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Leaves calendar shows unknown even it is accepted

11 Jan 2024 18:28 - 11 Jan 2024 18:31 #1 by Coasterman

I've found following issues (V11.0.3):
  1. The leaves calendar shows Unknown even it  was accepted.
    There is a note that transision is Accepted but status is unknonw...
    If the same resource is shown in Leaves Dashboard, then it is as Accepted.
  2. The calendar week takes half of the Monday field.
    I guess the intention was to make it left of the weekday fields
  3. The calendar week in the beginning of the year shows 0 (i think best would be last week number of the year before.
  4. The calendar week is not shown if the Monday field is empty
  5. Why is it showing german Weekdays?
    Every thing else is english...
  6. The leaves earned synthesis is not shown, when switched from another view to the Leaves calendar
    It is shown after anothre resource is selected and the active user resource is reselected.
    The Synthesis which is then shown contains many empty leave types without any content. But also not the taken days.
    I guess this happened by unchecking and checking "Is Employee" several times during experimenting...
    (The reason i did this was to find out when what kind of parameter has effect for which leaves rights.)
There are no faults in the log.

The workflow is slightly adapted, so that it is possible to reopen the case again.
Because i some exceptions it is necessary to have the possibility to move the holidays

Last edit: 11 Jan 2024 18:31 by Coasterman.

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12 Jan 2024 09:00 #2 by babynus
Ticket #7911 record.
We'll have a look.

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