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Postponing several tasks on Gantt in one shot

01 Apr 2020 17:33 #1 by Canepa
When autoplanning is not used (manual planning, so "left work"=0 or no resources assigned to tasks), it would be very useful to have the possibility to manually postpone several activities all together.
Otherwise, if you have a big Gantt and the overall project is postponed it's a nightmare to manually shift all the activities.
Drag and drop would be the best, but as a workaround you could set that the user can use the already present feature to modify several tasks together, and symply write "+ number of days" in the dates that have to be modified.

Like Start date = "+5".

So that all the selected tasks get updated relatively to their initial start date.


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04 Apr 2020 19:07 #2 by babynus
The easyest it to do it the right way.
Instead of planning with fixed dates, only pla with fixed furations.
Just add expected fixed milestones (start) and floating milstaones (delivery) and dependencies..
Then you'll just have to change the first milestone start date to have all your planning switched.

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The topic has been locked.
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