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Firefix random crashes


Poll: Do you face Firefox crashing issue using Project\'Or RIA ?

No, never
3 100%
Yes, once or twice
No votes 0%
Yes, from time to time
No votes 0%
Yes, frequently
No votes 0%
Total number of voters: 3 ( LEVA, Dhemaius, babynus )
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25 Aug 2012 20:02 #25 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Re: Firefix random crashes
I have some good news about this issue : it seems a solution exists :)

Let me tell you how I proceded :

Having spent some time on Dojo forums, I suspected something with Firebug extension, or with Dojo Firebug extension (some Firefox crash issues were reported about these extensions when using dojo).

1) I first tested on FireFox, on Project'Or RIA V2.4, with a Big (very big) database :
- 1000 projects,
- 10000 activities,
- 500 resources,
- about 30 assignements to activities per resource.
I tested on Firefox, but could not have it crash (but now I'm not sure any more to have executed the "dangerous" sequence).

2) Then I installed Firebug extension and tested again : after fews tests, I had a FF crash :evil:.
So I could produce the issue ! :woohoo:
I tried to determine a test sequence to reproduce the crash, and found one easy :
- open Project'Or RIA,
- select real work allocation (all is OK to now :whistle:),
- select project list ( :whistle: ),
- select real work allocation again : crash :evil: .
This sequence is systematically leading to FF crash.

3) I deactivated Firebug extension, and tested again:
- real work : OK :whistle:
- project list : OK :whistle:
- real work : OK :huh:
- project list : OK :silly:
- real work : CRASH :evil:
So I got the crash, but later.
I had several tests, with firebug deactivated, crash is randomly apearing and relatively frequent, but much less than when it is activated.

4) Then I decided to uninstall Firebug extension and test again.
Test = crashing again, the same way it crashed with the extension installed but deactivated. :silly:

5) So I got back to Dojo and installed new Dojo 1.8 on ongoing V2.5.
- real work : OK :whistle:
- project list : OK :whistle:
- real work : OK :huh:
- project list : OK :unsure:
- real work : OK :unsure:
- and continued more than 10 times without any issue :woohoo:

6) Facing this good improvement, I got to silly test : I reinstalled Firebug, activated it, and tested again.
I could not reproduce the crash.
I tested for some time, withouit any issue, even if I activate Firebug UI. :)

So I think Dojo 1.8 fixes some issue with FireFox, even if I could not find explicit fixing described in the Dojo bug tracker.

I will deploy V2.5 with Dojo 1.8 soon.
The V2.5 developments are late, so I will report all the functional upgrades planned on this version to another version to have a quick deployment of this fixing.
I first have to spend some time on testing as new Dojo version often brings few regressions.
This will make this version a pure technical improvement.

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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29 Aug 2012 10:07 #26 by ekolossov
this is great!
Hope it will fix the problem!
Thank you for all the efforts to find out and reproduce an issue

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