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[SOLVED] IMAP Authentication Error with Gmail and App Password

27 Feb 2023 14:46 - 27 Feb 2023 14:50 #1 by ertuncb
IMAP Authentication with Gmail and App Password I want to add a gmail account with IMAP setting turned on and an App Password created as an IMAP server and I get the following error. Since I had a similar problem with Microsoft 365 account before, I wanted to solve my problem using Google's ability to login with App Password. I could be entering something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tested HOST site entries:


2023-02-27 16:33:06.028 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] ERROR *****
2023-02-27 16:33:06.028 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] on file '/home/customer/www/' at line (86)
2023-02-27 16:33:06.028 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] cause = imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX
2023-02-27 16:33:06.028 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in ImapMailbox.php at line 86
2023-02-27 16:33:06.028 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] Error while executing CRON script : fix the source issue and manually restart the CRON Process
2023-02-27 16:33:06.029 ===== TRACE ===== Cron::run() - Error on checkEmails()
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27 Feb 2023 19:53 - 27 Feb 2023 19:55 #2 by ertuncb
The problem is solved.
For those who may have the same problem;

IMAP Host:
IMAP pwd:
The password generated via Google account interface

This entry and with the use of app password in the IMAP pwd field, the system started to receive emails.
Last edit: 27 Feb 2023 19:55 by ertuncb. Reason: Corrected the subject

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