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Interface of manual sending of mail with a template

18 Jan 2021 01:31 - 18 Jan 2021 01:44 #1 by Tony44

I would like to propose an evolution concerning the interface of manual sending of mail with a template, from the different elements (ticket, activity, etc.) :
When selecting an email template, it would be interesting to immediately see the generated content displayed as it will be sent, and to be able to make changes before sending.

The display of the content generated from the model can be envisaged in 2 ways :
  • Directly in the existing field for writing the "message", which would switch to Rich CK Editor (in addition to evolution request #5197 ). This solution therefore has the effect of "merging" the message and the model, which personally would seem coherent to me. See attached file example for this solution.
  • In a new Rich CK Editor field, which would only contain the content generated from the model. This solution makes it possible to keep the distinction between the message and the template, in particular for recording the message only in the notes (check box).
In both cases, there should also be an additional field of editable plain text type for the subject of the email generated according to the template.

Benefits of this development :
  • The user, who does not necessarily know the content of the email templates, can easily see a preview before sending for verification.
  • In case of particular need, it is possible to use a template and then slightly modify the result or insert an additional detail. The use of models thus becomes much more flexible.

The default template (which includes all item details) can optionally be excluded from this preview system if it cannot be properly formatted in Rich CK Editor field (?).

Last edit: 18 Jan 2021 01:44 by Tony44.

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23 Jan 2021 10:47 #2 by babynus

Request recorded as Ticklet #5219

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