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API behavior changed in version 11.0.2 ?

20 Dec 2023 13:15 - 20 Dec 2023 18:35 #7 by bgenolini
If I try to get the data using https, it works fine when I get a single project, but I have the issue when I use "all" the projects.

Actually, there is more than one field missing. I attached a file with the differences.The format is the following:what I get in version 11.0.1, including custom fields, followed by what I get in version 11.0.2Every time I get missing fields, I break the line and add a tab with all the missing fields. I break the line only when the field appears in version 11.0.2. Here are the first lines to illustrate:

'id', 'nsipID', 'ijcID', 'nom', 'idProjectType', 'type',
'idProject', 'est sous projet de',
'WBS externe', 'idOrganization', 'organisation', 'idCategory', 'catégorie',
'idClient', 'client', 'idContact', 'contact facturation', 'idCatalogUO',
'nameCatalogUO', 'idCalendarDefinition', 'nameCalendarDefinition', 'code projet',

Meaning that in 11.0.2, I get the fields from 'id' to 'type', then miss the fields from 'idProject' to 'est sous projet de', then get 'WBS externe' until 'catégorie', miss from 'idClient' to 'nameCatalagoUO', and so on. So it is much more than the only field I mentioned in my earlier post.

Note that some fields are not in the same order: I skipped a line in the text file to list them.

I have three lists in the text file: what I get in 11.0.1, what I get in 11.0.2 with my screen customization, what I get when I reset the screen customization. Note that the fields missings after customization are not exactly the same as those missing after resetting the customization. So it seems that the customization has indeed an effect, that seems to be not reversible.

This is produced with the modification you suggested.

Hope this helps.

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20 Dec 2023 19:03 - 20 Dec 2023 19:12 #8 by bgenolini
I confirm the issue: if I do api/Project/search/idle=0 , I don't get all the fields.
But it is correct for idle=1

So I tried search/id>1 and it works... but not with >0 or >=1!

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23 Dec 2023 17:21 #9 by babynus
Very strange indeed.
I tested API Calls with criteria as you explain : I don't get any difference in the format.

Can you please check content of table extrahiddenfields ?

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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10 Jan 2024 15:21 - 10 Jan 2024 16:31 #10 by bgenolini
Hello,I've checked in extraHiddenFields. I dont' understand well, but I give a comparison two files corresponding to different versions of ProjeQtOr, but not with the same active library.
  • version 11.0.1, for which we do not have this issue
  • extraHidden.demo.txt: version 11.0.2, for which we have the issue.
For instance, idProject that disappears in v.11.0.2 is not mentioned in both files.

I have tried to inspect more with the log file and with other uses just to see if there would not be any possible effect. Indeed, we have an issue due to the font that prevents us from displaying the general planning (I've seen this issue in the forum). We set the base charset in utf8mb4. The issue we have is due to
`( $from='COLLATE utf8_general_ci'; $to='';`
in  `` that generates an error
`Exception-[42000] SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1253`.

We have a lot of French characters with accents, etc.

File Attachment:

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File Attachment:

File Name: extrahidden.demo.txt
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18 Jan 2024 15:30 #11 by bgenolini
I found a workaround: the culprit seems to be the administrative projects. If I search with /api/Project/search/idProjectType!=52', I get what I want. By removing the first administrative project, I get all the fields. We have a second administrative project: after loading it, we had many NaN instead of values.

And thanks to the forum, we found our issue with the font message error (we had to go through all the configurations lines and found an old error).




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