameterizable activation)
    • If an activity changes to a "handled" status, all parents move to the first "handled" status available in the workflow
    • If an activity changes to a "done", "closed" or "canceled" status, moving of each parent to the first "done" or "closed" status according to the status of all its children
  • Configuration Management
    • Addition of the language on the products, components and versions to take into account of the internationalization of the components (parameterizable activation)
    • Add context to the products, components and versions to take into account the compatibility (OS, browsers, ...) of the components (parameterizable activation)
    • Management of start dates and delivery dates on versions (of products and components) to take into account the life cycle of the components (parameterizable activation)
    • Display of the delivery date on the structure tables for product versions and component versions (parameterizable activation)
    • Definition of the list of business features on the products (parameterizable activation)
    • Selection of the relevant business feature on tickets and requirements (parameterizable activation)
    • New screen "version planning" to display versions in a Gantt chart according to their delivery dates
  • Reports
    • On ticket reports, possibility of filtering on priority (parameterizable activation)
    • New cumulative ticket summary report
    • Addition of the risk mitigation plan to the "risk management plan" report
    • On the reports displaying the projects in a color (coloured planning by resources, work planning), use of the color of the project
  • Ergonomics
    • Test sessions: direct entry of the comment and the result in the list of test cases run
    • Display of the workflow diagram (by moving the mouse over the color thumb in front of the status)
    • On the resource allocation to projects, you can access the complete list of resources (filterable) to select the resource.
    • On real work allocation, limit of the list of resources according to the selected project
    • Improved calendar display
    • Possibility of modifying the time format (24h or AM/PM)
    • Ability to resize the CK Editors height (the size is saved)
    • Direct Filter on Status
  • Miscellaneous
    • Automatic subscription of product and component versions when subscribing to products and components
    • Ability to copy test sessions and test cases into something else
    • Enter the result on the test case runs, possibily different from the comment
    • Display (bubble info) of the usefulness of the planning activity (on tickets)
    • Renaming "calendars" to "standard calendars" to avoid confusion with MS-Project personal calendars
    • When copying a document, it is also possible to copy the versions of this document by choosing to copy the last one, the reference one or all versiions
  • Bug Fixing: # 2532, # 2708, # 2711, # 2718, # 2719, # 2720, # 2724, # 2824, # 2830, # 2835, # 2836, # 2842


V6.2.5 [2017-05-26]

  • Bug Fixing: #2680, #2705, #2706, #2709, #2710, #2721


V6.2.4 [2017-05-03]

  • Bug Fixing: #2698


V6.2.3 [2017-05-01]

  • Bug Fixing: #2674, #2677, #2679, #2681, #2685, #2686, #2691


V6.2.2 [2017-04-23]

  • Bug Fixing: #2496, #2652, #2656, #2657, #2658, #2659, #2663, #2665


V6.2.1 [2017-04-19]

  • Bug Fixing: #2648, #2653


V6.2.0 [2017-04-17]

  • Configuration Management
    • Allow to modify a line (link with a version component version) of the composition of a product version or a component version
    • Possibility of updating the link with a component version to the latest version in use
    • Possibility of direct access to the detailed list of components when entering the composition of a product or component
    • New quick filter on "in-service" for product versions and component versions
    • Do not copy lifecycle data (enter into service dates) when copying a product version or component version
  • Managing subscriber lists
    • Ability to subscribe to tracking of an item
    • Ability to subscribe a third party user to the tracking of an element (according to configurable rights)
    • Display of list of tracked items
    • Possibility to send an email to users following the item, when unitary sending detail or on automatic sending or on indicator
  • Catalog Management
    • Definition of catalog types: product, service, ...
    • Definition of catalog elements: list of products, services, ...
    • Selection of the catalog elements on the quotation lines, order lines and invoice lines
  • Organizational Management
    • Management of organization hierarchy
    • Simplification of the selection of the projects of an organization
    • Improved visibility of resources by organization, with visibility on the same organization or also on sub-organizations
    • Organizational budgeting (beta version of this feature)
  • Planning
    • The new PDF export mode of the planning, up to now only compatible with Chrome, is extended to other browsers (tested under IE11, Firefox, Edge and Chrome)
    • Display of the color of the bar in the left, tabular part, of the Gantt
    • Updating of the planned dates (start and end) from the real dates when the latter are filled in
    • Change a dependency "graphically": click (or right click) on dependency displays a pop-up to change / delete dependency
    • Possibility to define the default priority by type of activity
  • Ergonomics:
    • Display status in the title bar, in clickable form, to quickly change state.
    • For resources that do not have a photo, display the initial with some specific background color instead of a default image (mode similar to what Google offers to identify contacts)
    • Adaptation of the display of the button areas according to the resolution, for the list and the detail of the elements, in order to avoid display problems for the low resolutions
    • From the synthesis of projects on the Today screen, click on a project: the project is accessed in the context of the project
    • From the synthesis of projects on the Today screen, click on a number of elements (actions, activities,...): direct access to the concerned elements, in the context of the project
    • Ability to automatically allocate the manager to the project
    • Direct access to the origin element with a single click
    • Added new choices as start page: "Requirement", "Product version", "Component version", "Kanban" (if plugin installed)
    • Adaptation of the graphic aspect of the "bars" that appear in "hide menu" or "switched mode" according to the selected theme
  • Miscellaneous
    • Possibility to link a billing term to another element
    • Ability to manage checklists and task lists for configuration items (product, component, product version, component version)
    • When copying a project, you can directly change the parent project and choose to also copy activity prices
    • On alerts on indicator, display of the current value which led to the raising of the alert
    • On the documents, sort the list of versions to show the most recent first
    • Multiple update: possibility to update the validated work and the validated cost
    • "Monthly resource colored planning" report: the user sees all the resources on which he has visibility, even if they are not planned on any project.
    • "45° curve" report: do not display on the legend the milestones that do not appear on the graph (which are outside the time frame of the displayed period) and possibility to hide or show closed milestones
    • "Risk Management Plan" report: do not display actions that are not related to a risk or problem or opportunity (that are outside the risk management plan)
    • Possibility to lock validated fields (work and cost) depending on user profile
  • Technical
    • Choice in the global parameters of the mode for sending emails: library PHP Mailer (default), PHP Mail, Socket
    • Added the control on the prerequisite for DOMDocument (XML)
  • Bug Fixing: # 2108, # 2585, # 2636, 2637


V6.1.3 [2017-04-02]

  • Update of user manual
  • Bug Fixing: #2597, #2602, #2607, #2622


V6.1.2 [2017-03-05]

  • Bug Fixing: #2560, #2568, #2578, #2583, #2588, #2589, #2590, #2591, #2592


V6.1.1 [2017-02-16]

  • Bug Fixing: #2536, #2538, #2539, #2542, #2543, #2545, #2550


V6.1.0 [2017-02-06]

  • Deliverables and Incomings Management
    • Management of deliverables
    • Management of Incomings
    • Deliverables and Incomings links with Milestones
    • Production of indicators on the quality of deliverables
  • Project indicators
    • Duration indicator: measure of compliance with the validated duration
    • Workload indicator: measure of compliance with the validated workload
    • Indicator of the billing deadlines: measure of the progress of the billing compared to the progress of the project
    • Indicator of the quality of the deliverables: measure of the quality of the deliverables
    • Indicator of the quality of the incomings: measure of the quality of the incomings
    • Definition of thresholds for indicators
    • Reporting on indicators by project and consolidated by organization
  • Importing document versions:
    • Ability to import document versions:
      • by describing only the version, with its standard fields
      • by describing the document and the version (the name of the fields of the version will be followed by '(DocumentVersion)', or its translation into the current language)
    • The CSV import file may also include
      • 'importFile' field that will give the link to the version file (this file will have to be reachable by the PHP server)
      • 'target' field that can be set to 'DELETE' (the file to be imported is deleted after import) or a directory name (the file to be imported is moved to this directory after import) or nothing (the file to be imported is not modified)
    • Ability to export document versions
      • when exporting documents, you can select fields of the version, then this will export as many lines as versions
      • you can export all versions or only the latest version
  • JobList to detail an Activity or Ticket
    • Defining of the JobLists, looking like CheckLists with no choice
    • Management of the JobList on the items
    • Summary report of JobList for sub-activities (activities with a parent activity)
  • Interfaces:
    • Reorganization of the structure of screens to occupy the space at best while preserving the location of each sections whatever the data
    • Faster display of alerts (pop-up) when more than one have to be displayed
    • Navigation history improved, allowing to return on the non-object screens (imputations, planning, today, ...)
    • One-click "full-screen" button
    • Grouping of Products, Components, Product Versions and Component Versions in a dedicated "Configuration Management" menu
  • Copy
    • When copying a project, it is also possible to copy the linked elements
    • When copying a project, it is also possible to copy the linked product versions
    • When copying a meeting, also copy the attendees
  • Others:
    • Do not enter work on the planning activities dedicated to ticket work
    • Definition of default setting of the editor to use for long text fields (can be modified by each user)
    • Definition of default setting of the history display (can be modified by each user)
    • Possibility to deactivate the SCAYT spell checker on the CK Editor fields (default and can be modified by each user)
    • Management of the default cost per function, proposed when defining cost of a resource
    • Possibility to restrict planning activities to those defined as such
    • Possibility to define, at the type level, if the left work must be null to pass the element on status 'done'
    • Ability to import users
    • Possibility to define which profile can modify the validated values ​​(dates, costs, work, ...)
    • Display of "not planned work" on work reports
    • Display of Call for tenders and Tenders on the screen today
    • When adding a link, you can also link the links of the linked item. This mechanism allows for example to retrieve the action plan of a meeting on the following meeting.
    • On the resource availability report, sort resources by name.
    • On the display of the structure of a product, it is possible to display or hide the closed elements
    • Global setting to configure the default display mode for history
    • Export CSV of Planning portfolio of projects
  • Technical:
    • External libraries updates (CK-Editor, html2canvas, html2pdf, pdfmake, phpAES, Dojo)
  • Bug Fixing: # 2440, # 2527, # 2536, # 2537


V6.0.8 [2017-01-31]

  • Bug Fixing: #2479, #2481, ##2520, #2521, #2529


V6.0.7 [2017-01-24]

  • Bug Fixing: #2518


V6.0.6 [2017-01-21]

  • Bug Fixing: #2311, #2473, #2477, #2478, #2482, #2487, #2496, #2497, #2501


V6.0.5 [2016-12-23]

  • Bug Fixing: #2432, #2445, #2454, #2455, #2458, #2461, #2462, #2464


V6.0.4 [2016-12-15]

  • Completion on user manual
  • Bug Fixing: #2403, #2448, #2449


V6.0.3 [2016-12-07]

  • Update of user manual with new featrures included in V5.5 and V6.0
  • English translation: change of term "Affectation" (really innapropriate) to "Allocation"
  • Bug Fixing: #2368, #2401, #2402, #2403, #2405, #2406, #2407, #2408, #2409, #2413, #2414, #2415, #2416, #2417, #2418, #2419


V6.0.2 [2016-11-28]

  • Bug Fixing: #2087, #2314, #2374, #2384, #2385, #2386, #2387, #2388, #2389, #2390, #2391, #2392, #2393, #2395, #2397, #2398, #2399


V6.0.1 [2016-11-21]

  • Bug Fixing: #2382, #2383


V6.0.0 [2016-11-21]

  • Interface
    • 4 new "flat design"themes, more fashionable, renewing the interface
    • The "Flat Design Blue" theme resumes the graphic charter of ProjeQtOr and becomes the default theme
    • Users who used "ProjeQtOr", "ProjeQtOr Fire" or "ProjeQtOr Forest" themes will be proposed a new Flat Design theme, respectively blue, red and green.
    • Reorganization of some administration menus
    • Display of the name of the item being viewed in the title area of the main screen, in addition to the id
    • Reporting list displayed as menus 
  • Planning
    • Management of planning baselines: backup of the initial or intermediate state of the planning
    • Ability to display one or two baselines on the Gantt chart
    • Display of projects always in the form of regrouping bars, even if they do not contain activities
    • Optimizing the display performance of the Gantt chart, despite the addition of new features
    • Differentiation of activities without assigned work by a lighter color, pale red or pale green as appropriate
    • Differentiation of projects under construction by a distinct icon, as for projects with "fixed plannig"
    • Possibility to directly add a new meeting or test session from Gantt view (as for adding project, activity or milestone)
    • Display of costs, status and type on the Gantt chart
    • Possibility to fill in a comment on the dependencies
    • Display of the current day (and time) in the form of a red bar in the Gantt chart
    • On the Gantt chart, a right click on a bar displays the detail of the work for this bar
  • Definition of working days
    • Possibility to define the working days in the company: work basis is no longer in a fixed mode worked from Monday to Friday
    • Taking into account the working days on calendars
    • Taking into account the working days on the calculation of the planning
    • Taking into account the working days on the display of the planning
    • Taking into account the working days on the display of real work allocation
  • Management of organizations
    • Definition of the structure of the company in the frame of organizations (Departments, Units, Location, ...)
    • The notion of organization introduces a way to consolidate projects on a different hiererchic structure, apart from projects / sub-projects structure.
    • Each project can be linked to an organization
    • Sub-projects are by default attached to the same organization as the parent, but can be integrated into another organization
    • The organization summarizes the data of the projects in progress for the organization
    • Resources can be linked to an organization
    • Depending on the profile, you can limit the visibility of resources to people in the same organization or team as the current user
    • The organization will gradually become a new axis of consolidation on the reports
    • In the current version, the organization is "flat". In the future, organizations will be structured into sub-organizations.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Addition of the requestor to the actions
    • Added the ability to sort test cases within a test session
    • Sorting versions when displaying the list of versions on a product
    • On the Project screen, display of assignments whose end date is over current day as closed assignments
    • On meetings, new button to assign the entire project team to the meeting
    • Addition of the project name to the alert pop-ups for an indicator
    • On assignment, when changing assigned work from zero value, take into account real work (left = assigned - real)
    • When copying a meeting, also copy the list of attendants
    • Management of default cost for a given function 
  • Technical
    • AES encryption changed from 256 bits to 128 bits because encryption with a key greater than 128 bits is illegal in some countries or requires prior declaration in others
    • Possibility to modify the length of the encryption key by specifying in the file parameters.php: $aesKeyLength = 256; // possible values are: 128, 192, 256
    • Removal of compatibility with IE8: for IE, version 9 is required at least, IE11 is advised.
    • Possibility to specify the certificate files for a connection to MySql database in SSL secured mode
    •   - Validation of TimeZones: selection of TimeZone values in an exhaustive list, to avoid input errors
  • Bug fixing: #2327, #2373



V5.5.4 [2016-10-19]

  • Bug fixing: #2349, #2353


V5.5.3 [2016-10-11]

  • Bug fixing: #2328, #2332,  #2333,  #2334, #2345


V5.5.2 [2016-09-26]

  • Bug fixing: #2298, #2299, , #2301, , #2302, #2305, #2307, #2308, #2309


V5.5.1 [2016-09-08]

  • Bug fixing: #2292, #2293, , #2294, , #2295, #2296


V5.5.0 [2016-09-05]

  •  Financial
    • Management of call for tenders
    • Management of provider offers
    • Management of the ratings for tenders
    • Adding provider contact on Project Expense
  • Real Work Allocation
    • Can enter a comment on each line of real work allocation screen
    • Possibility to insert new comment as a note on the activity
    • Comments entered on the real work allocation screen are also visible on corresponding assignments
    • Possibility to block input of work in the future, except for administrative projects
    • "Template" projects and projects "under construction" are not displayed on the real work allocation screen
    • Display of the total for the week
    • Possibility to show the id of the activity
    • Consolidation at project level of the input for each day
    • Possibility to extend the main comment area
    • Sending alerts (email or internal warning) weekly if input for the period is not complete
    • Sending alerts (email or internal warning) if real work is entered by someone else
  • Indicators
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of expected tender date" to the Tenders
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of expense planned date" for Individual Expenses
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of expense planned date" for Project Expenses
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of delivery date" for Project Expenses
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of offer validity end date" for Quotations
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of requested end date" for Orders
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of validated end date" for Orders
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of planned end date" for Terms
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of validated date" for Terms
    • Addition of the indicator "respect the treatment date" for Terms
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of payment due date" for bills
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of treatment date" for bills
    • Addition of the indicator "respect of meeting start date" for meetings
    • Formatting alert emails (triggered by indicators) like emails sent from an item (with the detailed description of the item)
  • Interface
    • Addition of the last update date on the tickets, activities and projects
    • Possibility to record with CTRL + S when entering the CK Editor in full screen mode
    • Possibility to exit full screen mode of CK Editor with the "Esc" key
    • When creating a link, users see only the items they are allows to see (list is resticted to visible menus)
    • When copying an item as another one, users see only the items they are allows to see (list is resticted to visible menus)
  • Other
    • Change of project code when copying the project, which allows to calculate a suitable reference for each new activity when copying the project structure
    • Possibility to link a contact to a provider
    • List of related contacts on the provider form
    • Possibility to update the priority and indicators "under construction" and "fix planning" through multiple updates
    • Control the uniqueness of the version name when the name is automatically calculated from the product name and version number
  • Bug fixing: #2280, #2291


V5.4.5 [2016-08-28]

  • Bug fixing: #2271, #2272, #2273, #2281, #2284, #2285, #2286


V5.4.4 [2016-08-09]

  • Bug fixing: #2229, #2239, #2240, #2241, #2257


V5.4.3 [2016-07-19]

  • Bug fixing: #2192, #2196, #2214, #2215, #2216


V5.4.2 [2016-07-07]

  • Bug fixing: #2170, #2184, #2185, #2186


V5.4.1 [2016-07-02]

  • Bug fixing: #2144, #2145, #2149, #2150, #2152, #2154, #2158 #2160


V5.4.0 [2016-06-27]

  • Tickets dashboard
    • Integration of tickets dashboard
    • Tickets dashboard includes several small reports listing the number of tickets by type, priority, requestor, responsible, status, product, original version of the ticket, target version of the ticket
    • Several direct filters on the Tickets dashboard: unresolved, recently added, recently solved, recently updated, unplanned
    • Direct access to the list of tickets from an item on any small report
  • Tickets management
    • Addition of the "resolution" of the ticket describing the solution provided (or not) to the Ticket
    • Management of the list of resolutions, indicating the criteria "solved" or not to the given resolution
    • Addition of "solved" indicator to the ticket, updated from the "resolution" of the ticket.
    • Automatic allocation of the responsible of the ticket when selecting the product or component
  • Project management
    • Added indicator "under construction" on projects
    • If a project is "under construction", no automatic email is sent for the elements of the project
    • The indicator "under construction" is automatically turned off demending on the project status
    • On affectation list, when clicking on name of resource, go to resources (instead of affectation), and reversly from resource go to project
  • Financial
    • Addition of the management of suppliers
    • Complement on the project expense object with the same level of information as a bill, to enable purchase management 
  • Reports
    • Reports: sorting projects lists by WBS
  • Planning management
    • PDF export identical to the version displayed (with all details and links between tasks), with export possible on many pages
    • New PDF export settings: zoom, focus, repeat headers
    • Significant improvement in PDF export of planning: computing time greatly shortened, no more load on the server

NB: This new feature is technically complex and can not be compatible wil all browsers, this first version is enabled only with Chrome.
Add $pdfPlanningBeta='true'; in parameters.php to enable it with all browsers, and $pdfPlanningBeta='false'; to completely disable it.

  • Interfaces
    • Numbers and other numeric items are right justified
    • Ability to research projects in the selector: new list type without auto-complete to search into the name of projects
    • Possibility to not copy the result when copying an item
    • Ability to share a filter with other users
    • Spell check in the editor (CKEditor)
    • Ability to preview documents and versions of documents attached if the files are images or PDF
  •  Other
    • Allow to manage "private" actions to manage a personal "todo-list" 
    • Added field responsible on product
    • Added field responsible on component
    • Confirmation when deleting an affectation to project for the current user
    • When deleting an assignment, delete the corresponding planned work
    • Lock the definition of number of hours per day when some real work has been entered
    • Reformat of email invite for meetings to be compatible with Zimbra
    • In the emails sent, url of images are transcribed in order to be displayed in the email
    • When generating a PDF, the file name is formatted according to the printed item
  • Technical
    • Integration of Dojo 1.11.1 (improvement is not unidentified, if any)
    • Validation of the compatibility for PHP 7
  • Bug fixes: #2070, #2074, #2088, #2089, #2091, #2101, #2110 #2111, #2133, #2134, #2138, #2139


V5.3.5 [2016-06-12]

  • Bug fixing : #2131


V5.3.4 [2016-06-10]

  • Bug fixing: #2117 


V5.3.3 [2016-05-02]

  • Bug fixing: #2034, #2041, #2044, #2050, #2052, #2056, #2057, #2060, #2061, #2063


V5.3.2 [2016-04-17]

  • Bug fixing: #2031, #2032, #2048


V5.3.1 [2016-03-30] 

  • Bug fixing: #2027, #2028, #2029


V5.3.0 [2016-03-28]

  • Management of components and products
    • Management of product type
    • Management of component types
    • On versions of products, ability to automatically format the version name from the product name and version number
    • On versions of components, ability to automatically format the name of the version from the component name and version number
    • On tickets, provide separate selection for component and component versions, products and product versions
    • Management of links between product versions and component versions
  • Management of long fields (with text editor)
    • Option to choose a "plain text" editor which allows the formatting, in addition to existing "formatted text" editors (CK Editor and Editor Dojo)
    • Compatibility preserved between "plain text" editions and "formatted text" editions:
      • Maximum preservation of line breaks and presentation when displaying as "plain text" a text entered as "formatted text"
      • When recording an object with a field in "plain text" that is not changed, the formatting is not lost
      • When recording changes for a field in "plain text", only formating is lost (line breaks are kept)
    • When sending emails, fields containing more than 4000 characters are converted to "plain text" (loss of format) and truncated to 4000 characters (before, they were replaced by "...")
    • On export, default export of long "formatted text" fields in "plain text"
    • On export, possibility to preserve the html format (check box to activate on the export pop-up)
    • When re-importing some exported object, long "formatted text" field  that have not been modified are not (as far as possible) disturbed (no loss of formatting) although the import field appears without formatting (it is however advisable to export data in html if they contain complex array type format)
  • Financial:
    • New "financial gallery": centralized display of attachments (pdf) on financial items
    • Added direct selection by customer list (on quotes, orders, invoices, payments)
  • interface:
    • Ability to preview versions of documents, as it was already possible for attachments.
    • Delay for pop-up menu displays (favorite reports, menu selector, registered filters) to avoid nuisance displays and enhance user comfort
    • New custom menu where you can add the icons of menu you use most
  • Miscellaneous:
    • On multiple updates, possibility to update the parent activity and planning activity
    • Ability to automatically scroll the "Today" screen, with regular refreshment (scroll and and refreshment delays can be changed)
    • On the management of plugins, can delete a loaded plugin file that was not installed
    • On tickets, requestor automatically set to the current user if he is a contact
    • A user who has no team can not enter notes nor attached file with a "team" level of visibility
    • On creation of a new user from LDAP, possibility to also create the resource and/or the contact for the user
    • Direct selection by customer on the lists of objects referencing the customer (projects, quotes, orders, invoices, payments)
    • Direct selection by element on the lists of objects by element (sending mails, indicators, predefined notes, checklists)
  • Technical:
    • Extension of the management of plugins: new events "query" and "list" to dynamically manage list views
    • Plugin management: directories are created during the installation, if necessary, when copying or moving files
    • Remove of the prerequisite for php_mysql: this extension is deprecated in PHP7
    • Migration of html2pdf to V4 (no significant impact)
  • Bug fixing: #1984, #1986, #1989


V5.2.5 [2016-03-12]

  • Bug fixing: #1991, #1993, #1995, #1996, #1997, #2001


V5.2.4 [2016-02-21] 

  • Bug fixing: #1969, # 1976, #1977, #1979, #1981
  • Upgrade of user manual


V5.2.3 [2016-02-14]

  • Bug fixing: #1946, # 1950, #1951, #1956, #1958, #1963, #1964, #1967, #1968, #1971


V5.2.2 [2016-01-26]

  • Bug fixing: #1927, # 1932, #1935, #1936, #1937, #1938, #1939, #1942, #1943, #1945


V5.2.1 [2016-01-13]

  • Bug fixing: #1913, # 1914, #1915, #1916, #1917, #1918, #1919, #1923, #1925


V5.2.0 [2016-01-10]

  • Improvements on GUI side:
    • A new text editor for edition of long fields: CKEditor
      This editor, more comprehensive than the previous one, allows for example to insert images from the clipboard (eg after a print-screen) or via drag & drop.
      This new editor is the default editor.
      The choice of the editor used is at the choice of the user, with a selected default editor globally.
    • When displaying an alert (bottom-right pop-up), new button to mark as read all remaining alerts (the number appears on the button)
    • Selector menu: the list is now displayed automatically without clicking (just on mouse over).
    • The position of "sliders" separation (between list and detail or between menu and main screen) is saved and retreived on each connection (for each element type)
    • The selected "accordion" area in the left part of the screen ("Menu"/"Documents" and "External shortcuts"/"Console messages") is saved and retreived on each connection
  • Managing Components
    • Rename of Product Versions to Versions
    • Adding Components
    • Adding Components Versions
    • Manage lists of Components linked to the Products
    • Management lists of Products linked to the Components
    • On products and compostants, can display the structure Products / Components from the current item (all parents, all children)
    • Replacement of lists "product" by "product or component" that also integrates the components list
    • The list of versions also integrates components lists 
  • Default planning mode
    • Set the default planning mode for the types of activity, types of milestones and types of test sessions
    • Default planning mode initialized when creating item
    • Changing the planning mode when changing the type (for activities, milestones and testing sessions)
  • Restriction of types (business, tickets, ...) per project
    • For each type of project, can define types used for each element (activity, tickets, ...)
    • Ability to set additional restrictions for each project
    • The administrator can define if adding project restriction is possible or not
    • Restriction of the list of types according to the defined limits
    • Dynamic update of the list of types when changing the project 
  • Plugins:
    • Management of plug-ins by event: ability to trigger code on events "beforeSave", "afterSave", "beforeDelete", "afterDelete", "control" and "deleteControl"
    • Preparation of screens customization plugin (add / remove fields, field masking for each type)
  • Management of costs and work for tickets:
    • On the activity, highlighting the estimated work on the tickets if it is higher than the assigned work on the activity
    • On the activity, highlighting the left work on the tickets if it is greater than the left work on the activity
    • Sum of cost of tickets included in the total cost of the activity
    • Work on tickets not linked to a planning activity integrated in total work of the project
  • Managing affectations:
    • Possibility of replacing an existing assignment by another (alternative resource)
    • Automatic replacement of the assignments of the old resource to the new resource.
    • Ability to indicate when this replacement takes place
    • Add affectation description, with input in creation and update of affectation
    • Display of affectation description in "tooltip" style on affectations list   
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Ability to choose whether the CSV export must be done in UTF-8 (for languages not ISO) or encoded CP1252 (for integration in Excel for languages of Western Europe including English)
    • New importortable items: component, component version, product structure, invoice, payment, cost of resources
    • Hide bouton "change password" on user parameter screen if user connects through LDAP
    • Ease in selection of version linked to a project : input of product to reduce versions list and acces to extended versions list 
  • Bug fixing: # 1894, # 1900, #1868, #1869, #1877, #1878, #1887, #1894, #1900, #1902, #1904, #1907, #1911


V5.1.5 [2015-12-10]

  • Bug fixing: #1884, #1885, #1886, #1888, #1889, #1890, #1892


V5.1.4 [2015-11-26]

  • Bug fixing: #1864, #1865, #1866, #1875, #1876, #1880, #1882


V5.1.3 [2015-11-16]

  • Bug fixing: #1857, #1860


V5.1.2 [2015-11-08]

  • Bug fixing: #1843, #1844, #1845, #1846, #1852


V5.1.1 [2015-11-01]

  • Bug fixing: #1828, #1829, #1830, #1831, #1833, #1839, #1840, #1842


V5.1.0 [2015-10-25]

  • GUI improvments
    • Possibility to view online the PDF files attached (no need to download the file first)
    • When sending an email, can save the message entered as a note on the item
    • Hide LDAP and SMTP passwords on the global parameters screen
    • Control on login form that the browser is not IE7 or below (IE8 minimum required)
    • Addition of decisions, questions, quotes, orders and invoices on Today screen
    • Ability to use the numeric keypad point: the point will be replaced by a comma if the mumeric format requires it
    • Reliability of navigation in history (top right buttons)
    • Calendar view: possibility to display or not the done and closed items
    • Finalization of renaming the "planned work" to "re-evaluated work" (on planning, real work allocations and reports)
    • Display of the list of linked tickets (through the planning activity) on Activities
  • Managing favorite reports
    • Added a report to the list of favorite reports (such as adding to the Today screen)
    • Display of the list of favorite reports when moving the mouse over the reports menu icon (in the top bar)
    • Direct display of the selected report (in print mode), without leaving the current screen
    • Direct deletion of a report in the favorites list
    • Ability to sort the list of favorites
  • Financial
    • On invoices, entering the payment delay (as a configurable list) and determining the payment deadline (from the invoice date and payment delay)
    • On invoices, details of the amounts (excluding VAT, VAT included) information and payment information
    • On invoices, management of responsible
    • On the recipient, legal information that will appear on invoices
    • On recipient, reformatting bank details
    • Add detail lines for quotes and orders (like invoices)
    • Improvment of the display of detail lines, eg indicating the unit used
    • On orders, details of the amounts (excluding VAT, VAT included) with amendment line and column for corresponding work
    • Management of the transmission mode for quotes, invoices and orders
    • Parameters for units, payment delays, payment methods, transmission modes (sending or receiving)
    • Payment management with link on invoices and control of invoices balance
  • Real Work Allocation
    • Improved display performance (gain of 30% compared to V5.0, and 40% compared to V4.5)
    • The header of table (with column names) is fixed, visible, whatever the scrolling on imputation lines
    • Footer of table (with the sum of inputs) remains visible, fixed, as soon as the number of lines is greater than 20
    • Automatic status change: to the first "in progress" status when first real work is entered, to the first "done" status when there is no more left work
    • Parameters for automatic status change
    • Display of icons on the task if a status change will to be applied
    • Recording the actual work changes on the history of the activity
    • Direct access to the activity by clicking on the name of the activity
    • Display of activity detail (in a pop-up) by clicking on the activity icon
    • Deletion of the planned work when the real work is entered (to avoid duplication of work in reports)
  • Planning
    • On the Gantt view, possibility to have an automatic recalculation of the planning on each change
    • Work reports take into account the planned and the real work in the future (1/2 real day + 1/2 planned day on a task appears as one full busy day)
    • Display of resources in Resource columns even if "show resource" is not checked (to show resources beside Gantt bar)
    • If display of resource is set to dispaly "initials" (instead of name) and initals are not set for the resource, get initials from resource name (first letter of each word in name)
    • Renumber of WBS on item deletion, to avoid hole in WBS numbering
  • Performance
    • Improved display performance of real work allocation screen (gain of 30% compared to V5.0, and 40% compared to V4.5)
    • Improved copy project performance (gain of 80% to 90% compared to V5.0)
  • Plugins
    • Management of plugins
    • Possibility to install a plugin from the interface
    • Display of installed plugins
  • User manual
    • Rebuilt of user manual to "sphynx doc" format for a powerful html documentation, dynamic and pleasant to see (thank you to Richard Paré for his work that offers us this new manual)
    • User manual in PDF format
    • Preparing user manual for the translation
  • Bug fixing : #1709, #1788, #1790, #1792, #1793, #1795, #1797, #1798, #1800, #1802, #1803, #1811, #1818, #1819, #1822


V5.0.6 [2015-10-03]

  • Bug fixing: #1799, #1804, #1807, #1808, #1809


V5.0.5 [2015-08-17]

  • Bug fixing: #1773, #1787


V5.0.4 [2015-08-05]

  • Prerequisite validation (on setup and on upgrade): initally planned on V5.1, done on 5.0.4 to avoid errors concerning required mbstring module.
  • Upgrade of PhpMailer librairy to 5.2.10
  • Bug fixing: #1766, #1767, #1768, #1771


V5.0.3 [2015-07-14]

  • Bug fixing: #1708, #1762, #1763, #1764


V5.0.2 [2015-07-09]

  • Bug fixing: #1743, #1747, #1749, #1750, #1751, #1753, #1758, #1759, #1760, #1761


V5.0.1 [2015-06-23]

  • Bug fixing: #1723, #1724, #1725, #1726, #1728, #1729, #1730, #1731, #1733, #1737


V5.0.0 [2015-06-15]

  • Improved UI:
    • New logo
    • Overall improvement of the UI: cleaner interface, less packed fields
    • Change of buttons style : more clear and interactive
    • Some rounded fields (on the login page, parameter list ...)
    • Long text fields are no longer limited to 4000 characters and can extend to 16MB
    • Mini editor for long text fields (description, results, notes, ...)
    • Ability to copy / paste MS-Word text to the long text fields
    • Ability to edit long texts in full screen
    • Display information about the creator and the creation date as icons
    • Highlighting of recent items by the color of the creation date icon (red = today, yellow = yesterday)
    • Display the number of elements in the sub-lists (notes, attachments, assignments, ...)
    • Improvement of display in the lists:
      • Display colors as a badge (rounded edges)
      • Display percentage with a progress bar
      • Display photo for resources
    • Improvement of the display of the action messages: clearer, more explicit by type (information, error ...)
    • Change in the organization of the page
      • Details of elements in Full Width
      • Details on 3 columns
    • Highlighting of mandatory fields, with dynamic updates according to data input
  • Start Guide:
    • Start page for new installations to assist administrator in the first configuration steps
  • Accelerators:
    • Button to skip to the next status without having to open the list
    • Button to set current user as responsible
    • Multiple delete feature
  • Contextual menu buttons:
    • Improving the display of menu buttons on the top bar
    • Ability to select a work context to limit the visibility on displayed buttons
  • Check-lists:
    • Definition of check-lists: automatic sort order increment
    • User can choose to display the check-list in detail of the element, with direct update, or access through a button
  • History:
    • User choice to view the history in detail (as available) or via a button.
  • Planning:
    • New planning mode "does not begin before the validated date"
    • New planning mode "regular in quarter days" (similar to "regular" and "regular in half days")
    • New ability to manage dependencies as "not-strict": a task can begin the same day as the preceding one
    • Display of the tasks in the Gantt on creation
    • Shift of tasks in the Gantt on creation of a dependency
    • Respect of meeting dates in the planning: if a participant is not available, he is considered not attending
    • Display on assignments of not planned work (if resource is not able to attend to a meeting or end of affectation prevents to finalize the task)
    • Reliability of the Gantt when the browser zoom is used (a few shifts persist on Chrome)
  • Projects:
    • New field "objectives"
    • New field "creation date" (defined for new projects)
    • New fields "work margin" (in days and %) and "costs margin" (in amount and %)
    • Highlight of negative margins and late end-dates
    • Display of the margin in the Today screen
    • Reorganization of the "progress" fields
    • Renaming "planned work" as "reassessed work"
    • Projects with "fixed planning" appear with a "lock" icon in the Gantt
  • Activities:
    • Reorganization of the "progress" fields
    • Renaming "planned work" as "reassessed work"
  • Tickets:
    • Improvement of real work allocation for Tickets
    • Possibility to dispatch real work (select day, select resource ...)
    • Display detail of work on Tickets on Real work allocation
  • Meetings:
    • Display predecessors and successors (dependencies) as for other plannable elements
    • Display of work, cost and priority
    • Respect of meeting dates in the planning: if a participant is not available, he is considered not attending
  • Project expense:
    • Input of detail lines, as for individual expense
  • User:
    • Ability to force or prevent authentication via LDAP for a given user
    • A user can now have different profiles on different projects
  • Deleting items:
    • Improved reliability of controls on delete
    • More explicit control messages on delete for resources, users and contacts
  • Messages:
    • Formatting of messages (color, bold, ...)
    • Possibility to display messages on login screen
  • Agenda view:
    • Possibility to go directly to a specific date selecting the target date in a calendar.
  • User Settings:
    • Direct access to user settings via a button at the bottom of page
    • Ability to change own photo
    • Access to change password (no more need to get back to the login screen)
    • Possibility to mark alerts as read (to avoid display of the pop-up for these alerts)
  • Improved Performance:
    • Possibility to track processing time for each page including JavaScript treatment (to best represent user experience)
    • Gain of about 0.3 s for each call by desynchronizing the 'fading out' and 'fading in' of display area.
    • Significant improvement (30%) on the schedule display time, very significant when displaying several hundreds of lines in the Gantt.
  • Log management:
    • Ability to purge the logs
    • Ability to list the logs
    • Ability to download a log file
    • Ability to view a log file
  • Translation
    • Addition of Ukrainian
    • Addition of Canadian French
  • Bug fixing: #1653, #1671, #1678, #1684, #1688, #1690, #1695, #1697, #1698, #1706, #1707, #1712



V4.5.7 [2015-03-13]

  • Bug fixing : #1679


V4.5.6 [2015-03-09]

  • Bug fixing : #1661, #1662, #1663, #1664, #1665, #1667, #1674, #1675


V4.5.5 [2015-02-12]

  • Bug fixing : #1637, #1641, #1642, #1644, #1645, #1646, #1647, #1648, #1650, #1651, #1652, #1659


V4.5.4 [2015-01-111]

  • Bug fixing : #1636


V4.5.3 [2014-12-14]

  • Bug fixing  : #1624, #1625, #1631, #1633


V4.5.2 [2014-11-27]

  • Bug fixing  : #1622


V4.5.1 [2014-11-26]

  • Bug fixing  : #1583, #1587, #1617, #1619


V4.5.0 [2014-11-11]

  • Improved affectations management:
    • entering start and end of the affectations 
    • ability to definemultiple affectations on the same project
    • graphical display of the resource affectations 
    • taking into account the affectations dates on the planning
    • alert when planning calculation is incomplete due to insufficient allocation
  • New access mode:
    • new mode of access to give a user access to the elements of which it is responsible
  • API:
    • new access functionality from criteria parameters
  • Multiple updates:
    • ability to change the type
    • change the presentation of fields to order them like on the screens
  • Versioning:
    • automatic definition of the version of a ticket from the version of the parent activity
  • GUI improvements:
    • new theme (Projectom)
    • contrast enhancement on the read-only fields
    • add of a ToolTip on the name of the task on the Gantt (to display truncated labels)
    • on real work allocation, highlight of daily total work when it is equal to the capacity of the resource
  • Ability to process texts of more than 4000 characters:
    • it is now possible to change the columns to varchar (4000) to enter text (65535) mediumtext (16777215) or longtext (4294967295)
    • it will then require to change the oldValue and newValue columns of the history table to fit the maximum size of a text column
  • Miscellaneous:
    • added the ability to copy the assignments when copying an activity
    • ability to select the display format for dates (which surpasses the format defined by the browser)
    • save format chosen for the project selector (indented list or filtering select)
    • renumber WBS source when moving an item
    • possibility to directly access an item from the alert window
    • ability to attach files to clients
  • Bug fixings : #935, #1502, #1506, #1509, #1510, #1517, #1518, #1523, #1524, #1526, #1529, #1537, #1538, #1544, #1546, #1550, #1551, #1552, #1553, #1554, #1555, #1556, #1557, #1558, #1559, #1563, #1564, #1574, #1575, 


V4.4.2 [2014-09-08]

  • Bug fixing : #1502, #1506, #1509, #1510


V4.4.1 [2014-08-08]

  • Bug fixing : #1489,


V4.4.0 [2014-08-04]

  • API
  • Email
    • completion and homogenization of fields available for emails titles (project contract code, contexts)
    • avoid sending mail to "team" member without read access to item
    • end email for Product and Product Version
    • possibility to avoid sending team mails to a given user
  • Multiple update
    • completion of available fields for multiple updates (planning mode, due date, end date)
  • Consolidation
    • consolidate validated work and cost (depending on parameter)
    • consolidate expenses to project summary
    • consolidate Tickets summary on Activity (planning activity of tickets)
    • sum-up status of requirements to parent requirement
  • Miscellaneous 
    • for project dependent items only list products linked to project (through version)
    • enforce UTF-8 compatibility (for new installs only)
    • sort resource reports on resource name
    • facility to limit items listed on Real Work Allocation screen (hide not handled, hide done, show only current week meetings) 
  • Bug fixing : #1463, #1472, #1478, #1483


V4.3.3 [2014-07-14]

  • Bug fixing : #1426, #1427, #1431, #1433, #1434, #1435, #1437, #1441, #1442, #1443, #1445, #1450


V4.3.2 [2014-07-02]

  • Bug fixing  : #1415, #1419, #1420, #1421


V4.3.1 [2014-06-08]

  • Bug fixing : #1398, #1399, #1400, #1401


V4.3.0 [2014-06-01]

  • Main improvements
    •  diary view : display planned activities and targets in a calendar view
    •  new report : availability synthesis (by month, by week)
    •  workflow management : possibility to hide unnecessary status
  • Planning improvements
    •  on planning view, add "New" button to create activity or project
    •  planning validation : copy planned dates to initial and / or validated dates
    •  capacity to move tasks without restriction (changing project and / or top activity is now possible through drag & drop)
    •  indent position
  • Financial items improvements :
    •  Activity Price : allow duplicate for couple project / type (with confirmation)
    •  Term : allow input of validated / real work if no activity linked
  • GUI improvements
    •  user parameter to select start page
    •  extend multiple update mode to update issuer
    •  enlarge project selection list
    •  send mail to sponsor (for projects)
    •  on attachment, direct display of html content
    •  add type for Customer
  • Bug fixing : #1327, #1347, #1329, #1347, #1352, #1356, #1357, #1359, #1366, #1370, #1372, #1373, #1377, #1381, #1387, #1388, #1389, #1393


V4.2.3 [2014-03-26]

  • Bug fixing : #1342


V4.2.2 [2014-03-23]

  • Bug fixing : #1325, #1327, #1331, #1333, #1334, #1335, #1338


V4.2.1 [2014-03-08]

  • Bug fixing : #1313, #1314, #1315, #1316, #1318, #1320, #1322


V4.2.0 [2014-03-03]

  • Checklists management
    • Definition of checklists for each type of element
    • New button to access checklist of item
    • Checklist is printed with item
  • Improvements on Financial parts
    • Management of Quotations
    • Adding few fields on Order
    • Possibility to copy Quotation into Order
  • GUI Improvements :
    • Possibility to select size of icons for menu and toolbar
    • Fluent move of toolbar (keeping click pressed)
    • Give possibility to avoid "confirm page closure"
  • Ease in managing hierarchic items from project
    • Possibility to copy affectations and assignment when copying project
    • Delete "cascade" with confirmation instead of blocking
    • Dispatch "closed" tag with confirmation instead of blocking
  • Connection and security :
    • "Remember me" functionality to automate re-connection
    • Force password change after given delay (in days)
    • Limit users just from viewing or adding assignments
    • Security leaks identification and removal
  • Miscellaneous
    • Possibility to enter {YEAR} and {MONTH} in reference format
    • Display user full name instead of user name when possible
    • On export, possibility to export references as Id or Name
    • Indicators added to requirements (linked to new "due date" field)
    • Sending email to approvers of Document
    • Possibility to define filter on Notes content
    • Customer address fields added
  • Bug fixing : #1262, #1268, #1271, #1275, #1283, #1284, #1285, #1289, #1294, #1296, #1301, #1304, #1305, #1306, #1311 


V4.1.2 [2014-01-18]

  • Move project (change WBS) optimization for projects with many sub-projects and/or activities
  • Bug fixing : #1248, #1262, #1276


 V4.1.1 [2014-01-07]

  • Bug fixing : #1259, #1260, #1261, #1262


V4.1.0 [2014-01-05]

  • Multiple calendars can now be defined. Each resource is then assigned to one calendar that will define his global availability.
  • New API to query data from ProjeQtOr : this will help you interface your own applications with ProjeQtOr.
    API is described, with some examples, in the online manual (look for API).
  • New fields to describe project : sponsor, quality level, trend.
  • Today screen improvements :
    • Overall progress and trend fields are now displayed on projects summary.
    • Meetings are listed on Today screen.
    • Items are sorted by due date.
  • Real work allocation improvements :
    • Global parameter to choose to hide tasks that are not in "handled" status.
    • Global parameter to choose to automatically set tasks to first "handled" status when real work in entered.
  • Status can be changed for "simple tickets" so that they can now be closed from simple ticket screen.
  • Bug fixing : #1246, #1253, #1255, #1256


V4.0.6 [2013-12-15]

  • Bug fixing : #1250, #1251, #1252


V4.0.5 [2013-11-25]

  • Bug fixing : #1239


V4.0.4 [2013-11-25]

  • Bug fixing : #1238


V4.0.3 [2013-11-24]

  • Bug fixing : #1237


V4.0.2 [2013-11-13]

  • Bug fixing : #1230, #1231, #1233


V4.0.1 [2013-11-09]

  • Bug fixing : #1218, #1220, #1222, #1223, #1224, #1225, #1226, #1229


V4.0.0 [2013-11-03]

  • New name : ProjeQtOr replaces Project'Or RIA with complete new identity (web site, all references,...)
  • Improved GUI themes
    • 8 new themes with 3D effects and pro-looking colors
    • 3D effect also on reports
    • New clean icons
  • Improved GUI for lists
    • possibility to select any field to be displayed as column in lists
    • possibility to reorder columns in lists
    • possibility to resize columns in lists
    • possibility to select fields to be exported
  • Improvement on project selector
    • project selector type can be changed to filtering select widget
    • possibility to display closed projects in the list and select a closed project
    • refresh of list on request
    • automatic refresh when needed (new project, new affectation, ...)
  • Security improvements
    • Hardened code against security threats (code injection, XSS, ...)
    • Encryption of login and password through the net
    • Hardened encryption of password in database (on password change)
  • Emailing improvements
    • Implementation of PHPMailer : more accurate mailing, possibility to connect to SMTP server with authentication
    • Improved vCalendar format for Meetings invites
    • Automatic emailing can now be defined at type level (different emailing events depending on type)
  • New notion of "cancelled" on any items
    • This new flag gives information on closure reason
    • Cancelled items (Projects, Activities) are not taken into account in sums (work, cost)
  • Projects improvement
    • New field priority for projects (like existing on activities)
    • Priority of project taken into account for planning : projects with lesser priority number are planned first
    • New field "overall progress", not calculated but selected in a list of values
    • New field "client code"
  • New planning mode 
    • planning mode "resource must work together" : forces calculation of planning to define work slots where all assigned resources are available
  • Miscellaneous
    • Possibility to link items on copy
    • Add external reference to documents
    • Direct link url to item reachable from id (for instance to be copied)
    • New fields than can be changed on "Multiple-updates" screen : "project" and "target version"
    • Management of Orders
    • Add attachments through drag & drop
  • Bug fixing : #875, #1136, #1155, #1168, #1171, #1172, #1176, #1178, #1180, #1182, #1184; #1185, #1189, #1193, #1194, #1196, #1198,#1200, #1202, #1204, #1212, #1215


V3.4.4 [2013-08-11]

  • Bug fixing : #1165


 V3.4.3 [2013-08-08]

  • Bug fixing : #798, #1159, #1160


V3.4.2 [2013-08-06]

  • Bug fixing : #1150, #1151, #1152, #1153, #1154, #1156


V3.4.1 [2013-07-26]

  • Bug fixing : #1137, #1139, #1143, #1144, #1145, #1146, #1148, #1149


V3.4.0 [2013-07-16]

  • Meetings improvements:
    • management of periodic meetings
    • assignments to meetings to book time for resources
    • display of meetings in the planning
  • Change for many items
    • possibility to select several items in list
    • apply same changes to all the selected items (complete description, change status, add note, ...)
  • Import improvements:
    • possibility to import xlsx files
    • process improved facing bad formatted files
  • Mail management improvement:
    • possibility to reply to automatic email sent : reply will be added as note to the corresponding item
    • possibility to connect to smtp server with authentication
    • completed list of receivers for alerts and mails on indicators
  • Controls and automation improvements:
    • workflow verified when changing status or type
    • improved verification of access rights on each update
    • improved ldap error messages
  • Other GUI improvements
    • link recognition in notes
    • show thumbnail for uploaded images
    • add photo for resources and users
    • add visibility of indicators on item detail
    • add description in types
  • Bug fixing : #11017, #1074, #1087, #1092, #1094, #1105, #1106, #1108, #1112, #1113, #1116, #1117, #1120, #1125, #1126, #1128, #1132, #1133, #1134, #1135


V3.3.2 [2013-05-01]

  • Bug fixing : #1085, #1086


V3.3.1 [2013-04-29]

  • Bug fixing : #1079, #1080, #1081, #1082


V3.3.0 [2013-04-27]

  • Fully configurable Today screen :
    • select tasks board to be displayed
    • select period of tasks to be displayed (based on due date)
    • display any report on today screen
    • reorder boards
    • print today screen
  • Planning improvements :
    • high performance improvements on Gantt display : this is no more a mess for large plannings
    • possibility to fix planning for a project (and its sub-projects)
    • Gantt display : save of selected scale and position of vertical splitter
    • new scale : quarter
    • new "portfolio of projects" Gantt view
  • Test Sessions improvement
    • test sessions can be assigned and planned, like activities
    • test sessions can have hierarchic structure : parent session (to define session of sessions) or parent activity (to set hierarchic position in the Gantt)
    • alerts can be managed on test sessions (indicators can be defined on test sessions)
    • test sessions are listed on tasks lists on the today screen
  • eMailing improvements :
    • parameter of subject and message sent on user account information
    • new events for automatic emailing : on note change, on description change, on result change, on new assignment, on assignment change, on any change
    • mail to assigned resources
  • Other miscellaneous improvements
    • do not close a project with not closed items
    • document and version naming convention
    • direct access to items selected in Filtering Select lists
  • Bug fixing : #1035, #1036, #1037, #1038, #1039, #1040, #1041, #1042, #1056, #1059, #1065, #1068, #1069


V3.2.2 [2013-03-25]

  • Bug fixing : #1033, #1034


V3.2.1 [2013-03-17]

  • User manual completion
  • Translations completion
  • Bug fixing : #944, #1018, #1019, #1021, #1022, #1023, #1025


V3.2.0 [2013-03-10]

  • Planning improvement :
    • improvement of the move of tasks with drag & drop
    • create link between tasks with drag & drop on Gantt
    • add priority and planning mode in columns
    • possibility to sort displayed columns
    • keep visibility of selected line in Gantt view
  • Real work allocation improvement :
    • performance improvement (notable for complex projects)
    • selection of displayed period through calendar
    • display function for assignment 
  • Connections management :
    • list of open sessions
    • possibility to close one session or all sessions
    • open / close of application for maintenance operations
  • Responsible management eased :
    • automatic set responsible for projects with single affectation 
    • automatic update Responsible when status comes to in progress
  • Project improvement :
    • add health of project
    • display heath on Today screen
    • close affectations on project closure
  • Opportunity & Risk improvement :
    • add origin
    • add priority 
  • User improvement :
    • initialize password
    • defined default profile
  • Bug fixing : #689, #878, #969, #971, #976, #977, #995, #996, #997, #1007, #1012


V3.1.4 [2013-02-10]

      • Bug fixing : #968, #974, #975, #980, #998, #999


V3.1.3 [2013-02-04]

      • Bug fixing : #986


V3.1.2 [2013-02-03]

      • Bug fixing : #985


V3.1.1 [2013-01-20]

      • Bug fixing : #957, #958


V3.1.0 [2013-01-14]

      • Global performance improvement for large databases (many projects) with complex projects hierarchy
      • Real work allocation improvement :
        • control that day work is not over resource capacity
        • submission of week by resource
        • validation of week by manager
        • locking submitted / validated work
        • comment field available for each week
      • New Simple Ticket : simplified screen for ticket input, to be opened wide to many users
      • Adding Opportunities management
      • New filter operators
        • not amongst
        • <>
        • not like
      • Activity : new "expected" progress, calculated as (Real Work) / (Validated Work)
      • Action : efficiency added
      • Requirement : new locking functionality
      • Improvements on import : 
        • truncate fields to max size,
        • remove spaces to numbers,
        • control of format,
        • replacement of "Word" special quote
      • Meeting : when sending eMail from meeting, list of attendees is automatically added in recipients list
      • Indent projects in list to represent wbs
      • New "Term" report
      • Force javascript files refresh on each new version, to avoid cache issues
      • Bug fixing : #668, #811, #825, #922, #925, #926, #927, #928, #934, #937, #939, #940, #943, #945, #947, #949, #955, #956


V3.0.2 [2012-12-03]

      • Bug fixing : #905, #911, #918, #920, #921


V3.0.1 [2012-11-25]

      • Chinese translation
      • Bug fixing : #891, #893, #894, #897, #902, #903, #904, #906, #912, #913


V3.0.0 [2012-11-12]

      • Database access
        • Full PDO implementation : it opens connectivity to several database systems
        • Alert on configuration if PDO is not enabled on PHP
        • Transactional updates on every database update
        • PostgreSql compatibility : you can now choose Database format between MySql and PostgreSql
      • Multiple versions on Ticket
        • Provide multi selection for versions on Ticket for target version and Origin version
        • Version reports can use mono version or multiple versions
      • Import improvements
        • Possible input of all data for progress (on activity) or Origin (on ticket)
        • Improved management of header set as caption instead of column id
        • Possibility to import foreign references as name of the reference instead of id of the reference
      • Parameters
        • All parameters, except database parameters and log parameters, moved to database
        • Parameters are now updatable through the global parameters screen
      • Deployment improvement
        • Restart Cron on deployment to take into account new files and classes
        • Readme and licence text files included in projectorria directory
      • User Manual
        • User manual completion, up to date with V3.0.
        • Removal of many typos.
      • Bug fixing : #824, #879, #881, #882, #883, #884, #885, #886


V2.6.3 [2012-10-29]

      • Bug fixing : #844, #868


V2.6.2 [2012-10-22]

      • Add possibility to import items with a defined id
      • Bug fixing : #837, #838, #839, #842


V2.6.1 [2012-10-16]

      • Bug fixing : #828


V2.6.0 [2012-10-13]

      • Cleaner login interface
      • Email improvements
        • Possibility to send email on responsible change
        • Possibility to send email on note add
        • Possibility to send email to project manager
        • Possibility to send email at wish : new "email" button on mailable items
        • Email is sent with complete formatted item detail, including notes
        • Direct link to item in the email
      • Copy improvements
        • New status 'copied' : copied items are copied into this new status, and must be moved to 'recorded' to start workflow
        • When copying item, can also copy links, attachments and notes
        • When copying an activity, can copy its whole structure (sub-activities)
        • When copying a project with structure, can also copy sub-projects
        • When copying from planning view, stay on planning view
        • Improved error message displayed if error occurred during copy
        • Requirement is now copyable, into Ticket or else
      • Automated integration
        • All files put in a defined directory will automatically be imported
        • Files just have to be named "Class_Timestamp.csv" (for instance "Ticket_20121221.csv") to import items of class "Class"
        • Expected format for files is the standard Import format
        • Possibility to email log of integration result
      • Add product to Ticket
        • Product can now be selected on Ticket
        • When selecting the product, origin and target version lists are restricted to product list
        • When selecting a version, product is set if it was not
        • Filtering on Product also lists Tickets linked to sub-products
      • Parameters moved to database (part 1, to be completed in next version)
        • Email parameters are moved to the database
        • Parameters stored in the database can then be updated through the Global Parameters screen
        • "parameter.php" file is updated to remove these parameters
        • If a parameter exists in the database and in the parameters.php file, the value is extracted from the file version 
      • Others
        • Project is now linkable : project can be linked to any other linkable item
        • Planning pdf export now fits 1 page large (many thanks to Estelle for this very useful improvement)
        • Direct access to an item with a direct link url : this way, link to item is added in the detailed email
        • Privacy restriction (private or public) to notes and attachments
        • Definition of predefined text for notes
        • Requirement can now have an Origin
        • For lists, add default sort on name, if "sort order" field is not defined, or for equal values of "sort order"
      • Bug fixing : #556, #693, #779, #798, #790, #791, #792, #799, #801, #803, #804, #809, #815, #816, #818, #822


V2.5.3 [2012-10-16]

      • Bug fixing : #828


V2.5.2 [2012-09-17]

      • Bug fixing : #781


V2.5.1 [2012-09-10]

      • Bug fixing : #771,  #772 ,  #773 ,  #774 ,  #775 ,  #776 ,  #777


 V2.5.0 [2012-09-02]

      • This version brings technical improvements :
        • Integration of Dojo V1.8.0 : optimizing performance and stability (particularly on FireFox)
        • History update for add/update/delete of link, note and attachment
        • Improve performance on first page login (noticeable for databases with large number of projects)
        • Use of PDO library for persistence : updates are now transactional, for best database consistency
        • Add Team parameter to Resource reports
      • Bug fixing : #753, #756, #757, #759


V2.4.3 [2012-08-07]

      • Bug fixing : #750, #752


V2.4.2 [2012-08-05]

      • New improvement on selection of "Linked elements", "Approvers" and "Test case run" :
        • multi-selection is now possible in the complete detailed list
        • filters and textual quick search are now operational in the complete detailed list  
      • Summary field for Requirements, Test sessions and Test cases as indicator of global tests status
      • Translation into Russian (thanks to Anrysys)
      • Bug fixing : #736, #737, #738, #739, #743, #745


V2.4.1 [2012-07-29]

      • Implementation of new Dojo version : V1.7.3+ (version between V1.7.3 and V1.7.4, fixing identified issues)
      • Formatted display of dates in history
      • Bug fixing : #725, #725, #728, #729, #730, #731, #732, #733, #735


V2.4.0 [2012-07-16]

      • Tests management : definition of test cases, definitions of test sessions, assignment of tests to sessions
      • Requirements management : definition of requirements, link to tests, display of test coverage
      • Improvement of dependencies : possibility to define a delay between tasks, defining overlap if negative
      • New report :  Detailed monthly activity planning per Project / Activity / Resource
      • GUI improvements : possibility to print history, quick search also searches in notes
      • Bug fixing : #672, #697, #705, #709, #712, #719, #720


V2.3.0 [2012-06-09]

      • Planning improvement :
        • add new "work" columns
        • add possibility to select displayed columns
        • calculation improvement : reliability of priority and dependency constraints
        • save collapsed / expand status of each line
        • Gantt printing improvement : print collapsed levels as displayed, print resource if displayed
        • check-boxes to collapse / expand all levels of lines
      • New Resource Gantt planning screen
        • including above improvements
      • Bug fixing : #684, #685, #686, #687, #692, #695


V2.2.3 [2012-05-19]

      • Bug fixing : #674, #675, #676, #677, #678, #680, #681


V2.2.2 [2012-05-13]

      • Bug fixing : #671

V2.2.1 [2012-05-12]

      • Bug fixing : #658, #659, #660, #661, #662, #663, #664, #666,, #667, #669 

V2.2.0 [2012-05-06]

      • Work for tickets :
        • Timer to indicate start and stop of work
        • Work period on Timer saved as real work
        • Real work automatically saved as real work allocation :
          • on activity if ticket has a Planning Activity
          • on not assigned item in other cases 
      • Document approval process
      • Set possibility to link any item to any other item
      • Meeting attendees improvement :
        • meeting list managed as mail receivers list : just enter names or initials, separated by commas, and the list will be transformed including email in "gmail like" format
        • possibility to send an invitation for meeting to attendees (in "outlook meeting" format) 
      • GUI improvements :
        • Calendar screen simplified
        • Possibility to change logo : Just insert your own logo.gif at the root directory will automatically replace displayed logo
        • New operators for filters : "is empty" and "is not empty"
        • Save Start and End dates for planning display
        • Lock screen when an operation is ongoing
      • Attachments can be a hyperlink (url) not only a downloaded file
      • Hyperlinks for project to give quick access to external web pages of files
      • Limit visibility and update capacity on real work allocation for other users, depending on current user's project visibility
      • New indicators for Activity : 
        • real work compared to validated work
        • real work compared to assigned work
      • New report "detailed version status", listing all items included in the version 
      • Import : possibility to import Products and Versions
      • Password automatically set to default value on user creation
      • Reports : header added on reports to be displayed on printed sheets
      • Bug fixing : #635, #637, #639, #640, #641, #642, #643, #647, #650, #651, #653, #654, #655

V2.1.1 [2012-04-08]

      • Bug fixing : #504, #608, #618, #623, #624, #625, #626, #629, #630, #631

V2.1.0 [2012-03-29]

      • Improved planning :
        • improved calculation performance
        • taking into account dependencies of parent tasks
        • display name or initials of resource on Gantt bars
        • don't display administrative project tasks in Gantt planning
        • add end date to limit display
      • Eased affectations :
        • resources don't have to be affected and assigned to administrative project tasks
        • direct affectation of all team members to a project
      • Extended data for tickets :
        • add notion of duplicate
        • add work follow-up : planned and real
        • context : 3 parameterable elements for environment description
      • Improved access to product documents
      • Add Product - Sub-product hierarchy
      • New report : version status, summarize planned and real work
      • Minor GUI improvement
        • display progress (%) in progress section (for activities and projects)
        • workflow for projects
        • add target version in list of activities
        • increase list of fields to use in mail message
        • today screen made more easy to understand
        • multiple select in link list
      • User manual completed
      • Bug fixing : #548, #588, #592, #596, #598, #600, #601, #603, #604, #610, #612, #614, #615, #617, #618

V2.0.1 [2012-02-19]

      • Bug fixing : #555, #559, #560, #561, #562, #563, #564, #567, #569, #574, #575


V2.0.0 [2012-02-06]

      • Document management is now included in Project'Or RIA
        • As always, it is kept easy to use
        • Documents are imported at version management  
        • Status is managed on each version, with workflow enabled
        • Id of version managed is several ways : evolutive (as Vx.y), chronological (as a date), sequential (as a number) or external (manually defined)
        • Easy lock and unlock document, to reserve editing
        • Direct download
      • Financial functionality :
        • Definition of billing type on project type
        • Several billing types defined : Fixed price, Time & Material, Caped Time & Material, Manual
        • Definition of billing terms (for fixed price)
        • Definition of Activity price (for Time & Material)
        • Management of bills 
        • Management of bill lines depending on billing type
        • Bill edition (template provided, to be adapted to your own needs)
      • User interface improvements :
        • Read only fields are displays with visual status to point out they are read-only
        • All sections are collapsible, and status (collapsed or expanded) is restored at last status on each screen)
        • When dialog form is opened, use [CTRL]+S to save
        • Target date added to version in combo box display
        • On planning, collapsed status for groups is restored on each access and is reproduced as is in printed form
        • On real work input screen, collapsed status for groups is restored on each access and is reproduced as is in printed form
        • Description added to meetings
      • Improved controls :
        • Control of double input in delay for ticket definition
        • Control of double input in Mail on status change definition
        • Add planning rights management, to avoid having any resource being able to plan the project
      • Improved Admin features :
        • Recalculate reference for any (or all) type of element
        • auto-relaunch cron (alert sender) on user connection if is was abnormally ended (php stopped)
      • Bug fixing : #516, #502, #507, #523, #53&, #532, #534, #539, #541, #542, #543


V1.9.1 [2012-01-03]

      • Bug fixing : #503, #511, #512, #515, #522


V1.9.0 [2011-12-10]

      • Export the planning to MS-Project xml format
      • Export every list to CSV Format : likely to be opened in MS-Excel; likely to be-re-imported in Import feature
      • Base copy of project to copy the entire structure of the project (activities, milestones, links)
      • Add type of project
      • Specific type of project "Template", to be copied as new project, visible for every project manager, without need of an affectation
      • Add direct access for "add" or "update" or "delete" to affectations from Project and from Resource
      • Add direct access to stored filters, in a tool-tip list
      • Add new filter on dates with a generic date, such as <= today + 7 days (so filter is up to date every day)
      • Add a Reference for most items, providing a unique numbering for each type, within a parametered format
      • Automatically create new affectation for Project Manager, when defined
      • Column "target version" added in Tickets list
      • Add attachments and notes on Projects
      • Add requestor to activities (similar to Ticket requestor field)
      • Add target dates for version ("Enter Into Service" and "End")
      • Bug fixing : #457, #467, #471, #472 , #478, #481, #482, #483, #487, #491, #496


V1.8.3 [2011-11-03]

      • Bug fixing : #468


V1.8.2 [2011-10-29]

      • Bug fixing : #455, #456


V1.8.1 [2011-10-22]

      • Bug fixing : #439, #445, #446, #447, #448, #449, #453


V1.8.0 [2011-10-18]

      • Reminders and alerts
      • LDAP connectivity
      • Choose unit as days or hours for Real work imputation and / or work follow-up
      • Translation to Spanish
      • Administration screen
      • Global parameter screen
      • User interface improvements
      • Automatic check of version upon last released version
      • Bug fixing : #400, #417, #418, #423, #424, #425, #426, #428, #429, #430, #436


V1.7.2 [2011-09-14]

      • Bug fixing : #410, #415, #416


V1.7.1 [2011-09-06]

      • German translation for V1.7.0
      • Bug fixing : #402, #404


V1.7.0 [2011-09-04]

      • Add calendar management :
        • a week day may be off,
        • a week-end day may be worked.
      • Add product an version Management.
        Possibility to store origin version on tickets, and target version on tickets, activities and milestones.
      • Possibility to assign contacts and users to projects, to provide a visibility corresponding to the profile rights.
      • Possibility to import expense.
      • Improved navigation : 
        • New menu bar, with quick access buttons,
        • history of consulted items, with possibility to navigate through it.
      • Add possibility to copy an item into a new one of another king (for instance copy a ticket as an activity).
      • Avoid sending email on copy of item : wait until first save.
      • Add origin management, with possibility to store origin when copying an item. So it is possible to store that an activity has a ticket as its origin.
      • New theme, used as default, with colors of web site.
      • Give choice (as user parameter) to print or PDF export into a new page or in a included frame.
      • Bug fixing #373, #375, #380, #386, #389, #391, #393, #395, #396, #397.


V1.6.2 [2011-08-09]

      • Bug fixing #371, #372, #379.

V1.6.1 [2011-07-24]

      • Bug fixing #342, #343, #346, #347, #348, #349, #351, #353, #354, #355, #356, #357, #358, #360, #361, #362, #363, #366.

V1.6.0 [2011-06-15]

      • Improvement of Today Screen :
        - Add Questions, Meetings and Decisions in Projects summary
        - Add for each item a visual progress bar, depending on item status (open, done, closed)
      • Add expense Management :
        - Individual expense (travel cost, ...)
        - Project expense
      • Add "Search" feature for combo lists : 
        - Display a "search" button next to the combo
        - Click on "search" button displays the full selectable list of elements
        - If item is not found in the list, it is possible to directly create a new one ("New" button)
        - If combo is not empty, click on "search" button will first display the detail of the item, with possible access to search list
      • Add quick search feature, searching on any text field and on the id
      • New reports :
        - Resource availability plan
        - Detail of activity, per task, per user, per day
        - Expense reports
        - Global summary for Expense and Resource cost
      • Generalization of Export to PDF (for any print feature)
      • Add possibility to attach files to Actions
      • Description field moved to bottom (to see other items if description is very long)
      • Limit Database update to "admin" :
        - When installing new version, connections are refused for non admin users
      • Bug fixing #304, #313, #318, #320, #322, #325, #326, #328, #329, #336, #337, #338.

V1.5.5 [2011-02-22]

      • Bug fixing #312.

V1.5.4 [2011-02-18]

      • Bug fixing #306, #308, #309.

V1.5.3 [2011-02-16]

      • Bug fixing #302, #303, #304, #305, #306.

V1.5.2 [2011-02-09]

      • Additions to Manual.
      • Add tag search in Manual.
      • Bug fixing #299, #300.

V1.5.1 [2011-02-05]

      • Improved reports for PDF format.
      • Translation to German of V1.5 texts.
      • Additions to Manual.
      • Bug fixing #297.

V1.5.0 [2011-01-29]

      • Add cost management:
        - Add notion of function (role).
        - Resource has default function (main function).
        - Daily cost is stored on Resource, for a given function.
        - Assignment to an activity uses function to get daily cost.
        - Real work allocation calculates global cost for activity and project. 
        - Cost is displayed face to work.
      • Add management of visibility of Cost and Work depending on profile.
      • Add Requestor to Ticket description (a Requestor is a Contact).
      • Extend possibility to automatically send email on status change to :
        - Requestor, 
        - Project Leader 
        - Fixed email list
      • Extend filter feature to be able to sort result.
      • Improve of Workflow display :
        - Columns header is repeated before each line.
        - Line header is repeated as last column.
        - Added a graphical Workflow Diagram to display possible progress on status.
      • Add possibility to export Reports as PDF.
        This functionality is proposed as beta-test, some reports have to be adapted to be correctly display in PDF format.
      • Add possibility to store GUI behavior as user parameter:
        - Show/Hide Menu.
        - Switched mode between list and detail.
        New behavior also includes possibility to choose how to switch modes:
        - On mouse over the enshrined bar.
        - On click on the enshrined bar.
      • Improve language change : when changing language, screen is completely refreshed to be displayed using new language.
      • Display WBS on Project and Activity.
      • Add list of Affectations on Project description.
      • Add list of Affectations on Resource description.
      • Add list of Projects on Customer description.
      • Add Urgency in header for Tickets.
      • Bug fixing #287, #288, #289, #290.

V1.4.2 [2010-12-05]

      • Bug fixing #238, #272.
      • Improve manual : new subjects, related topics links.

V1.4.1 [2010-12-01]

      • Bug fixing #262, #263, #264, #265, #266.

V1.4.0 [2010-11-27]

      • Online Manual. Hit [F1] to open Manual.
        This is the first version of manual, with generic information. Detail for each screen to come next.
        Contextual access if page corresponding to actual screen exists.
      • New language for interface : German.
        Thanks to Klaus for his work on translation.
      • Access right management for reports and real work input.
      • Activities ordering in Planning - Gantt view : just drag and drop the activity to move it.
      • Two new planning modes for activities : fixed duration, and regular in half days.
      • Hide/Show menu feature, with automatic show/hide.
      • Switched mode, to switch between list and detail, to have a "full screen" view of detail.
      • Add possibility to set a filter as default, to automatically retrieve it on each connection.
      • Limit parent activity list to the activities of the same project.
      • Limit responsible list to the resources affected to the project.
      • Add notion of contact, for customer contact, with full address.
      • Extension of import feature to Project, Meetings, Decisions, Questions and Affectations.
      • Help on format for each import.
      • Linked elements are now selectable : it's possible to move from actions, risks ans issues through links.
      • Integration of Dojo 1.5 : fields are not truncated any more on the right.
      • 11 new color themes, with light color (pastel) and contrasted color.
      • Severity field added to issues.
      • Bug fixing #212, #231, #234, #236, #237, #238, #240, #241, #242, #246, #249, #252, #256, #259.

V1.3.1 [2010-11-06]

      • Correction to have Project'Or RIA work when 'erro_log' function is disabled by provider.

V1.3.0 [2010-10-31]

      • Graphical reports.
      • New reports for tickets summary.
      • New reports for workload summary.
      • New reports for work status summary.
      • New reports for planning data.
      • New reports for history access, including deleted items.
      • Add access right management for reports.
      • Add printing facility for imputation.
      • Add access restriction for imputations.
      • Rapid save with [ctrl]+'s'.
      • Improvement of due dates initialization.
      • Add possibility to set result mandatory on done items.
      • Add possibility to set description mandatory depending on type of items.
      • Add 'handled' status.
      • Add possibility to set responsible mandatory on handled items.
      • Improvement of configuration form.
      • Bug fixing #201, #210, #214, #221, #224, #225, #227, #228.
      • 1 new parameter defined, to set default theme (used on login page).

V1.2.1 [2010-10-05]

      • Bug fixing #204, #208, #209.

V1.2.0 [2010-09-29]

      • Meetings management.
      • Decisions management.
      • Questions management.
      • Automatic email generation on status change.
      • Planning calculation optimization.
      • Bug fixing #185, #191, #192.
      • 6 new parameters defined, for email management.

V1.1.0 [2010-08-22]

      • Printable reports.
      • Possibility to print Gantt planning.
      • Possibility to print lists.
      • Bug fixing #180, #181, #182.

V1.0.1 [2010-07-13]

      • Bug fixing #179.

V1.0.0 [2010-07-05]

      • Name change : ProjectOr becomes Project'Or RIA, for Project Organizer Rich Internet Application.
        This will allow :
        - distinction with light products ;-)
        - easy finding in search engine, using 'projectorria' keyword.
      • Automatic parameters configuration screen at first run.
      • Advanced filter feature.
      • On Today screen, summary of activities for connected user, with direct link to each item.
      • On Today screen, possibility to count done and closed items for projects summary.
      • Display of dates corresponding to locale, in every field (including lists).
      • Display number of elements in main list grid.
      • Improvement of copy feature ; initialization of some data that should not be copied.
      • Add priority management for Actions.
      • Bug corrections #162, #163, #167, #170, #172, #173, #174, #175.


V0.9.0 [2010-06-02]

      • Workflow management for status change limitation.
      • Lock closed elements (except status and 'closed' flag).
      • Minor bug corrections #157, #158, #159.

V0.8.1  [2010-05-20]

      • Minor bug corrections #155, #156.

V0.8.0  [2010-04-17]

      • Improvement in planning algorithm, taking into account resource capacity, resource affectation rate to project and resource assignment rate to activity.
      • Change closure management and add done status as check-box.
      • Automatically update closure and done on status update.
      • Compute real start and end dates corresponding to work on the activity.
      • Add controls on delete request for an item to cancel the operation if dependent elements exist.
      • Remove week-ends in duration calculation so that duration is in work days.

V0.7.0 [2010-04-16]

      • First Release Candidate version.
      • Add dependency management between Activities, Milestones and Projects.
      • Planning calculation taking into account dependencies.
      • Show dependencies on Gantt planning chart.
      • Add import feature, to import elements from CSV files.
      • Show planned work on work follow-up screen.

V0.6.1 [2010-02-27], V0.6.2 [2010-03-07]

      • Correction of issues appearing in hosted mode.

V0.6.0 [2010-02-14]

      • Add management of assignment to activities.
      • Add workload follow-up.

V0.5.0 [2009-11-12]

      • Add links between Actions, Issues and Risks.
      • Add link of Activity, Ticket or Milestone to parent Activity (hierarchic level management).

V0.4.0 [2009-10-13]

      • Add Team element to gather resources.
      • Increase performance (loading time highly reduced).

V0.3.0 [2009-10-05]

      • Add work follow-up : Tickets, Activities, Milestones.
      • Add planning display as Gantt chart.
      • Add message management.

V0.2.0 [2009-08-18]

      • Add rights access management at Project level, completely customizable.
      • Improved adaptability of detail display to fit window size.
      • Few bugs correction (including incorrect menu indentation)

V0.1.0 [2009-06-25]

    • First version, to implement technical elements.
      This version is limited to some parameters and Risk Management Plan : Risks, Actions and Issues Management.

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