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Request: Activity "planned" and Real work allocation "left" default

08 Feb 2011 15:55 #1 by climb4fun
Real work allocation - value in field "left" should be (if empty or as start value) same value as "assigned".
Activity planned value should show correct value incl. all assignments.

1. Activity, planned values are not correct, if "left" in real work allocation is empty.
2. In addition, planned values of all assigned resouces should be taken into this value as well - as a starting point / default.
If this is not correct added up, then planned value is wrong.

Solution proposal:
1. On every assignement to a activity, "planned" should be raised by addtional assigment.
2. If "left" on real work allocation is empty or default should be set to assigned work.

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09 Feb 2011 11:02 #2 by babynus

Unless you discovered a bug in your configuration, the application is working the way you requested it on step 1 of Solution Proposal.

On every assignement, when updating Assigned work, left work is updated of the same value.
For instance :
- when creating new assignement, entering 5d for assigned work, left work is automatically updated to 5d
- updating an existing assignement, wiht 5d assigned work, 2d days left work, setting assigned to 6d days will update left to 3d
Then planned work is always calculated as : Planned = Real + Left.

Then, considering step 2, you discovered a bug in Real work allocation : when entering empty value to left work, it should be converted to zero value so that planned work should be calculated correctly.
Bug registered in track database as ticket #300.

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