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[SOLVED] Problem when trying to get list of clients

04 Dec 2020 22:39 #1 by frouze

I'm using Projeqtor v8.6.5 and i have a small problem with only my user account. I try with this account to read the client list and no client is visible. In the begining i supposed that i made a bads modification in the configuration of the corresponding global profile rights inside the administration of Projeqtor. But when i tried to change this account profile, the problem has remain the same and when i tried with another account and the same profile it worked well. So the trouble seams to be linked to my account.
When reading the log file, i found the following Sql Error. And of courese when tying to execute this request directly in the database, the result give the same error.

In my account and when trying to get list of clients, the request try to get an unknown field 'resource.function'.

Is there a way to change that ?

Thank's a lot

2020-12-04 22:11:09.367 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.6.5] Exception-[42S22] SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'resource.function' in 'field list'
2020-12-04 22:11:09.367 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.6.5] For query : select as id, resource.fullName as name, 32 as photo, resource.initials as initials, as nameClient, as nameProfile, as userName, resource.isUser as isUser, resource.isResource as isResource, resource.idle as idle, as email, resource.function as function, as phone, resource.dontReceiveTeamMails as dontReceiveTeamMails from resource left join client as T1 on resource.idClient = left join profile as T2 on resource.idProfile = where resource.idle=0 and ((1=1)) and resource.isContact='1' order by desc
2020-12-04 22:11:09.367 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.6.5] Strack trace :
2020-12-04 22:11:09.367 ***** ERROR ***** [V8.6.5] #0 Sql->query called at [/var/www/]

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05 Dec 2020 13:23 #2 by babynus
It's due to internal renaming of a column
Just select the columns selection button, and click the "RESET" button.
You should retreive correct list.

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site
The following user(s) said Thank You: frouze

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07 Dec 2020 09:49 #3 by frouze

Thank's for your answer. The problem is solved.


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