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LiveMeeting : saving issues

11 Mar 2020 15:42 #1 by fsouliers

I don’t really know how to reproduce this problem, but we are using LiveMeeting for a while now (we bought the plugin) and it seems you are working on it for 8.4, so I can’t imagine you never saw it : very often, when saving the Minute of the meeting (I call it MoM) ... nothing is saved :(
Our workaround is to copy the text before clicking save and if the save fails, then paste directly the MoM in the field.

Here are some elements that might help to set the context :
- We almost never use the time-speaking measuring feature
- Very often, a preliminary MoM is set before the meeting (directly fulfilling the MoM field)
- Adding actions, decisions or questions doesn’t seem to have any effect on this unexpected behavior
- Typical meeting is one hour long (ie, one of us is typing in the main field) and never refreshing. However, the connection to the website is never lost (Projeqtor works properly)
- We tried to «save» and click again on «start meeting» button ... but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on this problem
- I am 100% sure we do not have network issue

Do you have any idea of something I could put in place to be able to help debbuging this issue?

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15 Mar 2020 20:26 #2 by babynus

First, check browser console for issue and report any here.
Also look for errors in log file.

You are right we worked on Live Meeting : it is now integrated in community version since V8.3.0

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