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[SOLVED] Computing work and expense : exclude closed project

10 Mar 2020 10:08 #1 by jmmbb

when project had sub-project validated work and expenses are computed from all sub-projet to parent project.
That's fine but, when sub-projet is closed, work and expenses remain in computation.

In my case (am i alone ?), parent project is also used for grouping projects by organization (we manage lots of projects and it is usefull for organization's manager to see the progress of there "plan de charge".
But, with the past of time, some project are finished and closed (fortunately !) but they remains in computation and validated work still growing for parent project and lost sense (ie : validated work for 3 years has no more sense, when validated work of the first year as one).

So, is it possible to exclude closed project from computation of work and expenses, so, only "alive" project are computed ?

Expect to be clear.


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10 Mar 2020 14:26 #2 by babynus
I understand what you expect.

Projeqtor will alwways sum-up all projets data to parent.
This also work for activities, that are summed-up to parent activities and up to project level, even if activities are closed.

The only case when a project is not summed up to parent is when it is "cancelled".
So possibly you can create new status for projects "cloded - not to sum-up" that will check the "cancel" macro-status.

Other solution, it to use the "organisation budget feature" that will sum-up projects by year, depending on validated start date.

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