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handled / done / closed

13 Nov 2010 11:51 #1 by climb4fun
Hi Babynuss,

you have provided "handled / done / closed" with a fixed value. As I would cover this function with "status" I have in mind to use this fields with another values in stead of "handled / done / closed". E. g. to select for next release or to fix date sign off is done. You know in a project it is fine to have this functionality for multiple / special purposes.

Question: might it possible to change this values as well in parameters?

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14 Nov 2010 14:57 #2 by babynus

Handled, Done and Closed tags have special meanings, with impact on treatments.

"Closed" is used to set elements to an 'idle' status, and hide them in main screens.
It is used to say : ok, its done, validated and so on, I don't need to access them any more.
But in fact you will be able to reactivate them.

"Done", well, is just to say ok, I did it, I don't have to work on it any more, but there may be some validation phase needed.
Or maybe not close it directly just to let others have a view for some time.
This tag is important because you may request to have a result when set.

"Handled" is a new tag in V1.3.0.
It is used to say : OK, I took it into account. Generally set when status is "affected".
This tag is important because you may request to have a Responsible when set.

It is not planned to multiplicate such tags, just for Data.
Up to now, such tags have been added always to have a treatment done when set.
What you are requesting is, I think, the possibility to define specific fields.
This evolution is planned but not with high priority.

But you can easily change the name of these fields :
just go to /tool/i18n/nls and open lang.xls.
change the captions you want
'save as' to check defaut directory is correct
click the "generate" button.
you can test !
(nb : this work on Windows, just transfer the full i18n directory if your server is Unix or Linux)


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