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Confirmation view before data import

21 Mar 2022 09:50 #1 by caccia
I think it could be very useful to add a confirmation step in the "import data" use case - do you think that could be an evolution to implement ?
My proposal :
- user opens "import data" view and selects the object class and file to import
- the content of the selected file is displayed, for confirmation. The same view as the import result is used : columns are coloured in grey if the title is not recognized, purple if the field is read-only, etc.
- the user is prompted : "confirm import yes / no ?"
- if the user confirms, then the actual import into database is launched

A second improvement would be to display at the end of the import , a summary of the results. I have seen users who miss an error, if many rows of a file are successfully imported, but a couple of rows are in error, it is not easily visible. If a summary is displayed at the top of the screen, or in a pop-up, the user would immediately know the result without scrolling all the way down.
For example : "Import successful : X rows imported successfully, Y errors, Z not modified"


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25 Mar 2022 00:26 #2 by babynus
Confirmation on Import process is subject of Ticket #2632

Import summary added as Ticket #6061

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