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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Feedbacks


I found Projeqtor a few weeks ago by accident, and I am still in awe how versatile and smart it is. I think I have tested most of the available project management code on Linux, and while your UI is not always the best, the code, feature-wise, is not even in the same universe as the others. I still try to get to know the various logic in Projeqtor, and I  apologise in advance for my questions yet to come. :grin:

Thanks for this tools it is a very very good tools !

First of all : thanks for the great work you are doing.  
Aficionado of this tool I am using from years.

First of all Projeqtor is a really great software that we use frequently in our projects.

First of all I want to tell how great I think is the software. In my opinion it is really powerful and has the opportunity to be the follow-up software for many companies which nowadays use Jira and confluence and don't want to work in a foreign cloud.

First of all thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tool.

First of all, many thanks for that tool.
Very impressive.
A complete toolbox for managing Projects (and many other related topics).
Thanks for making it available to the community !

I would like to express my sincere congratulations to you on your powerful implementation of the API! I was honestly very impressed by the simplicity of use and their power. Although I thought Projeqtor already a powerful, complete and extremely versatile software, now that I have also discovered the API ... I am amazed.
Well done! You are the best

Hi Team,

This post just to say that this version is very helpfull and brings us more pleasure to use the product.

Our work with external project mamangers and members is now easier !

Great Work !

my compliments for this wonderful software and a thank you for your constant effort in keeping it updated and introducing new features

thanks for the high quality of the software.

This is one of the highest quality applications I have seen, both running and updating! Congrats for your work!
You do complex things so easy!


First, thank you for this great tool!

Thanks for this incredible software

ProjeQtor is incredible, i really appreciate using it !!

Thanks for creating ProjeQtOr, it is very relevant .

Big thank you for Projeqtor.
It's the most complete project management I've never seen.


First of all, I would like to congratulate you for this software! i can imagine the effort behind it.


Of course, ProjeQtor is an exceptional product, highly adaptable and configurable and covering all the functionalities to ensure the follow-up of projects both at the project manager level and within a rather large organization.
One of its main assets within an organization is the quality of its support. I have not found any of my partners to be so responsive and to have such an important understanding of business issues.
Finding a support capable of taking your problem into account at 4pm and sending you the corresponding patch at 6.30pm is a challenge to be met!

a big thank you for creating & evolving such a great software tool =)

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