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Planning Activity with linked Tickets

09 Jun 2022 10:01 #1 by caccia
This is related to :
- sorry, I closed it too quickly.

The one trouble I have with this behaviour is that team members no longer have the possibilité of updating Left Work on the activity, after they have logged Real Work on one of the linked tickets.

Use case :
- Project Leader creates activity "Support" and assigns 20d work to team member
- TM logs work on tickets , which are linked to Support activity  => this work is consolidated on Activity level
- TM re-evaluates the need for Support and updates Left Work on the Support activity, via their Timesheet view

Currently only the PL can update left work , directly via the Activity/Assignments view.

=> Could it be possible to allow team members to modify the Left Work on such activities in Timesheet view, even if Real Work is only entered via the tickets ?

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12 Jun 2022 12:57 #2 by babynus
Well ,it is the case : even if real work is entered only on Ticket, user has possibility to update left work on the Activity (on timesheet screen)
... unless you removed the right to update left work for the user profile on specific access

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