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ProjeQtOr free project management software - How to start

How to start

To start implementation, the default settings should be fine.

You will then have to configure environmental parameters:



They are the entities with whom you work, which can be internal customers or your business customers.


  They are the people with whom you are in contact within the client entities.



They are the people who will work on tasks that you define.
By checking "is a user", the resource can connect to the application.


  They are the people who can connect to the application. 
You must define their profile, which will determine the access rights of the user.


Then we enter into the heart of the matter:




This is the main element. All components are attached to a project.
It is also the element that determines the access rights to data (see affectation)..




To give a resource access to data of a project, you have to affect it to the project.
Affectation to a project automatically give visibility also to the elements of its sub-projects.



Activities are scheduled tasks of your projects.
You can create a project structure by defining the hierarchy of activities.
No level limit restricts your breakdown structure into phases, sub-phases, tasks, sub-tasks, ...


The milestones indicate the key dates of the project.


From there, we will be able to plan the project:




The planning is displayed as a Gantt chart.
To plan the activities, you must first assign resources to activities, defining the expected workload: the planning is "effort driven".
Then you define relationships between activities and milestones.



You can then start to calculate the planning that takes into account the availability of resources and all other constraints.


Finally, resources can enter their progress and time spent:

Real work allocation


      The resources enter time spent on "real work allocation" screen, day by day and per activity.
The re-estimate of the "left work" allows to update the planning with the actual progress.




Tickets can track all not planable events: support requests, incidents, defects ...
They can easily be copied into activities when necessary, without having to do double entry and maintaining the link with original request.

Those are the main features of ProjeQtOr.
When you'll get familiar with them, you can discover the (many) other modules to cover the full scope of project management.